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PeterM • 3 months ago

It is not specifically a bad thing serving AI holidays and many families depend on this, I have contracted enough hotels in my life and spoken to many customers.
My eternal concern was '' local drinks'' as you simply do not know what you are being served. At a hotel in Calella we rented for 5 years the Bacardi ( actually white rum ) was delivered by tanker as we deliver petrol and the '' Bacardi '' empty bottle refilled for service thinking you are getting Bacardi. Heaven knows what the '' coke '' is but it is a treacle in a plastic bag.
More recently in Gumbet I witnessed the same. I do believe a threshold time of say 6pm to 11pm is adaquet unless you are a p - - s// a - - - - t.
We shall see.

steve kane • 3 months ago

For Mr Mark Hoddinott to say that the move would reduce excessive drinking is totaly wrong firstly he just wants guests that will spend more in his Calvia Beach Plaza Hotel & the Sol Katmandu Park &Resort as well as all the other Melia & Sol Hotels which by the way are the ones that sell AI Holidays to the British Market. Snr Gabriel Escarrer Jaume the CEO Melia & Sol hotels needs to be very carefull about what they wish for as it IS the UK that keep Calvia (Magaluf) in Buisness .The Mayor of Calvia Alfonso Rodriguez Badal & the tourism minister Bel Busquets as well as Spain’s secretary of state for tourism, Bel Oliver.are HELL BENT on reduceing the amount of Tourists that visit the Island they are in bed with Arran Països Catalans, the activists that want the whole of the Island to HAVE LESS tourist nad they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Representatives from Abta & Stephen D’Alfonso,aswell as those other Brits that are at this meeting should turn round and say that the way forward is that you only serve booze to adults over 25 and ONLY serve one drink per person and introduce service at the hotel bar and STOP the serve yourself idea because thats what is the main cause of the problem young guests that think its cool to go and get as much as they want without any questions being asked . But the idea of STOPPING ALL-INCLUSIVE DRINKS is NOT the answer and if it were to become a LAW in Calvia will the hotels and the UK tour operaters put down the price ot the ALL-INCLUSIVE holiday i bet NOT

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

Oh my god.

that's the longest, saddest, most idiotic rant from Mr. Kane.

If the resort want's less tourists, it's their right.

Legal age for serving booze is 18 years old.

They have ZERO right to enforce a minimum age of 25.