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hopeton Robinson • 4 months ago

I do not believe that JPS is serious about eliminating electricity theft. I have personally reported illegal connections crossing over my property to the JPS and nothing has been done yet I have seen them attended the same plight post to disconnect a legal connection due to paymen been a week late JPS is a disgrace and is only giving lip service

reidaut • 4 months ago

In my area we have cob weeds of throw wires. whenever electricity teef uses power equipment we experience low voltage. We have instances where teef damage power line and resulting in damage to our electrical equipment and JPS say they are not responsible for the damage.The last time I check I still pay JPS to supply power to my home and if the power line is damage results in damage to household equipment JPS should pay but they don't. " The action of Parties unknown caused interruption the result in damage". They never find "parties unknown" so affected customers have to foot the bill to repair their damage equipments

John Chisholm • 4 months ago

Jamaica needs to start putting people in prison along with very heavy fines. As long as today's Jamaicans can get away with stealing they are going to keep doing it. All they need for that small country is four two man crew, one in Cornwall, one Middlesex and the other two units in Surrey to check illegal line connection and file police report. Make sure video and audio cameras on hand for the courts. Honesty needs to be taught in school. "Thou shall not steal".

TheTruth • 4 months ago

“JPS does not have the capacity to address this issue.” Yeah, it’s far easier to just charge paying customers more to cover those losses. Disgusting.

PlainTalkMN • 4 months ago

"Jamaicans would have their electricity bills slashed by as much as 18 per cent if the company were to eliminate power theft, president and chief executive officer of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), Emanuel DaRosa, has revealed."

Yeah right!. Once these people get your money, they will never relinquish it!

Ian • 4 months ago

They are already taking your money to pay for the stolen electricity.

PlainTalkMN • 4 months ago

I was responding to the comment made by the JPS president saying that Jamaicans would get an 18% electric bill cut if people were not stealing electricity. I am calling him a liar because if by some miracle all the electricity thieves disappeared today, the JPS would not cut all electric bills by 18% - and we all know that. Once these corporations get your money, only GOD can get it back from them!

Really • 4 months ago

It is a terrible shame that Jamaicans have developed a free mentality here but know that they have to work for what they want when they leave our shores. The main problems is that the justice system is slow and seem to be helping these crooks but allowing their learned lawyers to get them a slap on the wrist. Make them do community service in areas like gullies, cemeteries and parks. They can clean the urine of their fellow men from the parks.

Nichola • 4 months ago

Prosperity !!! the economy is so good for all

mave_42 • 4 months ago

It is also a political issue.Once you live inna garrison you for zilch