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dickyaesta • 3 years ago

ADMIN, sorry Frank for repeating, but I still get a blank page on your recently installed "Go to Comments" button, it doesn't work on several platforms, as comments of others, on my earlier post, confirm, Thanks again for the magnificent job you are doing!

Frank Acland • 3 years ago

Thanks, I hope it works now.

dickyaesta • 3 years ago

Yes perfectly,thank you.

Michel Vandenberghe • 3 years ago

Hello Mats, Franck, my 2 cents opinion :-) I think what is the most important is not the technological proof but the market proof. What would unleash investment will be the proof that there are effective manufacturing agreements with China, US and some others. If there is manufacturing agreement there's working product. What is important is the core technology, not the product. Core technology cannot be protected and msut not be protected. I bet that the LENR law will soon such as "effective power density will double every 6 months" Thus will decrease size, weight, raw materials costs, enable wider integration and so on... The only way for any company with a as usual business model is to be in a position to propose a return on investment short enough to get customers to invest in the product. Do not forget how much value this technology will destroy at first...



clovis ray • 3 years ago

Would you care to elaborate, on which tech, you feel will be destroyed, other than substantially putting a hit on fossil fuels, which i would think it would take some time to take them completely out, as we need lube to reduce friction, for now.

NT • 3 years ago

Yes, lubricats, tires, asphalt roads, plastics, etc will be with us for awhile yet...

Ophelia Rump • 3 years ago

This is a very curious statement.

"The charge size has been refined with the experience in thousands of experiments and, obviously, also on the base of theoretical considerations."

It suggests that the fuel size is a found window rather than a chosen value and that it is a critical factor.

Pekka Janhunen • 3 years ago

No but he could also just mean GIVEN THE WANTED DURATION the charge size is calculated by the experience etc.

Ophelia Rump • 3 years ago

That is not what those words mean.

If they could make the charge any desired size then there is no point in refining the charge size. Altering the charge size would be trivial and the adjustment of other variables critical.
That is the opposite of what he stated.

Sanjeev • 3 years ago

Mats wrote a new blog:

Wishful Thinking Energy • 3 years ago

From the blog:
"I have also been told that the total amount of fuel—mostly harmless elements such as litium, hydrogen and nickel, according to Andrea Rossi’s granted patent on the technology—was in the range of tenths of grams."

I assume that is referring to the amount of fuel that was changed from mass to energy. I assume the total amount of fuel was in the 100's of grams.

Andreas Moraitis • 3 years ago

Certainly. Let’s say the plant has produced 7 GWh during the 350 days (COP 6 assumed). The relativistic mass equivalent of that amount of energy comes to 0.28 g – indeed a few “tenths of grams”.

ke • 3 years ago

This is in reference to update 40, the changing of the charge. The initial device was the E-cat. Then along came the E-cat X a few months into the year long test. The original E-cat was relegated to function as a backup, sitting on idle (I would guess)in case the E-catX malfunctioned. Correct? Neither the E-cat nor the E-catX have been running at full power for 11 or 12 months. And that was the stated goal? To run for 350 days without having to recharge?? Rossi may have been able to provide continuous heat for his customer, but a year without having to refuel is stretching it.

Frank Acland • 3 years ago

No, I don't believe the E-Cat X was used in the 1MW plant. According to AR it is still in the R&D phase.

kenko1 • 3 years ago

I was confusing the E-catX with the 20kW and 250 kW E-cats. Were both the 20 & 250 started at the same time?

Guest • 3 years ago
Zeddicus Zul Zorander • 3 years ago

Or he had much more downtime on the four 250KW modules, but the 10KW modules took over in those instances.

Either way, good calculation. Makes sense.

Axil Axil • 3 years ago

I don't remember seeing that Rossi fired up the backup unit.

bachcole • 3 years ago

Even if the ERV has high creds, the end of opposition is not yet in sight. Most people are still completely unaware of these developments. Skeptopaths are as likely to fill their ears with $hit as we are to fill them with the light of truth.

Ian Walker • 3 years ago

Hi all

In relation to sometthing Axil Axil said

"Axil Axil deleo77 • 18 minutes ago

Currently, with the price of natural gas so low, it will be a hard market for the E-Cat to penetrate,"

I pointed out some time ago, several years now :) that the only solution available to fossil fuel sellers in the start of the LENR age was a market decline strategy of minimising price to slow the uptake of LENR so as to maximise the period of time Fossil Fuel was of value.

It was advice in a report I made ;)

It would appear those who took the report, acted upon it with the strategy I suggested and that many others followed suit.They had no problem with me making the gist of the report available later. Very hard to cause people problems with regard to insider trading when they can point to aspects of the inside information being publicly available. :)

Kind Regards walker

Carl Wilson • 3 years ago

"Currently, with the price of natural gas so low, it will be a hard market for the E-Cat to penetrate"
Currently the price of natural gas is low if you are positioned well with respect to a major gas pipe line. If you are depending on LNG (liquefied natural gas) it's a different mater. There's a hell of a lot of capital investment that goes into LNG delivery.
Natural gas price is low in the US because (1) a lot of it is produced in conjunction with fracked oil and (2) a lot of the fracked gas has to be produced in order to meet interest payments. Familiarize yourself with the saga of Chesapeake Energy if you have doubts.

builditnow • 3 years ago

or, self interest, i.e. the Saudi's aiming to be the "last to pump oil". Within a month of the Indian panic to get back into LENR, (Persian Gulf News a few years back) the Saudi's started their strategy of "keep on pumping". When the news hits the public that there is a new energy source... from water ... the lack of interest in oil could help to push the oil prices up a bit and give the Saudi's some breathing room to adjust.

Many other oil producers have to now pump furiously in order to try and stop their budgets hemorrhaging, hence, an oil glut.
The "mysterious" oil glut explained?

clovis ray • 3 years ago

Great, wonderful, amazing, exciting, historic,news, congratulations Dr. Rossi, what a beautiful thing you have did, thank you so very much.

Bob Greenyer • 3 years ago

Mats Lewan @matslew (10 minutes ago in Twitter):

"Historic event: Yesterday the 1-year 1MW #Ecat trial was completed. No official results yet, but sources say it's been successful.

pg • 3 years ago

Mats please come clean.

Sanjeev • 3 years ago

That certainly adds weight to the "Rossi says".
Very good news.

bfast • 3 years ago

This is truly a THRILLING day for LENR!

Axil Axil • 3 years ago

Its like having your car stuck in the snow. A small movement when the wheels take hold briefly gets exciting but you still need a tow truck to get you out.

Brokeeper • 3 years ago

Axil Axil, I love most of your comments, but how many cynical pills have you taken lately? :)

Mats002 • 3 years ago

Noted. The count down counter now aims at the ERV report (approximate).

No report, no party. So a bit more of waiting...

Michael W Wolf • 3 years ago

When you look back on this comment, you will laugh. It's been this way for the past 25 years. This is a corner, Rossi is in it. I can't see that report doing anything but support Rossi. But sorry, I've been partying 2 years now, just waiting for all you to join me. I had this figured out in a few months 2 years ago. From Rossi to Orbo to BLP, the miracle is, so many don't know it yet.

Axil Axil • 3 years ago

A report does not accomplish anything. Only massive installation of the industrial product will have impact on opinion and the attitude and the direction that science takes.

Mats002 • 3 years ago

That position will make you a winner either way Axil ;)

dickyaesta • 3 years ago

Frank, sorry to say but recently installed "Go to comments" leads to a blank page on my android tablet. What might I do wrong? Inspite of this minor thing, keep up the good work, you are phenomenal.

MWerner • 3 years ago

same here with Win7 and Chrome

Michael W Wolf • 3 years ago

yea, it says you need to be admin.

Barbierir • 3 years ago

Great! I hope a report will be published and so Mats will hold the symposium in Stockholm.

Axil Axil • 3 years ago

Much like the Lugano report, this new report will keep our discussion going for a few more months, but that's about it.

Agaricus • 3 years ago

Business logic suggests that we won't hear much of significance until some time after an 'insiders' industrial leasing drive has taken place for next generation CF thermal plants, and other moves have been consolidated. Those who have other plans for the way things go forward from here will probably now begin to react to what they will perceive as a threat to the status quo, and I hope Rossi's people are ready for this.

While I remain optimistic that things are largely as Rossi says they are (meaningful safety certification excluded) I think that from now on things will get darker as far as the peanut gallery is concerned, and we will hear less and less about production of industrial plants as the internal wheels of IH/Leonardo/??? grind faster. Rossi may still issue vague 'updates' on e-cat X but we will have no way of telling whether the underlying revolution is gathering its own momentum or is being subsumed by the existing energy cabals, until it's too late for any outsiders to affect the outcome (by attempting to publicise the facts - we simply won't have any concrete information). Without solid public confirmation of its reality, the whole e-cat story could even quietly disappear for a very long time.

Sorry about the gloom. I hope I'm wrong about all this.

Bernie Koppenhofer • 3 years ago

I want to hear from customer, did he make money from plant using less energy?! Can they keep the identity of customer secret for very long, after the ERV"s report?

Omega Z • 3 years ago


It isn't that hard for a group of people to keep a secret. It's done all the time. It is usually just a slip of the tongue that causes leaks.

That said, (Nearly all of society), Knowing nothing about LENR should someone inadvertently have a slip of the tongue, Who would believe it. And if repeated, you can imagine in what context that would be in(incredulity).

Bernie Koppenhofer • 3 years ago

I understand, I am saying if the report is positive, I think it (LENR) now has a good chance to be picked up by major media and if that happens it will be hard to keep the customer out of the news story. Beyond that if it is a very positive test why would IH want to keep it a secret given their goal of ending coal as a fuel, they would want the tech out as soon as possible.

Axil Axil • 3 years ago

Yes they can.

Bernie Koppenhofer • 3 years ago

If report is positive, it will be very hard. If we have a positive report from a customer, will undermine the vast majority of skeptics.

Piero • 3 years ago

My guess is that there are two separate factors here: meeting the terms of an agreement with the customer and doing some number crunching to check how things went. I'm convinced the customer already has the answer: they have bee using the generated heath for an entire year and they know already what they needed to know. This other month of analysis and calculation is only for the benfit of Rossi's review and analysis and may be some other purpose. In any case today is definitely an important day

GreenWin • 3 years ago

Great news! Congratulations Dr. Rossi. Looking forward to reading the test results.

Axil Axil • 3 years ago

This report is now old tech to be replaced with the E-Cat X.

Guest • 3 years ago
Axil Axil • 3 years ago

As a well informed customer, I would want the E-Cat C model.

artefact • 3 years ago

"and therefore may require refueling more often"
I would say it then just needs more fuel.