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bimjim • 4 months ago

Business are a bit late, aren't they? And who gave THEM a say? Do all the employees and owners get to vote - and then throw in a dozen for each business too?


No, you DON'T get a "do-over", try to drive that into the ditzes' heads, life is not a game, make them understand they should have taken it seriously the first time around.

No matter how many freaks and morons come out of the woodwork to protest, a Referendum is a one-time command from the supreme authority of any country - the MAJORiTY of its people - and no amount of politicking and lame-duck squabbling can change that decision.

So suck it up, the rest of you. Your Prime Minister is implementing YOUR decision, AS SHE IS REQUIRED TO DO BY LAW, and all your ridiculous misbehaviour is doing is causing your own nation one massive Royal pain in the butt.

Benjy • 4 months ago

I presume this is bad time to mention that referendums aren't legally binding ?

bimjim • 4 months ago

Who fed you THAT line with a silver spoon? Are you going to try to tell me that national elections are not binding either? A National Referendum is an official BINDING poll of the citizens of a nation to make a decision which affects them all, and Members of Parliament are bound to obey. Asking stupid questions is a sure sign you are just trolling and never do your research. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. PERIOD. Now go back under your nasty troll bridge and find somewhere to wash yourself, you stink.