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John Fembup • 1 year ago

The headline says "slavery" the article says "modern slavery". A meaningful difference?


Note the Foundation's definition of "modern slavery". It surprised me. It may surprise you.

Mak Boo • 1 year ago

I looked at the definition on the web page you linked. Does that render contracts null and void? Does that mean being a soldier in the US Army is slavery? Hmmmm.

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

" that mean being a soldier in the US Army is slavery? Hmmmm."
Not right now but, the selective service act is still on the books.
Their definition on paper seems reasonable though,it probably helps their Fund! Raising! to find slaves under every bed.

John S. • 1 year ago

By the definition most soldiers would be slaves. Unable to leave work, refuse work, etc. In addition high levels of debt seem to be considered slavery. Does that mean getting a college degree equals enslavement? I think in trying to throw as wide a net as possible they have weakened their position. It sounds better in fund raisers I guess.

DingoDog • 1 year ago

Military service, either volunteer or draft, is part of the cost of freedom. By stretching the slavery definition we're all slaves to something in our lives.

2mrixl1 • 1 year ago

Being compelled to defend your community is as old as mankind. The colonies required all able bodied men between 16 and 45, typically, to be in the militia, possess rifle and ammunition and to drill periodically with the militia.

The Saint • 1 year ago

It seems the term "modern slavery" was coined so the hate groups could label the U.S. and other western countries as having part of their society in slavery which is an ABSOLUTE FALSEHOOD.

Pippitypup • 1 year ago

Nailed it. It's meant to prey on the very lucrative White Guilt market.

Paul__Revere • 1 year ago


deerhound • 1 year ago

Actually the definition of militia was all able bodied men between 16 and 45. By being male, able bodied, and between 16 and 45, and not in the regular army, you are militia. Militia isn't something you join.

Paul__Revere • 1 year ago

But...but...CNN says....

spric • 1 year ago

For real? If yours is a contemporaneous authoritative reference, the second amendment should be watertight.

ironmansouth • 1 year ago

10 USC SECTION 310. Look it up.

spric • 1 year ago

I'm afraid that is a lot newer than the bill of rights.

ironmansouth • 1 year ago

That is the legal definition of the milita and who is a member.

Mensa Graham • 1 year ago

The second amendment is watertight!

Platopus • 1 year ago

The term "militia" can also cover when say a natural disaster takes place and the survivors need to quickly create some kind of protective law force! Our 2nd Amendment is crucial!

Paul__Revere • 1 year ago

No it isn't. Napoleon Bonaparte is credited for this Revolution in Military Affairs. Prior to Napoleon's conquest of Europe, militaries were always comprised of what basically amounted to mercenaries. You can still see a good example of a trace of this with the Vatican's use of Swiss guards.

interestedobserver2 • 1 year ago

Technically the law still requires that -- read Title X someday.

Feudalism Victory • 1 year ago

Were all enslaved to earn fiat to pay back debts and taxes created out of thin air by banks. We sell our labour for this therefore we are enslaved or we can refuse and be homeless.

linda karpiscak • 1 year ago

The Bible teaches that without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are slaves to sin.

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

"Does that mean getting a college degree equals enslavement?"
Well, It DOES turn us into Ticki-Tacki and make us all just the same.

Jason Ledd • 1 year ago

Slavery never died. Now we are tax slaves.

Darth Curmudgeon • 1 year ago

It died briefly, then came back in 1913 in the form of income tax. You are correct.

Guest • 1 year ago
Paul__Revere • 1 year ago

Exactly. Nice to see somebody understands the distinction.

MGBSE • 1 year ago

They are soldiers by choice...Slaves are stolen and enslaved against their will by slavers (like obama's kenyan acensters)... slaves do not collect a paycheck or earn benefits...soldiers do.

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

The old term for voluntary servitude of specified duration was Bondsman, Bond Servant, et al:

williamwilliams • 1 year ago

Involuntary servitude is expressly prohibited by the US Constitution, as amended. Therefore, military conscription, on its face, appears unconstitutional.

Fortunately, the US Constitution is a living, breathing document with many penumbrae and emanations. God bless our federal judges!

Paul__Revere • 1 year ago

BINGO. These groups are staffed by losers who cant function as productive members of society either because they are too lazy or too stupid or both, so they dwell as long as possible in academia performing "white collar panhandling" to leftist organizations that use them as raw material suppliers for leftist propaganda.

Are there still REAL slaves out there, sure, in Africa and likely parts of Asia. The USA abolished slavery and fought a brutal civil war to drive home the point, what is these countries in Africa and Asia's excuse? Oh I buy a cellphone, so that forces them to enslave people? I dont think so.

Pieter Joubert • 1 year ago

Children, sold hour after hour after hour, day after day, week after week, mostly for reasons of sex.

Right here, in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Children just like the ones that live in your home. Children just like the ones you are related to. Children just like the ones that live in your neighborhood.

In the first few days of February of 2017 alone, several arrests of child sex traffickers were reported. In Caliornia, over 470 people were arrested over a three day period as the state’s “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild rescued dozens of children, many of them taken from the foster care system in some way. 22 more were arrested in Detroit, Michigan, this time at North American International Auto Show, as police rescued two more young children, under the age of 16. In Dallas, Texas, during the same month, a 15 year old girl was rescued from a child sex trafficker. Another 16 year old girl, also from Texas, was also a victim of child sex trafficking. Police arrested an individual in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this time rescuing three minors from child sex trafficking.

Modern day slavery does exist. Right here, in America.

ChuckNoland • 1 year ago

I just don't buy the almost half million slaves in the US. If that were true we would periodically have stories about groups of escaped slaves rescued and we don't really see that.

AMSilver • 1 year ago

There is some slavery in the US - people kidnapped and forced into prostitution and foreign workers brought into domestic servant roles who are then secretly kept as slaves. Neither of those would be enough to add up to the number Walk Free gives, though. Their definition of slavery includes people who aren't able to quit their job because of debt, which makes me wonder that the number of American 'slaves' is actually that low. Given Johnny Depp's massive debt and the kind of movie roles he's been forced to take in order to try and stay solvent, it would seem that Walk Free would consider him a slave.

Frank Dilliard • 1 year ago

Apparently anyone in debt is a slave - so I would guess that the majority of Americans would be considered slaves by this organization.

Heather © • 1 year ago

We are also forced to have health insurance or pay a fine. I guess that would make an even larger portion of our population slaves using their definition. "their freedom to control their body, their freedom to choose to refuse certain work or to stop working." So I I am not working I still must pay for Insurance or pay a fine, right?

John junior • 1 year ago

That requirement was rescinded by the current administration.

JHogwin • 1 year ago

"the kind of movie roles he's been forced to take in order to try and stay solvent"

Sounds like Nicolas Cage, too.

AMSilver • 1 year ago

But don't you kinda think Nicolas Cage enjoys acting in those awful movies? Can you honestly watch The Wicker Man and not think Cage is enjoying himself, punching out women and shouting about bees?

Guest • 1 year ago
AMSilver • 1 year ago

Which would suggest that all the employees of tech companies that give them stock options that only pay out after they've worked a certain number of years are slaves - even though they make some of the highest salaries in the country. The horror!

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

I attempted a perfectly pc answer to this that the Vox Benedicta has flagged as Pending. No questionable language in play but several Countries and their inhabitants were named in a non-value laden way. It may be that the mere mention of different countries and cultures is as threatening as quoting our founding documents or hagiographal music

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

Interestingly, the post floated up out of the luminiferous ether a few days later. A grown-up must have come along and told Domina Stultis that W@rehouse is not a Bad Word.

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

Our local sheriff has been bustin' "Warehouses" full of victim s of " Human Trafficking" The unchallenged narrative is that the "mostly chinese" who brought them in own them hire them out as sex slaves. There was quite a flap a few years ago about post soviet russian and ukrainian women answering adds for restaurant and hotel worker and finding themselves kept in bordellos by wild threats of what the police would do to them and confiscation of their passports. A couple of years ago they raided a place with the sign, "Colon Massage Therapy" which hopefully actually referred to two, separate and distinct services.
One of the sheriff's recent coups shut down a fairly nice Asian /Sea food establishment staffed in front by very efficient, well dressed apparent Chinese and behind the swinging doors by Hondurans. The Chinese owners of record kept the Chinese in their house and stuffed the Hondurans in a motel room from whence they were transported by car to the kitchen area.
Not known whether the workers were better off or happier than they had been in China and Honduras but the situation being illegal-they were Liberated regardless,
Boy Oh Boy! I wonder if the U!N! knows about This?

ChuckNoland • 1 year ago

Yeah, some truth in that. I was driving by a Chinese restaurant in the morning a few years back and noticed that a extended cab pickup, with a camper, was just pulling in and from the front came the two Chinese managers and the camper door opens up and like a clown car at the circus young hispanics came pouring out the back. Must of been 20 of them.

Everett Walker • 1 year ago

The Blue-Nose Church Lady "Pended" my post for several days.Probably had to go and find an anthropologist to find out if I was traducing the indigenous Catheyans and whether or not Honduran is some sort of perverse activity.

loudwaters • 1 year ago

I personally know of two slaves who won freedom from their wealthy employers. The employers are cunning. They hire meek foreigners with limited if any English, take away their passports, and isolate them. If you haven’t yet read stories of escaped slaves — and mind you, they won’t always be in groups — you’ve missed it. Look up human trafficking. Too many sad cases right here in the US. Also, the media tends not to report on them. The LA Times ran an article in 2016 about a federal investigation together with the LA Sheriff Department, resulting in the arrest of a huge ring of 200 human traffickers for crimes involving child sex slaves. The article mentioned celebrity “household names” were involved. Then no follow up story was printed ... ever. I keep looking. Nothing. Another case of human abuse being suppressed.

Deplorable Domer '79 • 1 year ago

According to their definition, yes.

Deplorable Domer '79 • 1 year ago

It also means that a NFL owner cannot make a player stand for the national anthem.

EdP • 1 year ago

Here's their definition:

Jeff Mason • 1 year ago

Their definition is very, very broad. Since you cannot declare bankruptcy on student loans, does that make you a "slave" to the US government student loan people? If a city bans tattoos, does that make you a slave because you don't have full control over your body. While I am NOT minimizing slavery in many of the places listed, I think the average person would find vast majority of the "slaves" in developed countries mislabeled.