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james deeny • 2 weeks ago

The GTX 1660 (which is different than the GTX 1660 Ti) needs to be added.

Daniel • 2 weeks ago

Right you are! I must've skipped it accidentally. It has now been added, and the change should go live in the near future (likely within about a week, alongside some other updates).

LimboSM • 3 weeks ago

Dear moderator; may I suggest that right now; a separate column for INTEL chips alone be created? Even in its current form; there are some like me who're not familiar with AMD's product lineup and cant tell the difference between INTEL and AMD in the columns. Also; I believe within the year (2019 at time of this comment); INTEL should be entering the GPU fray soon and you'll need to update this charts accordingly to accomodate them.....

Daniel • 3 weeks ago

I'm not sure I understand the request. There are currently no Intel GPUs listed in the chart above, except for integrated GPUs mentioned in the comments of some cells near the lower right. That said, if/when Intel releases GPUs that are competitive in the market, then they will be added to this chart---and, yes, may even get their own column.

LimboSM • 3 weeks ago

My mistake. When reading the chart; i see under the AMD column models with the HDxxxx designations. I WAS ASSUMING those were INTEL models. Based on your feedback; i guess those are OLD AMD model designations that i'm not familiar with. I assumed so because in 2017 i bought a Motherboard with intel graphics and the labeling of their cards starts with the HD xxxxx designation as well. So i assumed it was by design INTEL was mixed into the AMD column.......

Sam lester • 3 weeks ago

Oh my fucking God your site is useless no fucking vega how lazy are you do your research and get some amd cards up there

Daniel • 3 weeks ago

Vitriol aside, you seem to be mistaken. The chart above features both low-end Vega iGPUs and high-end RX Vega discrete GPUs. If you are unable to locate them while scrolling, I would recommend using the 'CTRL + F' function of your browser to find the relevant term.

Vin S • 1 month ago

The GTX 1070 seems to perform worse than the 1660Ti in most benchmarks I've seen, yet it's two tiers higher. Not sure if the 1660Ti should be moved up or the other down, but there certainly seem to be some inconsistencies around this area of the chart.

Daniel • 1 month ago

Having the 2015 Titan X in its own row at that point definitely makes the 1070 and 1660 Ti seem further apart than they are in reality (they're very close together in real-world performance), so I will definitely shift things around at that point to make things more clear. That said, the head-to-head benchmarks I've seen for those two (such as this one, this one, and this one) either have them trading blows from game to game, or have the 1070 coming out slightly ahead overall due to its higher VRAM capacity and additional processing cores (despite its lower boost clock).

Stephane Simard • 1 month ago

The R9 290 and GTX 970 perform almost identically. As Such I believe the R9 290 should be moved up one slot. https://youtu.be/nty9Hcy1jaU

Daniel • 1 month ago

Right you are! Thank you for pointing this out. I have made a few adjustments around that level in the chart; they should go live within a day or two.

Christopher Nuzum • 1 month ago

The GTX 1660 seems to be missing from the table.

Boba • 2 months ago

What gpu would you say is "VR Ready"? A constant 90fps in vr games. Thanks!!

Daniel • 2 months ago

Well, 'VR games' is a very broad and varied category, which makes it difficult to make a recommendation for a consistent 90+ FPS without skewing towards higher power. That said, you would likely need something about at the level of the RTX 2070 or better for that. For more information, you should also check out our big guide article on building a PC for VR gaming (if you haven't already).

0D • 2 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to build a PC for 1440p 144Hz, specifically for PUBG @ competitive settings. I'm most likely going to need to pickup a RTX 2080 Ti. Could you add a row for 1440p 144Hz? Thanks :)

Daniel • 2 months ago

Yes, we would recommend an RTX 2080 Ti for that situation. But at 1440p with max settinsg, even a 2080 Ti can not guarantee a consistent 144+ FPS (closer to 110-140 FPS). But if "competitive settings" means low for most settings other than a few key options, or even just low enough to get to your FPS goal---then you should be good to go. As for a row for 1440p 144Hz in the chart above, though, we don't have one because there isn't one yet! Until a single graphics card is released that can consistently provide 144+ FPS at 1440p in the vast majority of titles at max settings, we won't be adding that text to the chart.

Vengir • 3 months ago

A very well made list. Is there a similar one for CPUs?

Daniel • 3 months ago
Evoundova Morgan Binjimin • 3 months ago

When the top GPU is being listed and mine still on the lowest of the best :') Rip gt 730

anna • 2 months ago

how is it holding up with 2019 games? what laptop do you have and specs please? i want a decent gaming laptop without going broke.

mo • 3 months ago

You guys need to fix your website, it is not mobile responsive. FYI I’m using safari on an iPhone.

Daniel • 3 months ago

Yes, the site has never had the best mobile device compatibility. But rest assured that we are currently working on improving it for the near future!

Stephane Simard • 4 months ago

I noticed happily that the AMD Vega APUs got added to the list. For sh*ts and giggles could we also add the Athlon 200GE?

Daniel • 4 months ago

Hmmm that opens up too much of a rabbit hole, I'm afraid---because there are a huge number of iGPUs and mobile GPUs that could be listed at the bottom of the chart. Instead, I think we'll continue to just have the phrase 'older GPUs and iGPUs' in the bottom row cover all of them.

Stephane Simard • 3 months ago

The Athlon 200GE is less than a year old though and based on the same GPU architecture as the Ryzen based APUs which are included in the list.

Hypersycos • 5 months ago

Is there a typo in the notes for GTX 1070 and 1080 tiers? 1080p120 and 1080p144 are surely less demanding than 4k60, did you mean 1440p?

Daniel • 5 months ago

Not necessarily! Those notes are meant to apply to all games, which means it includes poorly optimized titles like PUBG, MHW, and Ark. It is often a brutal struggle to get consistent frame rates well above 100 in such games at max settings, even as low as 1080p.

Tokugawa Arakkun • 6 months ago

But the r9 380 has a better performance than gtx1050Ti, though ( https://gpu.userbenchmark.c... )

Daniel • 6 months ago

Right you are. The R9 380 seems to be slightly misplaced; I'll personally fix that soon.

Hal 9000 • 6 months ago

Also do you think if I built a PC with the gtx 460 it would run games almost just like the switch? Just curios I thought sense that card is ruining on a much older architecture than the switches tegra X1 Maxwell architecture there could be difference between these 2. I'm asking because I want to build the closest desktop PC i can get to the switch in terms of power because I want to experiment and see what games could possibly run on the switch

Daniel • 6 months ago

That's very difficult to say, because of the structural differences of the pieces of hardware and software in question. As for hardware, the Switch only has to be designed to do its small set of jobs very well---which may make it outperform a similar desktop system slightly. Similarly, as for software, game developers making products for a console are able to squeeze the absolute most performance possible out of the system, because they don't have to cater to a broad array of possible hardware configurations like PC developers do; instead they can just specialize everything to mesh together with the exact behaviors and parameters of the Switch.

But in terms of a raw power comparison, yes, (as noted in the chart) we would expect the power of a GTX 460 to be comparable to the power of a Switch.

Hal 9000 • 6 months ago

Ah ok again Ty

Hal 9000 • 6 months ago

I thought the gtx 1050 ti 4gb model was better than the ps4 pro. But the 2gb model was not. Maybe I'm wrong but it's a lot like the gtx 1060 3gb vs the 6gb model. They're almost 2 diffrent cards

Daniel • 6 months ago

The difference between the GTX 1060 6GB and the GTX 1060 3GB is non-negligible because the 6GB variant also has more processing cores than the 3GB variant; in this sense, its name is definitely misleading (they should perhaps have been called something like the GTX 1060 Ti and the GTX 1060 for better clarity to consumers).

The versions of the GTX 1050 Ti with different amounts of VRAM, however, only have different amounts of VRAM. And additional memory will typically not drastically improve performance (provided that there is at least enough memory in each situation). You may perhaps be thinking of the GTX 1050 Ti versus the GTX 1050, which are indeed different cards (and are listed separately in the chart).

Hal 9000 • 6 months ago

Ah ok ty

Paz Graca • 7 months ago

Hi this list is very helpful but I was wondering if you could put the Mobility graphics cards. I have AMD Radeon HD 8690M and I was wondering how that would compare to other graphics cards. I am not sure why but playing Witcher 3 my GPU is always maxed at 100% and my CPU gets really high also 80% to 90%. So the witcher 3 is pretty much unplayable for me. When I have done "can you run it" it always says my processors is much more powerful than it needs to be but I can't find the equivalent to my AMD Radeon HD 8690M on any website to tell me if it is too weak. Thanks so much for any help you can give. Just to recap. Can you show the M series compared to others and could you tell me if my Graphics card should be making out GPU. Thanks.

Daniel • 7 months ago

This chart only features graphics cards that can be purchased individually for desktop PCs (or, in some rare cases, integrated options). But since you asked, unfortunately, the HD 8690M would be somewhat weaker than the GT 730 and HD 5550 at the very bottom of the chart. And we would certainly not expect such a GPU to be capable of running The Witcher 3 at a playable frame rate.

Paz Graca • 7 months ago

Ok thank you so much! That comparison to the GT 730 and HD 5550 really helps a lot. Ouch! I really thought I had a good graphics care when I bought it because of it saying HD 8690 I just didn't know about the fact that if it is Mobility card it sucks. Well thanks for saving me a lot of time because I tried everything to make that game work. Looks like I won't be able to play the Rise of the Tomb raider either. Bummer. Well if you create or know of a site that has any sort of Graphics card comparison for desktop graphics card compared to Mobility cards that would be really helpful for me when I do buy another laptop! Because I do most of my gaming on the road so it needs to be a laptop but it would really help to see what the Mobility comparison of a games graphics requirements since everything that is shown in minimum requirements is always showing desktop graphics cards not mobility. Anyways if you know of anything that does that comparison I would really appreciate the link. Thanks so much for your help!

mordecaidesign • 7 months ago

I hope you never remove any of the older cards from the bottom of the list. This list has been extremely helpful. Thank you.

Inept Gamer • 8 months ago

I bought an ASUS GTX 750 Ti OC Edition in 2014. According to Digital Foundry back then, this card was able match a PS4 graphically and with an overclock, it would be possible to even add a few more fps. But in your list, the 750 Ti is lower. I have a decent enough system, (i7 6700k, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming, 2x8GB Viper Patriot DDR4 @3000Mhz) but obviously I need to buy a new card. I originally had my eye on a 1070 Ti, but what would you suggest for a balanced system..?

Daniel • 7 months ago

I think the information you received then was correct; the GTX 750 Ti can provide graphical performance that is roughly comparable to a PS4, even though we have it one small notch lower---and the 750 Ti likely can beat the PS4 with overclocking.

But as for selecting a modern GPU that would be balanced with an i7-6700K, you could go as high up as the GTX 1060 6GB or the RX 580 without any real fear of bottlenecking.

Stephane Simard • 4 months ago

I hate to disagree with a moderator but an overclocked 6700k can easily handle a 1070/1070ti

Hajo • 8 months ago

Hello, I was looking on ebay and found an r7 450. I didn't see it on the list, so it might be a mislable.

Daniel • 8 months ago

That's not a mislabel; the R7 450 is a (somewhat rare) now-low-end GPU produced by AMD in 2016. You can find its specifications on this page on AMD's website. For reference, from the limited benchmarks I could locate, it looks like its performance is similar to the GTX 460 near the lower left of the chart.

Nur Aiman • 9 months ago

Please add the new GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080

Daniel • 9 months ago

When real-world benchmarks become available, coinciding with retail availability of those new cards in late September and early October, then we will be able to properly categorize them and add them to this chart.

LordRoboMe • 9 months ago

what would the Video Nvidia Geforce Gtx 730 rank at?

Daniel • 9 months ago

The GT 730 already features in the chart above; you can find it in the far lower left cell. (The only 'GTX 730' cards on the market are simply mislabeled or else rebranded GT 730 cards.)

LordRoboMe • 9 months ago

Thx for the info.

Labonski • 9 months ago

how is the GTX 980ti above the GTX 1060 6GB when the specs for the 1060 6Gb are better according to Nvidia's website?