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Victor Sibeko • 2 years ago

It's about time... Much as this was introduced with good intentions it has really crippled our Tourism Business. I am talking from experience as a travel & Tourism Businessman. There should be alternative measure put in place if not ensure home affairs services are jerked up to assist the locals. The frustrations and the bad service, bad attitude and laid back home affairs staff have also contributed to this frustrations!

Victor Sibeko
Buhle Bethu Travel & Tours

Jan Jenkins • 2 years ago

How many times have we been told that it is hopeful that the unabridged birth certificates will be scrapped?? I know I've heard that phrase before - many times. SO why should this statement by the Minister be any different.?

Perhaps we should have a group as part of the big march tomorrow - UBC MUST FALL....sooner rather than later( and let it happen this time)

Ubuntu Experiences • 2 years ago

Am sure everyone in support of a happy, healthy tourism sector in South Africa is hopeful too!!! Please let this be the end of this senseless mess now.

Pace • 2 years ago

and then we will have to deal with Botswana ... one wonders why they have now introduced this legislation, especially if SA really intends scrapping it.

Edward • 2 years ago

Yada yada yawn yawn. Will somebody please wake me up when it's happened?

Paul Tully • 2 years ago

Fingers crossed, as currently the industry is STILL experiencing confusion and lost revenue. It is crazy to carry on with it as it currently is.

James Vos • 2 years ago

We've heard this all before... For the last almost two years Derek Hanekom has remained hopeful while the tourism industry has lost R7,5 billion as a result of these disastrous regulations. Clearly he has not done enough. Hanekom must first show me his official input to the draft regulations before I can take him serious. I can show him my submission which clearly makes a case for the unabridged birth certificate to be scrapped.