The pilot episode of Supergirl gets leaked 6 months early! Have you seen it? So, this is the news: The pilot episode of the incoming show Supergirl has been leaked yesterday, a full 6 months period before the original release date. The story,…

3 things you love (&hate) about your current wheels

The most interesting machines are those actually owned by people. Share a picture of your wheels and tell us a little bit about why you love it (and what bugs you most about it). Let's get to know each other a bit, shall we?

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Seen any good documentaries lately?

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Ask Your Neighbor: Ladies! What on Earth is in Your Purse?

The men in my life usually view my purse as a place of great mystery; sometimes with unfounded fear or trepidation. (Am I really that scary?) I've had men refuse to go into my purse when they were looking for something and had my complete cooperation.

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JoAnn McClellan JoAnn McClellan a day ago
Shameful, but I clean my purse out once a week and always seem to find things that just don't belong in it. One thing I'll say it's pretty awful that I've went out a few times and r…
Susan Rastella Susan Rastella 7 hours ago

I think the question of what is in a woman's purse is directly related to the age of the woman. For example; a young lady in high school is most likely to carry more cosmetics than a woman that is in her sixties. Students will naturally carry a notebook of some sorts along with a textbook or two. It is probably a good guess that many women within child bearing age (20-35 according to many sources) will use their purse as an alternative to a diaper bag. The mother will then be overloaded with snacks (age appropriate), cleaning and washing products, along with a diaper and maybe change of clothing. Now this might also occur in older women as they become grandparents but not to the excess of young mothers. Career women, however, have much more complicated needs of a purse. Sometimes it is a briefcase, laptop/tablet case, or other office related carry all. Many women in business will have a phone (or two) along with the soon to be extinct Daytimer. Seniors and early-retired women might find more project and craft items in their purse along with a handful of medications, cosmetics and a good book. Truly, women change their purses with their needs and often age determines their role and the role of their handbags,

gonzomatic gonzomatic 11 hours ago

I make my woman and her friends carry all my condoms in their purses

Citygirl Citygirl 9 hours ago

Not as much as Anna's..... hahahha

Current Status: Doppelgä you have one?

The other day, Shane Michael's mentioned I looked like someone I had never heard of, nor had ever been told I look like before, but I took it and then gave him the ones I DO get. And I get them very…

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From Where I Stand: Calling In Sick When You're Not Sick

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