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Jackie • 1 year ago

Have painted and waxed (dark wax) pieces. And now want to paint and wax over them. Can this be done using all Annie Sloan products (paint and wax)?

Guest • 1 year ago
Jackie • 1 year ago

Thanks so much. I've been doing a lot of furniture painting during this crazy winter in the Northeast!!

Carole • 1 year ago

I have a bed that has been chalk painted waxed and has detailed guilding . I wish to repaint in white will this be possible if I just sand down the original green colour or do I need to prime it?

Guest • 1 year ago
Ada DeMatteis Henke • 1 year ago

I would like to do my kitchen cabinets. How may coats of wax needs to be applied and is it is easy as I have heard?

Bruce Ramsay • 1 year ago

After polishing the wax there are some noticeable finger and rag marks. Is there an additional coating to stop the wax so easily marking

Louise Aspden • 1 year ago

I would like to know the answer to this also. I just started a dark blue bookshelf and tried the underside and the waxing has left streaks....

Carole • 1 year ago

Did you buff the wax well (soft cloth)?

Sherry Steele • 1 year ago

I would like to use a dark wax on my kitchen table that I have painted. I am concerned about the durability with just using wax. Should I complete it using a poly?

Meagan Guise • 1 year ago

I used dark wax and it's fine. I made the mistake of putting my placemats down before it cured and they scratched the wax. I touched it up and let it cure for a month before using it. I do not have any issues now. Occasionally I'll get some water marks, but I just wipe with furniture polish and they go away.

dee baird • 1 year ago

I would like to know the answer to that question also! especially for a bathroon .

laurie • 1 year ago

Can you repaint after waxing the furniture

Cheryl O'keefe Trepanier • 1 year ago

Hi i have a question? Adding more coats of wax will it make it more shiny if so how long to wait before doing so?

Nancy Cluster • 1 year ago

Would using white paint and clear wax look good on cabinets in kitchen? Or do you white is just to much(bright)?

Storybook • 1 year ago

I am a first timer to chalk paint. I have painted an old small step ladder with a linen color and wanted to use a wax on it so the scratches, and holes have a darker (worn) look. I was told to use black wax which I tested it on a small area but it turned the linen color a gray....what do I do now??

Ashley G. • 1 month ago

Can you put polycrylic over your wax?

Gail Allan • 1 month ago

should I wash my wax brush after each use

Elaine Cocker • 6 months ago

My bedroom furniture is all brown waxed wood and very manly, I want to paint it to make it more femine, what do I have to do in order to be able to paint it ?

jaime • 6 months ago

I am looking to try chalk paint for the first time. I am painting the base to a farm table. I have read every article about topcoats I could find. My concern is this..While the general consenus is to use wax, I am not finding much about up keep. I like that Poly is one and done..How often is it recommended to apply the wax and does it hold up to daily wear and tear? Now it's a table base, so it's not neccessarily going to be worn..other than chairs bumping up against it.

nancy mckean • 7 months ago

what are the ingredients of the wax?

Pamela • 8 months ago

I have a hutch that was white. I want it to be a green gray color, a color I have seen in Paris. I painted it Duck Egg first, too blue. Next, Paris Grey, over the blue, too blue. Now I have to decide whether to paint it all white and then try Versailles over the white. I put the Versailles over a test spot on the gray and it is yellow. I may just surrender and keep it white. My house is grays and tans with touches of the gray green I am looking for.

Ingrid Bloß • 8 months ago

I have chalk painted a very detailed wooden ornament and I have some trouble to wax it because lumps of wax are accumulating in some areas and are hard to wipe of. Would it be possible to warm the wax a little bit to make it more liquid?

Guest • 8 months ago
Ingrid Bloß • 8 months ago

Thank you, Hannah. I was thinking of putting some wax in a cup and warm it in a hot water bath, no direct heat :). I will give it a try with a stiff brush as you suggest.

Tmoney1522 • 8 months ago

I have solid bedroom furniture that I'd like to paint Old White with a grey wax on the trim. Do you have a video that I could view for tips?

Ewa • 8 months ago

If I have to wax my kitchen cabinets 3 times, at which point should I use the dark wax? After the first coat of clear wax or the last?

DRM • 9 months ago

How should I clean the Wax brush after using?

Kaitlin Young • 9 months ago

I’m new to the world of chalk painting. I finished a chair and added my wax to complete it, now I have white streaks on my chair. Help! What can I do to fix this?

Dawn • 11 months ago

I am refinishing a vanity and I painted it white and want to wax over it for a distressed look. I have black, antique and clear. What is the best way for me to go about this.

Marty • 11 months ago

I used the Annie Sloan chalk paint on my kitchen table and waxed it the next day. after a month it never dried so I put a very thin coat of the clear wax on again like they to do and a month later it was still tacky and you can see smudges on it when you touch it. So I tried to put a very very thin coat of clear wax and now it is still the way it was. Are my expectations wrong to think it is going to completely dry hard and not leave smudges? This is a kitchen table and I want to be able to put dishes and things on it.

Peter Pomeroy • 1 year ago

I really need some help. I built a 12’ bookcase which we painted with AS chalk paint. I have coated it with wax and then used a clothe to buff / wipe away the remaining wax. The bookcase is still very tacky and sticky after a week. Is that normal? Is there something I’m to do?
Please respond, Peter

AliMcBeer • 1 year ago

ive sanded some old wood back to its natural state to use as shelves, and would like a white wax finish, can i do this straight onto the bare wood?

Mark • 1 year ago

I have 6 wood chairs. They were previously stained. I lightly sanded the chairs and then put on three coats of paint. I did not prime the wood first. Now I find that if the chairs are bumped bits of the paint are removed! What should I do to keep the paint on the chairs? Oh, I used a latex paint, not Annies chalk paint.

KSSinFL • 1 year ago

I have a can of clear wax that was stored without the lid closed shut, and the wax has dried out very much. Does anyone know if there’s any way to “revive” or reconstitute it?

Stephanie Lamb Pugh • 1 year ago

How long should you wait between coats of wax? Thank you!

Sally Barker • 1 year ago

I am in the planning stage of painting a stag minstrel dressing table. It's shiny mahogany. Do I need to sand this first or just go straight in with Chalk paint? How many layers is it likely to need? And then do I just put the wax on top?

Rachel • 1 year ago

If I want it shiny, do I buff each coat of wax before I add the next coat?

Rachel • 1 year ago

I'm doing a nightstand. I'm at the waxing stage. I know I need to let the wax "cure" before buffing. After I've completed all the waxing and buffing, how long does it need to cure before I can safely use the stand?

Jackie • 1 year ago

Have walls that are similar to Château Grey. Thinking of painting some older furniture (table, chairs, hutch base). Thought that French Line with white wax would give me the look I want but... the test seemed to take on the Chateau Grey color of the walls. Looking more for a light, vintage grey. Any clues as to what chalk paint color might work?? I'll get a sample pot.

Andrea Mercado • 1 year ago

i am new at this. why would i need to wax after i paint my dresser with Chalk paint ???

Jackie • 1 year ago

why don't the questions ever get answered? Have a question on this site for 4 months - no answer??

Guest • 1 year ago
Jackie • 1 year ago

Great - appreciate it. Hope others will see your reply and the email address. Thanks a lot.

Jackie • 1 year ago

painted and dark waxed the wood on a large bedroom mirror. got some paint/wax on the glass/mirror. how can this be removed w/o damaging the mirror?

Pam Tully • 1 year ago

Hi...Can I use chalk paint to cover a cherry China cabinet to give it a more distressed Beachy look?

Clarks Furniture • 1 year ago

when clear waxing a white painted piece of furniture the paint goes see through and looks like its not been painted. Is there a drying time before applying the wax.

Cheryl O'keefe Trepanier • 1 year ago


Nancy Wilkins • 1 year ago

I saw a Facebook post about sanding before/after waxing. I thought the whole point is that you don't have to sand. Is that just for a distressed look?

Julie Berg • 1 year ago

Hi has anyone refinished kitchen cabinets using this paint? What finish is used over the paint? I was interested in doing a cream with a maple glaze.