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PeterM • 3 months ago

I simple cannot see the correlation between the two. As an airline and fundamentally is what Easyjet is they control their own destiny. OTB although very successful, do not and depend on what the suppliers provide and if they want can provide an embargo to stop sales. Easyjet are loosing no sleep.

Alex stuart • 3 months ago

Not sure a price war is possible unless OTB will start contracting their own flights.....
Easyjet are looking to secure customers already booking Easyjet flights + a hotel, a large number of these customers will be OTA customers, so Easyjet will be targeting OTB, TR,LH if you add those 3 together thats 2.5m customers and I would say that a conservative estimate is that 20% of those are booking Easyjet flights. When you add in all the other short haul dynamic packagers there is enough for Easyjet to go after without looking to far outside their own customer base.
Those that control the flight, control the price of the holiday, how long before we see flight prices on Easyjet comparable to a cheap package when they want to protect sales?
Admittedly all the risk of cost is with Easyjet but they appear to be a very well run business.