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Mr. Mediocre • 6 years ago

They really couldn't have come up with any sort of stock, generic music they had laying around for Cobra? I started getting Ikari Warriors 2 flashbacks for a moment there.

fg76 • 6 years ago

Actually he stripped Giant of the title by the sneaky underhanded way Jimmy Hart tricked Hogan

Maffew • 6 years ago

''Meanwhile, in Venice Beach, the Megapowers chill out on the dark side with what appears to be a homeless guy and a guitar player on LSD. This was a weird period for Hulkamania, brother.''

This promo was full on Gummo.

Devin Harris • 6 years ago

I saw nothing wrong with any of this. Even the Hogan stuff, at least it was different.

HITMAN7204 • 6 years ago

My wife, who has watched Big Brother since day 1, says Derrick would have gotten his ass kicked if he was in Dan's first season. In other words, Derrick was surrounded by morons.

Brian MacLeod • 6 years ago

I watched every early Nitro and have no recollection of this show, which is strange, given how bizzarre it sounds...

Jesse Baker • 6 years ago

I remember the gimmick but not the Hogan promo. Is it on Youtube?

Greg Phillips • 6 years ago

Sting-Flair is still my favorite wrestling feud.

Kenola • 6 years ago

You'd think they would've used this to end the Renegade experiment and repackage him as something else but I guess not.

fg76 • 6 years ago

No - he just became a Saturday night JTTS.

DirtyEarsBill • 6 years ago

There's a YouTube app on the ps3. Just watch that episode using that if you really need to see it.

WaylonMercy2K17 • 6 years ago

Yeah, this isn't even the first time such an occurance has happened with the Network on Roku. I seem to recall it took them two and a half months to put up the 3/26/2001 episode of RAW on the Roku app.

markn95 • 6 years ago

The storyline with the WCW title made no sense at the time and still doesn't now. Except if you consider it was Hogan's way to take as much attention humanly possible to the fact that he "lost" the title. Hell, it took them two weeks to even announce the title had changed hands and when they did, they fabricated the DQ stip. And then take the belt off the guy who "beat" Hogan. Sheesh, the buildup to WM IV made a ton more sense than this.

And don't get me started about Nick Patrick and Starrcade 97...

Vince • 6 years ago

Hey Scott, are you going to repost the PPV rants in between episodes of Nitro, or are you on strike until the 09/25 Nitro returns?

ziggaman730 • 6 years ago

please just post your old rants if you can buuuuuud :).

Guest • 6 years ago
fg76 • 6 years ago


Snowman • 6 years ago

I remember they did the vote thing on Saturday Night a few times. It was always transparent who they wanted you to vote for, nobody's paying 99 cents per minute to vote for Jungle Jim Steele.

markn95 • 6 years ago

One undeniably GOOD thing the IWC has done for wrestling is put those ridiculous 900 lines put of business. Or maybe I'm just bitter I could never get my parents' permission to call back in mark days :).

Charlie Owens • 6 years ago

Oh, c'mon, Steele was..........um..............I'll hush now.

(You know a guy sucks when his finisher is the fucking Thesz press.)

Kanye Batista • 6 years ago

He was Wolf Hawkfield I. All Japan. Virtua Fighter FTW~!

catfishhedberg • 6 years ago

He was still better than Charlie Norris and probably one of the Cole twins.

Charlie Owens • 6 years ago

But was he better than Allan Iron Eagle?

catfishhedberg • 6 years ago

I'd say yeah. Not as good as the Renegade Warriors though.

Charlie Owens • 6 years ago

.....good lord, WCW had a native american-themed stable right in front of them and they didn't pull the trigger. (Or should I say "loose the arrow"?)

catfishhedberg • 6 years ago

They left a lot of wampum on the table by missing that oppurtunity.

jabroniville • 6 years ago

Poor, poor Renegade. A CLASSIC example of why you don't throw a major gimmick on an unprepared rookie. Renegade was a Hogan Buddy, a Warrior knock-off and got the TV Title super-fast, which is basically a push to the moon... but he just wasn't good enough to handle it. It had to be a HUGE hit for him to have to wrestle as a Jobber after that kind of a debut.

Guest • 6 years ago
jabroniville • 6 years ago

The saddest part was... ANY guy would have jumped at that role- "Hey kid, we're gonna deck you out like one of the biggest stars in history, having you win the TV Title, and make you a high-end guy". ANY kid would say yes, even if they knew they were too green. Therefore, he was effectively set up to fail. SURE he sucked, but WCW should have KNOWN enough to not through him out there like that. There had to have been guys more capable.

nwa88 • 6 years ago

I always assumed they were trying to play on the fact that a lot of people couldn't figure out that Jim Hellwig was still portraying the Warrior in his short lived return in 1992 with the whole Renegade thing.

I forget, were there any kind of lawsuits in this case?

Jesse Baker • 6 years ago

I forget the timing of when the Renegade angle happened but i would assume Vince wasn't paying any attention to it and when it flopped (and flopped hard given that they hard sold the notion that Renegade WAS the Warrior) hard due to fans realizing the bait and switch, Vince probably just chuckled at WCW's failure and didn't even bother to alert his lawyers......

Charlie Owens • 6 years ago

It was WCW, so I'm gonna say yes.

Winner • 6 years ago

Good lord how many times did sting and flair fight in wcw. It's like the cena vs orton of today

Robert Bradley Curran • 6 years ago

I fully expect them to be in the main event of the last Raw ever.

fg76 • 6 years ago

Even if it is a arm wrestling contest

The_Bo • 6 years ago

except Flair vs Sting is always a good match and people like seeing it. big difference

Jesse Baker • 6 years ago

Regarding Sting/Flair; they always managed to make the feud work by way of keeping the two apart just long enough to make their matches worthwhile.

The Wolf Man • 6 years ago

Neither Cena nor Orton is in Flair's stratosphere, sir.

Guest • 6 years ago

Cena/Orton is the exact same thing as Flair/Sting, just without people caring and showing interest

Jesse Baker • 6 years ago

Cena/Orton is more Dusty/Flair than Sting/Flair. The closest thing Cena has to a Flair would be Edge, since unlike Punk, Edge fully committed to the villain role in a way that Punk never could, as far as Edge being willing to be a bastard who was a bastard as opposed to Punk being Frank Grimes to Cena's Homer Simpson

Ed Zeppelin • 5 years ago

Edge/Cena is easily my favorite Cena feud. Brought out the best in each other.

BoD GM Theodore Bonz • 6 years ago

With less chants of YOU BOTH SUCK

Billy • 6 years ago

oh I mean RASSLE

Billy • 6 years ago

except good