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JessLion • 6 years ago

Just saw this. THIS has to be fake. Please Lord, let it be fake. I cannot believe people like this exist. WTF?!

Rocker • 6 years ago

Id send them a box of condoms

iannicholson2000 • 7 years ago

Your baby gift trick is quite sick!
Oh why didn't you give 'dick' the flick?
For now we're expected to pay
for your unwarranted roll in the hay.
So to save these financial contortions,
Please, go and have an abortion!

Dani Jones • 7 years ago

Imagine what their wedding guests must have gone through...

Siací Ross • 7 years ago

Here's a gift!

Siací Ross • 7 years ago

Does the *** in *** Family stand for ASS?

Beth • 7 years ago

thought I was happy
That you decided to breed.
It never occurred to
That you were so high-need.
So social services
Will be visiting your
To make sure your kid
Won't be raised in squalor.

Beth • 7 years ago

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Sandra Entrop • 7 years ago

How tacky. That young woman needs a lesson in how not to expect a gift from someone who did not attend your baby shower as they did not really know you. What is worse is to send a note to say that the gift that was given by someone attending the shower was not good enough. Did you ever think that some of the gifts that you registered for were to expensive and that you will need to buy them yourself. Grow up and while your at it give your head a shake. Then sit down and write letters of apology to all the people that you sent this too. That would be the right thing to do.

ValChallah • 7 years ago

That poor child. S/he has NO shot of growing up with any decent values. *sigh*

Shawn • 7 years ago

My reply would go a little somerthing like this...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
For the sake of humanity; put the child up for adoption,
oh, and Fuck You!

Godwine Lee • 7 years ago

I wonder why
any guy would risk his stake
Marrying you
Should've made him sick

You proved you are cheap
by begging for bills
you should have saved this baby
by being on pills

I would never gift you anything
even if I were very rich
and the reason for this is that
you are a greedy witch

Cynthia Almas • 7 years ago

roses are red violets are blue do I even know you.. you might work in my office or sat next to me at grad.. if you think we are friends then you have been had! do not expect a gift card or a present from me as you are just a money grabbing mommy to be! ahahahaaaa ©

Sherri • 7 years ago

I'm terribly sorry for missing your shower

There are just better ways of spending my hour

I could go for a walk, or read a book

Or stab myself in the eye with a crochet hook

We hardly know each other, this is true

Never have I met an entitled bitch like you

Pardon me for being so upfront

But please shove your gift list up your baby-maker

Larissa • 7 years ago

I hope she sees this article and realises what an absolute rude imbecile she sounds like!!

WCE-Mote • 7 years ago

I'd send her a condom in a card that read 'Better luck next time'.

karen • 7 years ago

reply -
Dear expectant parents to be,
Didn’t realise YOUR child came with a fee to me,
A shower is a chance to celebrate a new life,
And this sense of entitlement and greed is why the world is in such strife,
So my gift whether judged worthy by you or not,
Is to develop some gratitude and thanks for what you’ve already got!

doxgukka • 7 years ago

"How exactly does this couple manage to have any friends to even invite to their shower??" you answered this in the first line when you said the sender was someone they barely knew. so seems they're inviting anyone and everyone in their lives who have crossed paths with them. sat next to you on the bus. pls come to my baby shower. we stood in line together a walmart, pls come t my baby shower. i banked a cheque at your window. pls come to my baby shower...

Rebecca Kimokeo • 7 years ago

Heres a poem

People who cant write their own checks
Need not to be having any sex
You ought to pick up an etiquette book to read
If you think that your friends are responsible for what baby will need

Mab321 • 7 years ago

Your shower sounded dumb,
hence I didn't come.
I'd rather save my cash,
then waste it on your bash.
No gift you will receive,
your poem I can't believe!
How a mom could stoop so low,
listen bitch you really blow!

Andrew • 7 years ago

If she did blow she wouldn't be needing a baby shower.

Frances Locke • 7 years ago

This little stunt would get this bitch a one way ticket to "Fuck You, You Stupid Asshole" Land.

Katie • 7 years ago

With my son, only a few things were bought off the registry but between family and co workers, plus hitting some consignment shops, we got more than enough! Showers are a celebration of the baby to come, ultimately it is up to the parents to provide for the child, not every person you know.

scooby23 • 7 years ago

And here I'm sitting in awe
My eyes can't believe what they just saw
And to think I thought baby showers
Were for celebrating Baby and your birthing powers
I thought the gifts were just an add-on
But I guess it was all just a con
To get the victims to spend their hard-earned pays
On wipe warmers, strollers,
and a designer onesie that will be ruined in 2 days

gothicgaelicgirl • 7 years ago

O parents to be
I barely know thee

Bite me

Tim • 7 years ago

Entitlement much it's easy to see
You ask that I sign over my hard earned cash
You can look high
And you can look low
But all you'll find
Not even a shiny penny will show,
Registered at these stores are you
Sue me if you like tell your Family too
An Acquaintance am I
None of the lines of the poem you wrote are to my liking
You say Babies need a lot of things
But did you also know
Thats the job of the donor of Sperm and the layer of Egg
If loot was a plenty as you saw and greedily say
Then why wasn't it enough
Please have more of your say...

Guest • 7 years ago

1.) If it took hours to sort the gifts and there were towers you shouldn't need anymore.
2.) You can return the ish you didn't like
3.) Don't have anymore children you selfish wench
4.)I'd feel inclined to make a snotty poem and send it back. Something about "being a greedy bitch of a Mom means that you will not have any friends in very long." Also some more about being a greedy bitch in there.
5.) All the guests involved need to never speak to or associate with this woman again.

Kendra • 7 years ago

This is the MOST TACKY thing I have ever read in my entire life.

Valerie • 7 years ago

I did read somewhere that this was a fake. I really hope that is the case. If this were my "friend" I would definitely mail her a shit-filled diaper in a big beautiful gift box. What an asshat.

Rebecca Kimokeo • 7 years ago

Hahaha, make that an adult shit filled one

Lackadaisical • 7 years ago

We don't have baby showers in the country where I live so I really don't get this concept of expecting gifts whenever you sprog, but the spoilt attitude on this one is utterly beyond that. I would like to assume that hormones and a fear of motherhood have eaten her brain but badly written poems demanding gifts from acquaintances who don't attend or extra gifts from those whose gift you don't appreciate is so far beyond acceptable that she sounds a very selfish and ungrateful woman. It's hard enough for many women to keep friendships going when they become mums before their friends but this woman is heading to lose every friend she has through being a spoiled cow.

KyKapow • 7 years ago

Where are you from? I don't really care about baby showers, but I freaking love the phrase you just used to describe popping out one's crotchet fruit! Sprog is an amazing word!

Lackadaisical • 7 years ago

I am from England. My frequent use of the word sprog comes from the headmistress of my old school (a very well respected all girls grammar school, surprisingly). Our headmistress taught all the health and careers lessons for the older pupils and when covering the sex education component she loved using the word sprog as a verb to describe the act of giving birth, which due to the nature of the course she described a fair bit. She was also fond of stories of her own sprogging experiences.

Musiclee • 7 years ago

Lookie here a shiny penny
Although I have lots, you shan't have any.
And as it's etiquette you seem to lack
Any gift I bought you would've sent back!

raeronola • 7 years ago

Heh, saw this on reddit yesterday. Heard there was some doubt as to its veracity? Oh well, I'm sure there are people out there like this who exist.

arielmarie • 7 years ago

As much as I hope this is real so I can continue being cynical and bitter about society in the most fun way...but it just can't be, right?? I mean baby showers are almost tacky and awkward enough on their own, for real? How do these special snowflakes get so entitled?

JJ • 7 years ago

If you have to beg for money for your baby like a tacky leech here's a suggestion: don't have kids right now if you can't afford them. Its one thing when someone is in bad circumstances and needs help and is grateful for said help. I have no problem with that I would gladly assists my friends financially or with babysitting etc if they needed it. Its one thing if its your best friend or sister having a kid because I would love to give them gifts for the baby even without a baby shower. But begging for money from all of your facebook friends, coworkers, family members and hell probably even strangers in the street(lets face it this bitch is probably tacky enough to beg for it in the streets) is tacky as f***. The financial responsibility of parenting falls upon the parents not the 300 people they invited to the shower. So shut up and accept the baby onesies or diapers I was nice enough to bring you. The only thing close to a check or cash these parents to be would be getting from me is a penny on a note that says buy yourself a clue and some manners!

On a side note: even if this is a fake letter( which this being the internet is totally possible) there are actual people out there in this world who are this tacky. I have heard and seen actual true stories of people who seriously expected people to just shower them with uber expensive gifts and cheques because they were having a baby, or getting married etc..

CMP414 • 7 years ago

Please tell me this isn't real! Who the hell would marry and mate with a chick like this??

Jen • 7 years ago

For anyone wondering where this story originates from, it's from the Etiquette Hell forums.

Original post is here: http://www.etiquettehell.co...

My2bits • 7 years ago

I really, really, really hope this is fake and no actual person wrote something like this. Wow. Just wow.

Elizabeth Licata • 7 years ago

No! That can't be true. Can it? Nobody would be that awful. (I must keep believing that.)

aCongaLine • 7 years ago

God. How does she even have friends? gross.

SNOWSCAS81 • 7 years ago

Oh my God. I don't want to believe this is real. Sending tons of pennies to this woman is not enough. I was thinking more of an evil prank. Like in The Help when Skeeter had everyone drop their old toilets on Hilly's lawn. But it has to be something baby related.... Aha! Everyone round up their old Diaper Genies and we can head on over to Miss Poet's. *cackles evilly*

Frannie • 7 years ago


TwentiSomething Mom • 7 years ago

Wow, maybe they didn't go to the shower because they couldn't afford a gift. I would have never imagined sending people that didn't attend a note asking for a gift. I would NEVER have imagined telling someone they should get me something else because I didn't like the gift.

Aimee • 7 years ago
Kelly • 7 years ago

Wow. I would humiliate that bitch on facebook. I'd make sure all of our mutual "friends" knew all about her little stunt. That is beyond the pale.

I genuinely don't understand how people like this have any friends at all.

Zettai • 7 years ago

Here's my poem:

Fuck you greedy bitch

Rachel CUNTSea • 7 years ago


Trollinthedungeon • 7 years ago

Yeah, this is fake. That poster is a well known troll. The worst part is the forum owner is aware that the poster is a troll and decided to go ahead with her blog link anyway. Pathetic really.