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Boombox Hero • 2 months ago

Will the $600 build be good for streaming as well?

Daniel • 1 month ago

For general streaming? Yes, it would do fine; in particular, it would have comparable performance to (slightly better performance than) the 'Budget Streaming' example build in our big guide article for building a PC for live streaming.

For streaming MHW? That's more of a questionable situation. It may do alright, but it will likely be necessary to compromise on settings, resolution, or frame rate to get everything stable.

Keegan Jones • 10 months ago

Would the upcoming radeon rx 590 be a good substitute for a 1070

Daniel • 9 months ago

Possibly, but the pre-release benchmarks suggest it will be closer in performance to the GTX 1060 6GB than the GTX 1070. At any rate, it will be impossible to say for sure until it is released and undergoes extensive real-world benchmarking.

Clayton K • 10 months ago

Where's the cool FPS table?

Daniel • 10 months ago

We're trying out some new formats for different kinds of articles. In this one, the tier chart is replaced with a list of benchmark example builds (similar to the presentation of our non-gaming big guides). While this method of conveying the info will be slightly less useful to people who already have their gaming PCs, it should also be more useful to people who are still selecting hardware. But it's not set in stone yet; we're still collecting data on how new builders use the guides, and may still be tooling around with the format for a while yet.

Alex Sander Silva • 10 months ago

Well, in my opinion, this format is good, but it seems to lose some of the Logical Increments' essence.

It is indeed better for someone planning to buy a computer while having MHW in mind, but it may be confusing for someone trying to build something for MHW AND something else, since that person will have to compare many parts while not really knowing the difference between then, or which is better, or what is in between... It's lacking the incremental logic to it (wink wink).

Daniel • 10 months ago

What we've found is that the majority of users for these guides end up on them via search engines, and are generally not familiar with the tier-based homepage chart like our returning users are. For such new users, who come here looking for info about a particular game, and who leave directly from the same page---our exclusive use of the tier terminology (and constant redirecting of them toward the other chart) proves confusing.

A significant volume of our user comments and emails about the game guides simply ask us what parts are needed to achieve a certain frame rate at a certain resolution---which is what we had hoped the guides were there to answer!

But as I said above, this format is not set in stone. It's a test. So thank you very much for giving us your feedback about it.