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Carol Nine • 6 years ago

I like to stir melted chocolate baking chips into the ramen noodles and make drop candy.

Jessibeth Vicenty • 6 years ago

That sound tasty, I might try it soon :D

Nicki Woo • 6 years ago

Yum! It does!

Denise Elmer • 6 years ago

I like them with a ca
n of whole kernel corn and a can of diced tomatoes added to them and i only add about half the seasoning because it has a lot of salt

Birdiebee • 6 years ago

We eat ramen cooked and add various meats and vegetables to it. We also eat it try in various salads.

Arik Issan • 6 years ago

I overcook in microwave boiling water, and let it sit with some seasoning until all the water is absorbed in the noodles ... very good

MommaDarby • 6 years ago

I love to eat my Ramen with HOT SAUCE! you seriously cant go wrong with hot sauce! :)

Heather Sullivan • 6 years ago

I like to add veggies in it

Heather Sullivan • 6 years ago

That looks delicious

Nicole M • 6 years ago

I love to eat my ramen with chicken and veggies

Annmarie Weeks • 6 years ago

I love to put an egg into it to make "egg drop ramen".

Amanda • 6 years ago

I'm pretty boring; I haven't done anything exciting with my Ramen yet. However, I do love Ramen and eat a lot of it!

Danielle • 6 years ago

I like to make it like soup and add some carrots if I have them and a little cheese on top. My son prefers them when hes sick rather than chicken noodle soup.

Natalie • 6 years ago

I like to add chicken and veggies to it ,natbelinsky@verizon.net

Danielle S • 6 years ago

I love to eat Ramen the way my mother-in-law prepared it, as a soup with all sorts of veggies and either some beef or chicken added. She was the best!
royalegacy at gmail dot com

My Flower • 6 years ago

omg those sound so good and also yummy cant beat that

Tina W • 6 years ago

I like ramen with only a bit of the seasoning packet (sooooo salty!), and I throw in whatever leftovers I have in the frig (fried chicken - yum. Meatloaf - not so much)

Gena P • 6 years ago


we always would use ramen noodles with some cabbage and some sauce!

Les Johnson • 6 years ago

I usually eat Oriental flavored Ramen. I don't add anything to it...but I might have to try. These recipes sound delicious!

Holly S. • 6 years ago

I never do anything cool with my ramen. I just eat it the way it comes in the packet!

Richard Brandt • 6 years ago

With shrimp!

Krazekatlady • 6 years ago

I like to make the soup and add and egg and cheese.

Karla Traxel • 6 years ago

I've literally never done anything cool with my ramen (other than eat their noodly goodness). I must need this book!

Also your daughter's picture is beautiful and looks great in that frame.

liz l • 6 years ago

Ramen with bacon and parm cheese. Taste so good

Kathryn C • 6 years ago

honestly I never thought to eat ramen noodles other than as the *just add hot water* instant way (the chicken flavored) but wow, if I can enjoy them as other foods and dishes then bring it!!! I'm in!! gotta read that book!


Lucky Jen • 6 years ago


Claire • 6 years ago

I like to drain the water and then mix the seasoning with mayonnaise to make a kind of sauce. Soo yummy!

RambleSAHM W. • 6 years ago

I love creamy chicken with corn, egg, and sliced carrots! ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

bevkangas • 6 years ago

I love to eat my ramen with some cooked mushrooms, possibly a soy protein, and then a cut up hard-boiled egg.

STARLETTA S • 6 years ago

My granddaughter and I make it by the package directions and then try to eat it with chopsticks. Lots of laughter guaranteed!

Katherine Pickering • 6 years ago

recipes seem really cool and tasty.

Nesca Crespo • 6 years ago

I've never tried anything like this with my Ramen but I would definitely try some of these recipes. I eat a lot of Cup of Noodles but Ramen definitely tastes different in the baggy packs.

Kristie D. • 6 years ago

I like to eat my ramen in chicken soup. Not very inventive I know but this cookbook would give me some great ideas! Yum! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

Leela • 6 years ago

I like to eat it with half a spice packet and lots of broth and vegetables.

Saralynns2 • 6 years ago

Ramen is a favorite for my husband and I to make while camping :) We love adding veggies to the noodles....

Connie Carpenter Tillman • 6 years ago

I like to cook the noodles and then fry them with soy sauce and veggies!

Mycosyco • 6 years ago

I throw a couple eggs in with the noodles and stir with a fork, adding a little soy sauce.

Kelly McGrew • 6 years ago

i like to eat ramen according to package directions and add hot sauce and cooked egg!

Vanessa W. • 6 years ago

I like to drain it, add butter and lots of freshly steamed veggies.

laurakc181 • 6 years ago

We usually add sour cream and cheese to our ramen!

Carolyn Berg • 6 years ago

I love to add veggies & chicken.

Barbara Watson • 6 years ago

I love to boil it, add butter, add the seasoning and hard boiled eggs...thats it!

DeAnna Branigan Keller • 6 years ago

I've never had them any other way then with water and the seasoning! I would like to try them a different way though.

Nancy • 6 years ago

We eat ramen noodles added to a veggie and meat stir-fry.

debbiewelchert • 6 years ago

I've never had them any other way then with water and the seasoning that comes with them and love them that way.

Nicki Woo • 6 years ago

A true traditionalist. There is nothing wrong with that:)

Ally • 6 years ago

We get ramen noodles with Indian seasoning at our local ethnic grocery store. I LOVE them! I bet they'd be such a neat twist in some of these recipes.

Connie • 6 years ago

Oops...I meant I like RAMEN with butter and garlic.

Nicki Woo • 6 years ago

ohhh. that sounds so comforting. . .

Connie • 6 years ago

I like butter and garlic...yum!