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Can You Die From a Broken Heart? - Issue 23: Dominoes - Nautilus

Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

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Kedarnath Sahu Kedarnath Sahu 5 hours ago

not really just you have to find ways to fix it.

ConcernedCitizen ConcernedCitizen 4 hours ago

Takatsubo Syndrome

jeannette jeannette 5 hours ago

I love my husband with all my heart and each day I love him more. I see couples treat their friends better then they treat their mate. Your spouse should be your forever friend, treat them as the most important one in your life! Love and respect them. If your upset wait until you can talk calmly before you speak because words cut deep. Don't forget to date, say I love you, hug each other a hug is reassurance of how you feel. Yes there are times you'll disagree but do it respectfully. If you lose respect for each other your relationship is doomed. I met my husband when I was 9 and he was 11 and I can honestly say that I am the core of my life and he is the core of my love. Many couples will divorce instead of remember why they fell in love and fight for what they had. Love is the greatest gift and it makes life worth living. I have known my husband for 50 years and theirs nothing I would change about him. He's loving, kind, funny, my best friend and my lover I can't imagine life without him. Without sounding corny he completes me and I complete him. It's easy to find someone to love, it's hard to find someone to love you back! Be careful when giving your heart because love can hurt. But if you get hurt just remember you deserve to be loved and their someone out there for you!

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