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santashandler • 11 months ago

The police department is across the street from where the attack took place and NO ONE in the department noticed all those kids running around like wild dogs at that hour??? Then, to add insult to injury, the cops tell the law-abiding residents to stay out of the park!!! But, I'm sure the police and the mayor, etc., all know what they are doing to combat this type of crime, though. After all, their first response was ' you should expect this kind of thing from a city of this size. Wonderful example of municipal leadership. Really. Those residents must be so happy come tax day when they hand over their hard earned money to the city. Law enforcement is only there to shield the marauders from the law-abiding citizens.

Kathy • 11 months ago

Yet, if one or more of those savages were in be shot/stabbed/etc., there'd be cops pouring out of that building to offer assistance..... just depends on WHO needs the help in the DEMOCRATIC SECTIONS.

santashandler • 11 months ago

Oh no question. But, before they responded, they'd alert CNN so they could all arrive on scene at the same time......You know, as a show of solidarity.

Dave Glynn • 10 months ago

This is Nothing but a tiny taste of what is to come if the USA government keeps allowing muzrats into your country. This is normal behaviour for Somalis and believe me I’ve seen them acting much worse. muslims are scum to start with and Somalis are the absolute scum of the scum.
Why bring such a people to America?
Who’s brigh idea is it to flood your streets and parks with savages.
I thought and hoped president Trump would of put an end to that.

Rider • 11 months ago

Oh no. This isn’t Sweden or Londonistan. The cancer is here

Dave Glynn • 10 months ago

It’s definitely a problem that your stuck with but if you act now by demanding a block on muslim migration if doesn’t need to get any worse. If you stay silent then you will see your country flooded. Someone’s in charge of letting them in and that someone should be spotlighted.

ladywarrior • 10 months ago

If you want to know who is letting them in......who is placing them around the country and being paid tax dollars to do it.....follow Ann Corcoran at REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WATCH. She has been tracking this mess for a very long time. I get daily updates from her site. Very eye-opening.

felix1999 • 10 months ago

It's all over. It is mainly concentrated in impoverished areas. Obama planted them here through ZIP CODES so all would have some of this shiiit somewhere in their state. Texas received a ton of them hoping to turn the state blue. Texas is purple.....and ILLEGALS may tip it soon...That would affect the electorial vote. DEMS also want no part of voter ID. Having voter ID would help stop vote cheating.

peakpower • 10 months ago

Deport this scum.

poetcomic1 • 10 months ago

Those processing arriving Somali 'refugees' noted that a good percentage of them DID NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE A DOOR KNOB.

Dave Glynn • 10 months ago

And never let one near your toilet.
That way disaster lies!

poetcomic1 • 10 months ago

Believe me I know. They squat on the seat and leave a pile on the back of the seat and using their left hand, wash their anus from water in the john and then go back to make you your kebabs.

peakpower • 10 months ago

They are not human.

poetcomic1 • 10 months ago

Yes they are human but the average Somali IQ is 69 which is borderline retarded and they practice so much cousin marriage they tend to be congenital idiots. They are Muslim humans which like saying 'a dog with rabies'.

notme123 • 10 months ago

They haven't changed. It is somalian pirate armies that are referred to in the Marine's Hymn..... To the shores of Tripoli...only now we have let that scum into US.

delilahdriver • 10 months ago

100% true. And 99% of Americans would find that fact unbelievable. There is a really big train coming, and we are all sitting right on the tracks.

John Flynn • 10 months ago

Not quite Somalian, but Tunisian....Tripoli is next to Libya

R. Arandas • 11 months ago

How vicious, Muslims are inured and hardened by the teachings of Islam from early childhood, it seems. :(

felix1999 • 10 months ago

You can see Muslims freely practice their VIOLENT beliefs on people here without consequence.

Rocinante44 • 11 months ago

the susan collins and george michaels voters are getting what they voted for

ObozoMustGoToJail • 10 months ago

Maine is one of the few states that does not require a permit for concealed carry. Anyone can carry concealed at any time. If a group of those animals came at me or my kids with bats and other things that can be used as weapons, there's going to be a body count. No question about it. A person is entitled to use their weapon in self defense if they reasonably fear for their life or the life of another. Gang attacks with bats fall into that category. Stay armed my fellow Americans. Those animals are everywhere these days... thanks to POS Obozo.

Dean Burton • 10 months ago

Here in Melbourne the African gang situation is almost out of control.
The government of Victoria-Labor Party-the equivalent of the Democrats in the U.S publicly declared there were no gangs in Victoria.
Home invasions -violent -Car-jackings-violent, random beatings of the young and the elderly, trashing of police vehicles (unopposed) total disrespect for the law and....
Here's how the incumbent gov. handles the situation,and in so doing, exacerbates the situation : it, the gov. eliminated the penalties for breach of bail for the youth offenders.
Police I know have expressed to me they have arrested the same youths up to 8-9 times per month and the Judiciary releases them.Without conviction.

Now, there is a task force forming to deal with African Youth crime (the gangs that don't exist of course)-it is an election year- convictions are not recorded against these violent offenders ergo, no conviction = no crime,therefore we are safe.
I write this as a warning to you all in the States. Be vigilant and defend yourself as if your life depended on it, because it does.
But, at least you have guns to defend yourselves, we don't!
Never let them take them away from you.
Use them.
God bless, stay safe.

ObozoMustGoToJail • 10 months ago

Dean Burton... Great post with some sobering wisdom for us Americans. Know this, however... if they tried to take guns from us Americans, there are many people that will shoot back at the takers. There are at least 100 million Americans that own guns, and the best estimates of total number of guns is well over 300 million. If only 20% of them fought back, that's a very well armed militia that rivals the largest armies in the world. Pretty soon, the government is going to run out of volunteers willing to go get those guns. Trust me. It aint happening here.

God Bless America!!

Dan Knight • 10 months ago

Albeit we have many safe neighborhoods left in America where families (and foolish Lefties) can gather in a park and peaceably enjoy their picnics or whatever ...

We also have many 'hoods where only fools and criminals (and the elderly trapped in their homes) would dare to go. Anyone with an inside connection to law enforcement, the justice system, or - heck - just some business that takes them into these 'hoods - knows full well how dangerous these places have become.

To be fair, every community has always had sleazy, unsafe, crime ridden 'hoods. What's happened though is importing Latins (mostly Mexican criminals), allowing crime to go unrestrained and unreported, and pushing criminals into what were once safe, working class neighborhoods.

The scale of what I have seen - as a former attorney (ret.) - would shock most conservatives and force Libs to start lying and blithering. The only reason for any of this is the Democrats. And they get away with it because they dominate the government so thoroughly they can change the statistics. In Dallas, e.g., cops rarely dare to write up incident reports for serious violent crimes. Beat an old man half to death - no problem. I know because I have had to pull my legal weight to get the bleeping incident reports written. Then - when they have the reports - insiders tell me those are not counted at all. So ... what we see in the stats is just the tip of the iceberg.

Americans who have to live in these dangerous communities are mostly elderly folks who never thought their neighborhoods would fall apart this way. They have little say - and if they do speak up they are denounced in the most outrageous terms.

Most Americans are still sleeping though - and they have no idea what the Demokkkrats have in store for them - and they won't get the memo until it's too late. We just have to keep winning without their help.

hammar • 10 months ago

They can rant and rave all they want...mohammad was no prophet.
Jerusalem is forever Israeli's Capitol. Jesus Christ is forever LORD and Savior.

Dave Glynn • 10 months ago

Hallelujah! May all stay that way.

Hugo Cabret • 11 months ago

See the ravenous Somali vermin? These are the sub-human cockroaches who Comrade Barry Soetoro Benito Mussolini Oba-Mao claim follow the "religion of peace", Islam. Uh...yeah.

Hoppla • 10 months ago

They came long before Comrade Barry. Republicans and Democrats are guilty equally.

Hugo Cabret • 10 months ago

Agreed. Barry Soetoro Benito Mussolini Hussein Oba-Mao accelerated the flow of the Islamo-Nazis all the while touting the virtues and greatness of the cult of Islam.

Guest • 11 months ago
Achmed Mohandjob • 10 months ago

The soomowlis came, in very large numbers, when clownton was president. Many came under booshy, jr., but not nearly as many as under Willum Jefferson Clownton.

Mike Kevins • 10 months ago

You can shove your outreach where the sun don't shine! Protect your citizens and stop making lame excuses for the bad behaviors of the immigrants. Either they follow our laws or suffer the same consequences! Otherwise, we will become like most of Europe and be living under the control of sharia law.

Dan Knight • 10 months ago

Love your enthusiasm Mike. The Left must diversify us for our own good so that we will know the joy of living in a 3d world s-hole country. Not to mention they need the votes and they also need our complaints about the rising level of violence to justify hating us. ;-)

peakpower • 10 months ago

Somali's really are not human. Deport these apes. I will not live in fear in my own land. They will do much worse. They will be killing and raping white Mainer's next. And liberals will tell us it's because we're racist.
Phuk u!

Larenzo1 • 10 months ago

Time for Americans to start caping the bastards.

Brother Ashanti • 10 months ago

The left are doing everything in their power to import more of these savages.

Dave Glynn • 10 months ago

They want to islamise the USA the same as they’re attempting to do with Europe. You have to make a stand as the globalist left hate everything we stand for. No national identity no flag no Christianity no free speech ..........
They think that replacing our values will make us easier to control and the muslim doctrine of submission is more to their liking than Free thinking democracy and Christianity.

Annie • 10 months ago

"Killing Europe" is an article/video released by Pamela at the same time as
this article/video about violent Somali kids in Lewiston, Maine. The latter
strike me as rampaging, raping and brutalizing Muslim wannabes - just
like their umma buddies depicted in "Killing Europe".

Keep the ban in effect on these people. Keep Muslim immigrant numbers
down in the United States. And keep locked and loaded.

JGray1 • 10 months ago

somalis, especially, are in fact savage. the culture involves so much inbreeding and incest that the incidence of brain damage is extremely high among that population. and we are targets. thanks to obama hussein and his muslim brotherhood crew.

notme123 • 10 months ago

the only way to fight this is to fight back. Go to that park every night, armed with whatever just like these subhuman invaders, and take back your parks before what is happening in EU happens here. Nip it in the bud!

felix1999 • 10 months ago

LOL! Hardly any people live in Maine! So yes it would be considered a low crime rate compared to other cities and in Maine. Maine is a gorgeous state. It is disheartening to see this. Obama used ZIP CODES to plant these subhumans all over our country.

Even though FGM is illegal at the federal level, Maine almost passed another bill to make is specific to Maine. This is how bad Maine has become.

Updated June 13, 2017
Maine House narrowly rejects bill to create crime of ‘female genital mutilation’
After a lengthy and emotional debate, the House voted 76-71 against creating a new crime of “female genital mutilation” – on top of existing federal and state prohibitions – for a procedure estimated by the United Nations to have been performed on at least 200 million girls and women in 30 countries. Instead, House Democrats supported a version that directs the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to establish outreach and education programs featuring “culturally specific services for communities in the state wherein which female genital mutilation of minors might be practiced.”

Henry Hawk • 10 months ago

smellies belong in the zoo

Bloody Joker • 10 months ago


Keith1941 • 10 months ago

It wasn't that long ago, if you opposed bringing in these people, you were called racist, bigot, insensitive, etc. How much of this is not reported?

Yes Obama, you do have a legacy that will live on forever!

AlfaBravo • 10 months ago

My childhood was fist fighting as I grow up. They fight if their number greater Otherwise “Hey Bro” “Hey Brother “. I was so happy to be out of mozzzzzlum country. But now we are getting the same crap here in Australia.

Sing On • 10 months ago

This bs has been the norm in the Islamic republic of Canadastan for years now. If the police even so much as attempt to protect the victims all sorts of special interest groups jump on their backs. How dare the police attempt to stop those ethnic groups from committing crimes! It's their right to abuse and victimize every other demographic around. Luckily their is an honest Somali in Toronto running for public office who will end police targeting of violent repeat offenders so they can focus on jaywalking instead. #premierfordjune7 !!

Dave Glynn • 10 months ago

Is he related to a cop in Minneapolis?

Sing On • 10 months ago

Interesting discus blocks all posts that contradict the enemedia narrative. Testing: all cops are "bigots" and any minorities caught red handed breaking western laws (not sharia) are victims of police brutality.

John Flynn • 10 months ago

Isn't Lewiston, Maine, the place where Cassius Clay KO'd Sonny Liston (I don't mean muhammed Ali, but Cassius Clay)?

Ariel Sharon • 10 months ago

If I would be attacked by ANY gang, I would not hesitate my gun to shoot a few of those bastards.