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vayu • 2 months ago

In the max_iter program it seems like you're going from -1 to 1. In the bw plot.py it seems like the real part RE_START, RE_END goes from -2 to 1 but the imagineary part IM_START, IM_END goes from -1 to 1. I was under the impression that the Mandelbrot set lies in the coordinate space of -1 to 1. Is that true?, if so why does the real part go from -2 to 1?

vayu • 2 months ago

EDIT* Never mind, It works great with python3.

When I copy the two files plot.py and mandelbrot.py to my local computer I get an all white image for the black and white code and and all red image for the color code. I have pil installed. Am I missing something?

Anonymous • 1 year ago

Is it ok if I don't understand this in the 8th grade?

[CG]Maxime • 1 year ago

That's perfectly ok, you need to learn what's a coordinate system, a sequence and what is a complex number. Feel free to ask questions!