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jimbo • 2 years ago

If you're a terrorist looking to create confusion, panic and err terror, where better to plan an attack than a location that advertises itself as safe?

Julie drewls • 2 years ago

The biggest issue here is that no where is safe from Terrorism.

Yes, Tunisia and Egypt (SSH) is off limits due to FCO advice, but MORE people were killed in PARIS than in Tunisia, and Paris is still classed as 'safe'.

Look at recent events.

many HUNDREDS of people killed by so called 'IS' terrorists, but no FCO advise to NOT visit these locations.

AlanBowen • 2 years ago

The idea would be a complete disaster, who determines what is safe and what is not? If a travel operator showed a positive 'kitemark' and this was followed by a terrorist attack, they would be defenceless in trying to deny liability. ABTA is absolutely right to say 'no' to the whole idea.

It would help of course if the travel industry actually did what it should do and make sure customers are aware of the FCO advice, even those that say they have 'learned a lesson' appear to fail on that score. Customers should be in a position to make an informed choice and that includes assessing their view of the risk based on FCO advice, we know it exists, most customers do not.