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Hishyar Mohammed • 1 day ago

Hello Daniel ….
I’m confusing between two laptops …which of them is better for rendering and 3d work in 3ds max … specially when we have large project in 3ds max:
1/ msi gaming laptop
Core i7 8750H 2.2 GHz
32 GB Ram
1 Tb HDD + 256 GB SSD
GTX 1070 8 GB

2/ msi workstation laptop
Core i7 8750H 2.2 GHz
32 GB Ram
1 Tb HDD + 256 GB SSD
Quatro P2000 4GB

The difference is between ( gaming or workstation ) and graphic card( Quadro or GTX)
Thank you….

Daniel • 1 day ago

Between those two options, the better machine for rendering would be the one with the GTX 1070. It has twice as much VRAM, nearly twice as many processing cores, and a nearly 20% higher top speed. Overall, it's almost 90% more powerful than the P2000.

Hishyar Mohammed • 22 hours ago

Thank you...
If i use the cuda core for rendering... also GTX 1070 is better than Quatro?

James Cobbett • 4 weeks ago

Hi Daniel,

I'm about to purchase a workstation build for GPU rendering with Octane in C4D and also for After Effects. I'll be starting one 2080 Ti but would like to add more later. It would be great if you could give me some feedback before I go ahead, any criticism or ways I could improve the build would be welcome.

Here's a link to the build - https://uk.pcpartpicker.com...

I was originally considering an 9800X on a WS X299 Sage, which would have more PCI lanes. But the 9900k has a much better single core speed which will benefit my use case, also the WS Z390 Pro has a PLX chip so I should be able to run at 8x8x8x8x if needed. Do you think this is the right choice platform wise? Another consideration is the Z390 platform only has dual channel ram vs the X299 quad channel, would this make much difference?

I'm also a little unsure about memory speed, would 2666 be fast enough or should I go higher? and would a 1200W power supply be sufficient for up to 3 GPU's?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel • 3 weeks ago

While I would personally say that you made the right choice for your CPU, you may want to read our blog post comparing the i9-9900K and the i7-9800X before making your final decision.

That aside, you likely won't be able to have three RTX 2080 Ti cards installed. While there are plenty of PCIe x16 slots on your chosen motherboard, an RTX 2080 Ti will occupy the physical space belonging to two slots. So two of them is going to be your probable maximum. On the plus side, diminishing returns are very heavily in play when you pass two GPUs, and two RTX 2080 Ti cards would already be an extremely powerful arrangement. A further piece of good news in this regard is that 1200 Watts should definitely be sufficient for two RTX 2080 Ti cards (even 1000 Watts could do the job just fine).

Finally, I would ordinarily say that 2666 MHz is just fine, but since you seem to be seeking maximal performance, it is worth pointing out that your chosen motherboard supports higher O.C. speeds (so you might consider options in the 3000-4000 MHz range).

James Cobbett • 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback and the article. Yes it seems like 9900k would be the best option, I'll definitely benefit from the higher single core speeds in After Effects. It's tempting to hold out for the Cascade Lake X launch which is rumoured to be late May to see what's on offer though. Good point on the memory I'll look to increase that, 3200 appears to be the sweet spot.

I double checked the spacing and the EVGA 2080ti XC Hybrid is a dual slot card, and the motherboard supports 4x dual slot cards so it seems like it should be fine. Unless theres something I'm missing? Regarding 2+ GPU's Octane Render scales the cards near perfectly, 3 cards would offer roughly triple the performance of one for rendering, so although I'll likely run one or two for some time its a consideration for future proofing the build. Article from Puget Systems re: scaling

Kevin McBriarty • 1 month ago

Noticed the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro motherboard only has a single HDMI port, is there a comprable (or better) board with multiple HDMI ports you can suggest for multiple monitor set-up?

Daniel • 1 month ago

You would not ordinarily be using that HDMI port in that build---the HDMI port on the motherboard's I/O panel is for making use of the integrated GPU of your CPU. Instead, you would be using the ports on the back of your graphics card. The RTX 2080 linked in the 'professional' example build above (with that motherboard) has 5 output ports for different monitors (1 HDMI, 3 DisplayPort, 1 USB-C).

Kevin McBriarty • 1 month ago

OK, my mistake, thank you for clarifying this for me (this will be my first build I am doing myself). Is there much value in doubling the graphics card at this level (the RTX2080) for improved rendering or is it just overkill at this point? Also, same question with increasing RAM...any benefit?

Anatomy Research • 1 month ago

I am trying to build a new computer for 3D rendering of VR models. I had read that multiple Graphics cards could be used in parallel but am confused as to if this is better way to go. To Get 2 or 3 Nvida 1080's or RTX or to buy a higher end single graphics card. Also what role does the Processor play . is it worth considering geting Xeon processor for larger file size vs i7 o ri9. I had read that fewer cores (handling larger single file size) may be better for rendering than multiple cores in terms of speed. I would like to complete computer rendering as quick as possible to know if I need to adjust something (like improve our physical model, ligthing during taking photos). if the speed is only 10% better for several thousand dollars, it does nt make sense, but if speed if 50% better then it does.

Daniel • 1 month ago

It's hard to make precise recommendations without having a rough idea of your budget for the build, but in general it would be better to opt for a more powerful singular GPU and more powerful singular (modern) CPU than to opt for multiple GPUs or dual Xeons.

For the graphics card, this is simply because programs can not take as much advantage of multiple graphics cards as they can of a more powerful single card; as a result, we only advocate multiple GPUs when there is really no better single-card option available (like in the 'Forge of the Gods' example build above).

For the CPU, this is because modern consumer-grade chips have become so much more powerful and less expensive than their workstation brethren---that their price-to-performance ratios far outstrip comparable Xeon options.

Sean Mexico • 1 month ago

I am working on a massive project with a few hundred Genesis 8 characters in Daz, planning on it filling up a 3’x10’ portion of my theater room wall.

If I buy the “High-Performance Build” (described here: https://www.logicalincremen..., would that be sufficient to render my 3’ x 10’ image? Would it work better if I divided it into five 3’ x’2’ images?

Are there any other recommendations about what I should buy?

Thank you for your help.

Daniel • 1 month ago

Not having specific experience with any scenes as complex as what you're describing (nor with how the physical dimensions of a scene might affect the hardware needs apart from its internal complexity), this response will be based mostly on intuition and what I do know about rendering. But, essentially, it should theoretically be the case that any of the example builds in this article from the 'balanced' build upwards can handle rendering almost any scene---it's just a matter of whether the system has enough RAM and VRAM, how hard it will tax the system to do the render, and how long it will take. So the 'High-performance' example build should, under those circumstances, be sufficient for your project.

Sean Mexico • 1 month ago

Thank you!

MisterWU • 3 months ago

Why your website isn't responsive? I can't read on portrait mode on Android P with chrome. Moreover your site is tagged as not secure 😙🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨😒😒😒

Daniel • 3 months ago

The insecure tag is a result of LI not being migrated over to HTTPS yet, and the unresponsiveness is a result of our ongoing mobile compatibility efforts not being rolled out yet. So do rest assured that we are actively working on improving both of these things, and hope to have the improvements live on the site sooner rather than later! In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience faced on non-desktop devices.

mwin • 3 months ago

Thanks for the write up. Very useful. Quick question though, I am currently in school for Engineering Design, so the software we use most is Auto Cad, Revit, and Solidworks. My current desk top build is comparable with the Balanced Price-to-Performance Build tier computer only about a year old (i5 8600k, 1050-Ti, etc.). Would I have any issues swapping my 1050-Ti for a Quadro P1000/P2000? I ask because as my projects have gotten larger in scale, my computer seems to have trouble keeping up (specifically in Revit and Solidworks) and I think its due to the GPU. Thanks!

Daniel • 3 months ago

You would not have any hardware/compatibility issues with making that switch, but I would advise you to consider upgrading to a better consumer-grade GPU rather than a Quadro card.

The Quadro cards, while they are indeed specialized for 3D rendering and similar lines of work, have horrendously bad price-to-performance ratios (because they're priced to be purchased by companies). In fact, despite costing more, the P1000 is over 25% weaker than the GTX 1050 Ti overall. And the P2000, while it is over 30% more powerful than the GTX 1050 Ti, also costs about 150% more.

Taking the $400 that could have bought a P2000 and purchasing an RTX 2060 instead, however, would get you a card that is about 180% more powerful than the GTX 1050 Ti and about 110% more powerful than the P2000!

Pat Grondin • 3 months ago

Would love your help,on this .... had a nice pc that covered all my needs ( i'm very patient 😋 ) ...In 3d and in graphics . My hd crashed and now from what i heard my Asus CM 6870 motherboard crashed also ( well seems to .. at the tech at the moment ) . What motherboard should i get to have good results again with my intel i7-3770 playing patiently with 3dsmax Maya zBrush and Photoshop and others like Flash aka Animate ...

I would like to have a board (ddr3 ) that will acept my intel i7-3770 ..... having a hard time finding the right one and not being a tech .... is a bit harder . Would like to buy on ebay ..... One of those motherboard --> ASRock Z77 Pro4-M Intel Z77 or Asus-P8H77-M-PRO or even the ASUS-P8Z77-V-LX ..... All have the lga 1155 for my i7-3770 .... Big question is .... If this motherboard is good enough to have 3d softwares ? I am not the guy that knows what my oc needs and realy hope you can help me "the newbee" on what to buy to continue playing with 3d and the rest .

Thanks again for your help . The motherboards are on Ebay .... Any recommendations if any , on buying there . I'm not at my first buy on internet but am on Ebay and from a long like China to get a motherboard .... is it secure enough or garanteed to be ok on arrival ? 🤔😎

Again thanks and will be waiting for tour answer even in the negative .

Pat G.

Pat Grondin • 3 months ago

Thank you very much !

Daniel • 3 months ago

So, any of those 3 motherboards you listed will work fine for your situation. Both Asrock and Asus are reputable manufacturers, and you don't need to worry about how your motherboard will handle 3D design software (the motherboard just needs to be compatible with the parts that do matter for ability to run software, like the CPU, GPU, and RAM).

But as for the eBay question, that's harder to answer. In general, eBay is very buyer-friendly because they won't let a seller turn down a return-or-refund request from an adamant buyer. But buying via eBay from a country outside of your country of residence could in theory cause a problem---if there was an issue with the motherboard and the seller accepted the return request instead of simply issuing a refund, you would have to ship the item back to its international origin in order to get your money back . . .

Lawrence Michel • 3 months ago

Hello. Firstly thank you for putting the amazing guide together. My question is this; For the "Forge of the gods build" What is a suitable replacement for the ASUS Prime X399-A? Newegg is out currently and other sellers are asking for $100 more at least.

Daniel • 3 months ago

I've also responded to your email, but I'll put the response here too:

A few solid compatible alternatives to that motherboard for that build would be the Asrock X399 Taichi, the Gigabyte X399 Aorus, or the Asus RoG Strix X399-E.

Lawrence Michel • 3 months ago

Thank you! Great advice!

pseudo-1116766 • 4 months ago

Why not use Nvidia Quadro instead of the GTX or RTX ?

Daniel • 4 months ago

While recent quadro cards do have certain impressive stats (such as, for instance, immense amounts of VRAM on some models), anyone who is not positive that they need those special aspects of a quadro card should definitely opt for a consumer-grade graphics card---as consumer-grade cards have comparable power, additional versatility, and much better price-to-performance ratios.

Farid Mahmudov • 4 months ago

Hi, Daniel. I noticed that GPU renderers use system Ram beside vRam. for example: while gpu renderer use 4 gb vram it also uses 16 gb system ram. Is it ok or maybe i do something wrong. I was expecting that gpu renderers are going to use only Vram during rendering. I also noticed that unbiased renderers like Corona, Vray Rt, Fstorm use much more Vram than biased renderer Vray adv bucket mode. Thanks.

Daniel • 4 months ago

What you're noticing is correct; those programs should take advantage of RAM as well as (and, indeed, in greater proportion than) VRAM. That's no cause for alarm, even in GPU/hardware rendering.

pseudo-1116766 • 4 months ago

What about 3DsMax

Daniel • 4 months ago

While we were unable to include specific information about every possible piece of relevant software (the software section is only meant to provide an overview of some prominent options), you can rest assured that all of the info in the article above also applies to 3D Design, Animation, and Rendering software that is not explicitly mentioned---including 3DS Max.

Dam Dom • 4 months ago

Your assistance is required again please,thanks in advance .
Below what I could find closer to your professional build:
CPU intel core i9-9900k....
Z390 aorus master
Gigabyte Rtx 2080 gaming oc 8g
Corsair venge. Rgb pro 32gb 4*8 ddr4 32000mhz
Nzxt liquid cooler for cpu/gpu,kraken x72
hdd Western digital red wd40efrx for use in NAS 4tb
Samsung 970 evo 1 TB
Corsair Rm850

Waiting for your comments ,thx

Daniel • 4 months ago

That list looks to me like a great approximation of our 'Professional' example build. As long as you can find a compatible case to house those parts, I think you're in for an excellent build.

ahmed omer • 4 months ago

i want ur opinion on this build, if it any good for 2D art, animations and 3D modeling and is it future-proof ?

CPU: intel core i5-7600
MOBO: Gigabyte H270 Gaming 3
RAM: CORSAIR Vengence 3000mghz 16G (8X2)
SSD: SAMSUNG EVO 970 240 gb NVMe
HDD: WD Blue 2 TB
Case: COOLER MASTER CMP-505 + 600W included cooler master PSU

Daniel • 4 months ago

We would expect that PC to be roughly comparable in performance to the 'Modest' tier of our general build recommendation chart, or the 'cost-effective' example build in the first section of the article above. So it should be a great PC for 2D design work, but not a particularly great or future-proof PC for 3D design work.

ahmed omer • 4 months ago

thank u for replying!
it is my very 1st build on my own
and i intended to use it for Learning 2D drawing and painting, learning animations and some Zbrush sculpting.

Do you think it would be wise to replace the i5 with a Ryzen 5 2600 and pairing it with the GTX 1050 ? or i just stick with this current build for now and wait for the next years to see what the technology would offer and upgrade then when i got advanced in this field ?

Dam Dom • 4 months ago

Hi, couldn’t find z390 pro , will elite be fine or do you have an alternative please.also phanteks not available .

Daniel • 4 months ago

Yes, any Z390 motherboard that is standard ATX-sized should substitute well for the Z390 Pro we link. As for the case, it appears to have been recently re-stocked (at least on Amazon US), so you might consider trying again; otherwise, a few alternative options around the same price would be Corsair's 500D, NZXT's H700, and SilverStone's TJ-04.

Dam Dom • 4 months ago

Thx for your reply ,how to compare between my current 3 yo workstation and the professional build ? I want to be sure that I’ll get much faster rendering before spending 3k.
Appreciate your help

Daniel • 4 months ago

A good way to compare would be to use a site like UserBenchMark to compare the core components (especially the CPU and GPU) of your current PC to those in your target build.

Dam Dom • 4 months ago

Big help ,thx for the article,but was wondering why win 10 home?under professional build .thx

Daniel • 4 months ago

Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional are the same OS---the only difference is that the 'professional' version has a few extra connectivity and security features, which we do not typically see as essential.

Dam Dom • 4 months ago

I’ll go for that 3k machine ,hope all stuff available in Dubai.

AnimaJota • 5 months ago

Hi, what a great article, I'm going for the "Forge of the Gods Build" but I cannot find the case or the manufacturer (Phanteks) in my country, do you know any other alternatives for the case ot the build? thank you.

Daniel • 5 months ago

We can definitely recommend some alternative case choices for that build! A few compatible options around the same price as the listed case would be the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P, Cooler Master Stryker SE, Corsair Obsidian 900D, and In Win 909. Other than those, most standard E-ATX full tower cases that can be found in our case recommendation charts should work well for that build (even a few mid-tower cases might work; you'll just need to ensure they state compatibility with E-ATX motherboards, CPU Coolers with at least 280mm radiators, and 270mm GPUs).

AnimaJota • 5 months ago

Thank you very much! those cases are in here, and I think I'm going to buy the Cosmos C700P, you are a life saver!

You Long • 5 months ago

Hello i’m a designer i’m looking a new desktop my friend recommended .

-CPU : Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620 v4 Max to 3.0GHz 8 Cores 16threads 20M Cache

– CPU FAN : MasterAir G100M

– RAM :32GB DDR4 3000MHz G.skill SniperX


– MB : Ausu x99-Deluxe II

– VGA : Nvidia Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5

– POWER : Masterwatt 550 Semi-fanless Modular 80 Plus Bronze 550W

– CASE : MasterCase MB500

so what’s your opinion about it? Please reply

thank you .

Daniel • 5 months ago

Hmm, while it depends what price you could get that system for, we would not typically recommend a system like that for a current consumer looking for a build capable of rendering work. In fact, that build would be less powerful than even the lowest-tier, 'cost-effective' example build in the article above.

dbasw • 5 months ago

Hi - do you have Cinebench figures for these builds please?

Daniel • 5 months ago

Unfortunately, no. We are not able to physically build and test every single example build that we have in every one of our articles. Instead, all of our example builds come from extensive research of the needs for each build, and of the available parts. As a result, we don't have benchmarking data for these exact computers---and any that we provided would be no more accurate that what you can find on hardware testing sites via search engines for builds with similar parts.

Karan Sharma • 5 months ago

Thanks for the Guide.
And I have a question, I am using Software like Faro Scene Scan2fx Mesh Modeler Scan2fx Texture Unreal Engine Maya etc. And i own a 7800X cpu 128 gigs of RAM 1 SSD 2 2TB HDD A GTX 1080TI. I compute Point Cloud Data into Mesh and texture them (Minimal Triangle Ranges from 30 million Tris to 500 million Tris) but it takes me weeks to convert that much into Mesh. So what system would you recommend should i upgrade or let it be. As another person is using 2990wx and he does same work in 2 to maximum 4 hours.