12 Reasons Photographers Still Choose to Shoot Film over Digital

12 Reasons Photographers Still Choose to Shoot Film over Digital

This year will mark forty years since the invention of the first functioning digital camera, and despite it being a measly 0.01 megapixels, it heralded a new age of digital photography and with…


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Uh Oh Uh Oh 2 days ago
"Photographers" don't choose film. Hobbyists and art students choose it. I don't know a single vocational / commercial photographer who still uses film. Schedules and quality m…
focuser focuser 5 hours ago

I think the most intriguing aspect of the comments here is the overwhelming dogma coming from digital adherents.

This article isn't claiming film is better than digital, in fact, it's aiming pretty low in terms of technical know-how and showing how film used to be a complex connect-the-dots of separate systems coming together and creating masterful work.

The majority of anger here stems from the insecurity of the digital users who feel it necessary to counter the mood of the piece when there was no attempt by the writer to editorialize one way or the other.

You digital clowns felt it necessary to scream about how great it is to have instant fulfillment with perfect reproduction of reality, when the piece was about how interesting is was when there wasn't this immediate gratification.

The film people commenting here and the writer are secure in their use and knowledge about why film has aspects far superior to digital. We don't go on to digital sites and whine about how digital sucks etc, yet you binary heads are so insecure you have to bully the comments here. This is no different than the bullying that happens in schoolyards, and your rationale is no different than being heavy majorities that have the insecure goals of wiping out what you see as minority views you may have a deep reason to fear. This is the mysterious side of photography you can never understand, so you attack it.

So go away and sulk, don't come here, you're not welcome.

Well, if you want the other side of the analog knowledge, read some of the comments here and takeaway some obviously previously unknown aspects to why the analog is far superior to your handheld copy machines backing zeiss lenses.

Jose Manuel Almeida Jose Manuel Almeida 2 hours ago

My self I use a good camera I have an old Zeiss Ikon Voigtländer and let let me tell you I get lots great pictures and photos is tremendous camera.
I made a mistake I wanted to show the camera but instead I gave a flag from of an region of Alps',I have repeated next photo.🙋

Grouchy_Larry Grouchy_Larry 6 hours ago

After 40 years in the commercial photofinishing industry, I've run the gamut from hand processing 4x5 color sheet film to running a 10x10 enlarger to expose prints 20 feet long, and I don't know a single pro who shoots film anymore.

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Go inside the indie dev scene with the Gameloading documentary

Go inside the indie dev scene with the Gameloading documentary

Kickstarted documentary Gameloading: Rise of the Indies has launched digitally through Steam, Humble, and other outlets this week. Focusing on the surge of the indie game development scene…


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PC Gamer
Nojan Nojan 4 days ago
meh...it's more like a commercial and definitely not a "documentary" , also you can ONLY stream (not download) it from steam so... no.
PC Gamer
Healy10 Healy10 2 days ago

Sounds interesting!

PC Gamer
David Lopez David Lopez 2 days ago

So basically a movie about twitter and tumblr warriors who sometimes make some literally-what generic 5 minute long indie walking simulators with a pretentious ''story''.
Nice, i'll consider thinking about it for at least another 5 seconds.

PC Gamer
Game Developer Game Developer 12 hours ago

I feel bad for people who is new to game development and have to stare at this abomination and think this is what indie game development looks like. Well, no I haven't watched the the documentary, but by reading this article I can presume it is a drama about first world problems. Well these "devs" are not a good reference for indie developers. While these guys are making drama on twitter, kids are making real money by putting out unfinished games on Steam early access, not to say they are right to do it, but they are much more of indie developers than most of those above. But where is the PC gamer coverage on this? Nowhere to be found, they keep telling us this sad history about indie devs who struggle, and they make games about their feelings and blah blah blah, well hello PC gamer, indie developers are not only these emotionally charged individuals that live on Bay Area.

But if you are an indie developer enthusiast, no this is nothing what indie development is about. Making games is about sitting in the front of a PC screen 10 hours a day, trying to learn new software, how solve technical problems, and finding ways to get your vision done for a game, there is not much drama, actually. Just a lot of hard work.

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