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antheagraham • 1 year ago

All hunting of endangered species and the big five should now be BANNED everywhere. If not our children and their children will never see these wonderful creatures in the wild.

Lareine • 1 year ago

I seriously doubt that much of the monies earned from these permits really does go to the people it is supposed to benefit. More likely lining the pockets of officials!
Why can’t these rich men get their kicks elsewhere, rather than depleting the already endangered species just for the thrill of possibly bagging one of the last of a species. If they want to help the communities they could just donate the money to a good cause, like creating more availability of water, or helping build schools.
I’m not against hunting per se, but the deliberate hunting and killing of those creatures that won’t be around in a few years for our children to enjoy as we do, is criminal! The only place they will be able to see them will be in zoos, which is really sad.
Money doesn’t give them the right to do whatever they want!

Pete Murless • 1 year ago

YOU Europeans dont seem to understand that it is corruption and poaching and the Asian demand for ivory that is the threat, and NOT controlled trophy hunting. Banning trophy hunting in Namibia will for example, will have a negative effect on the lives of San people in Bushmanland, because payments from trophy hunters go directly to these communities.

antheagraham • 1 year ago

Why can they not pay good money to go track and save rhinos and notch them or help relocate them rather than KILL THESE ENDANGERED SPECIES. There should be no killing of endangered species - FULL STOP and why can these billionaires not shoot a dart to help save them rather than shoot a bullet and KILL them. Surely they see the sense in this. No amount of money from this hunting will bring back the endangered rhino...

G Smit • 1 year ago

I agree with Dan Ashe.