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David • 7 years ago

So, I used the heart thing to create a Favorites album on my iPhone 5s while on vacation. I also edited these Favorite images by cropping and adjusting color etc..

When I got home, I assumed there would be an easy way to transfer these already edited photos on the iPhone Favorites album to my mac laptop iPhoto. Instead, the images are transferred in there original unedited state.

I created a pretty nifty little Favorites album on the phone that I'd love to have, as is, on my laptop. Any suggestions for moving it, in it's edited state from phone to laptop?

UpsetInFlorida • 7 years ago

Camera roll allowed me to select pictures for a jigsaw app. I could see at a glance which pic I wanted to dissect and reassemble. Apple has totally ruined a fun and relaxing experience for this retiree. Maybe they should have asked us instead of being arrogant and assuming.

notimeforit • 7 years ago

OMG the title of the article should read "IOS 8 Breathes New Death into your Apple Device". IOS 8 has so many bugs and glitches it's not even worth it! DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR UPDATE your devices people - you will will regret it!!! I have an iPhone 5s that used ot work beautifully and now it freezes and crashes and it's a total mess!

Hanna • 7 years ago


soltmom • 7 years ago

How do I get the photos from iPhoto transferred to Photos on iPhone 6? What do I do to make that happen?

ALSO, is there an "Order prints" option somewhere in photos on iPhone 6?

Ava • 7 years ago

Can I delete photos from icloud with iOS8? Please help me! I have iOS 7 and I'm having SO much trouble trying to make space! It says my camera roll is taking 7.4 gb and I deleted over 200 photos from my camera roll and photo stream!

jen73 • 7 years ago

I didn't see any replies to you and since you posted 12 days ago I'm sure you have an answer but throwing this out there anyways. You don't have to make any space on your phone to download the new operating system you can actually do it from your computer with the USB plugged into your phone. It's actually pretty simple to do it that way and I found that out from calling Apple.

Guest • 7 years ago
w00master • 7 years ago

Camera roll is now "Recents." Switch over to Photos and you'll see all of your photos. iOS 8 gets rid of Photostream because now iCloud stores everything (this is default, you can shut this off if you don't want this)

rox.fox5 • 7 years ago

Can't share older fotos from Viber or Watsapp, since it only shows the the folder "recently added photos" when uploading. I want the camera roll back, this is just making things more difficult.

daisy • 7 years ago

how to seperate accounts all my phones are ringing at the same time

Cdyer11 • 7 years ago

Im so upset they took the camera roll out. I had pictures of when my son was first bor. till now! I hate that it's just in my collections I want it back the other way. This is really turning me Apple and making me think of switching to a android and I have been a apple user for five years. Fix this please!

iOS8Reviwer • 7 years ago

I want the Camera Roll back! I don't like these new folders! I loved the simplicity of the Camera Roll and the Videos folder! We don't need anything else!

Mark • 7 years ago

Bring back the camera roll!!!!!!! I want to differentiate between photstream pics, and pics Ive taken on my phone. This is stupid, and Apple has messed this one up!!

Ankit • 7 years ago

if camera roll is gone then is it that the pictures clicked by the camera is also gone after few days ?????

Ayejay • 7 years ago


Lindsey • 7 years ago

Have there ever been any complaints about the camera roll? Probably not, because it did what it needed to- showed all the photos. Why would I ever want to just see the recently added photos? The moments tab is so messy and annoying. The pictures are tiny or separated by location. Location doesn't matter at all to me. Hopefully they bring the camera roll (the most basic of features) back.

If they wanted to improve it they could have added tags so that we can quickly search our pictures like on Androids.

Tess • 7 years ago

I want the camera roll back, this is just making things more difficult.

Jessy • 7 years ago


Jamison • 7 years ago

I do too!

lovelymoonfox • 7 years ago

Is there a way to get the camera roll back? I just updated and am now devestated that my camera rolls gone.

Romuald Lugtu Maranoc • 7 years ago

I am downgrading back to 7.1.2. I can't upload any of my old photos to Instagram or Facebook since it only shows the the folder "recently added photos" when uploading.

Brennon • 7 years ago

I miss camera roll, and the separate iCloud section....I feel like all my iCloud photos disappeared...maybe they come back when all of your data is migrated over to the iCloud Drive (I chose to upgrade because I don't own a Mac so no big deal)? I know I'm missing photos that should be in my drive...weird..

Matt • 7 years ago

Same here can anyone help ?

A • 7 years ago

The photos aren't missing, you just have to hit "Photos" next to the "Albums" button on the bottom left in the Albums folder.

Debs • 7 years ago

THANX !! I was completely lost πŸ˜„ Γ‘wesome that every picture is still on the phone ... Screw the camera roll πŸ’ƒπŸ‘£πŸ’ƒπŸ‘£βœ¨ i think eventually this will work out much much better πŸ€πŸŽ‰πŸ€πŸŽΆ

Guest • 7 years ago
Alan • 7 years ago

Stfu bellend