Your Favorite Gaming Memory I thought I'd celebrate the new Disqus gaming channel "Select Start" with a topic that celebrates what we love about our hobby. When the N64 first came out, I was still a di…
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Scott Scott 3 days ago
This is such a great question, and for me, there are too many video games that mark different milestones in my life. I grew up on the Atari 2600 and 5200 consoles and the…
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What A Looker What A Looker an hour ago

I remember being so scared when I found the first boss of super Mario, (the bomb king thing) I had to get my dad to complete it for me 🙈

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Granny Gruntz Granny Gruntz 3 hours ago

*Here's a thought regarding "games". *We NOW have the "wii" games! *I live in a 55+ community -AND - most of us are WELL PLUS/PAST 55!! *The residents can meet close by at the clubhouse and play wii bowling, whatever! *These "games" allow the elderly to "meet and socialize" near by as well as get a bit of exercise - at NO cost. *And/or - can play at home and "exercise" in a more "fun" way! *One does NOT have to sit at home and "stare" at a computer screen to "play" games! *What a GREAT idea "someone" had to "visualize", then "create wii" games! *These games also provide mom, dad, and the kids to share a family fun activity "interaction" opportunity! *SO, Ray Cabarga, why aren't you putting your "creativity and imagination" to good use? *Maybe you can "visualize" and then "create" the kind of game that allow people to play together and thereby "interact socially"?

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Granny Gruntz Granny Gruntz 2 hours ago

*"Shockwave" website has a game, I access online, called "Water Balloon Drop". *There is a little man standing on top of a 3-story building dropping water balloons down on the people, cars, traffic, etc., in general, passing by on the street below. *One can be "naughty" without anyone getting hurt! *It is also an excellent exercise in "hand/eye" coordination for this old lady! *As well as providing a source of entertainment for one who cannot get out and about much anymore. *"Shockwave" also has a large variety of games that one can access online and play. *IN FACT - I think I will do just that on this Sunday afternoon WHEN I CANNOT GET OUT AND ABOUT! ;-)

Current Status: What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?

What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?
Imran Imran 4 days ago
Mine is : When I was eleven, I was in the park like half a mile from my house and I was flying a Winnie the Pooh kite. I was the only kid around with a kite at the time, and I…
jessica jessica 2 hours ago

About 3 years ago when I was 12 I went to stay the summer with my dad and catch up on the old time in south Carolina. it was one of my best summers every. I hate the city and was happy to be back in the country.
Besides that,I didn't want to fly back , so I wanted to take the bus. So my dad drove us to meet my uncle at the border of south Carolina going into North Carolina. My Uncle drove us to durham. We stayed there for a couple of days until the day we had to leave.
When we woke up everything was just wrong. We woke up late, we took for ever getting dressed ,once we were in the car we had to go pick like 4 people up who lived all over Durham, then once that happened ,we checked the time. It was 1:05. The Bus leaves at 1:24.
long story short we missed the bus by 10 minutes. we went back to the apartment pissed at everything. we stayed 2 more days.
A day latter we herd on the news that the bus we were supposed to take crashed in one of the worse accidents that the highway has ever had. Everyone died ,that was on the bus.
So to this day I find myself luck.

Biff Bifferson Biff Bifferson 2 hours ago

I was born in Scotland and my wife was born in Panama, thousands of miles apart, but we both got married on the same day at exactly the same time! Woah- spooky, huh?

Kathleen Harris Kathleen Harris 2 hours ago

12 Jan 1930 my Uncle Ray was born.
12 Jan 1940 his sister, my Aunt Dolores was born.
12 Jan 1960 my Cousin Allan, their nephew, was born, finally his neice was born 12 Jan 1980.
12 Jan 2000 the oldest brother, Walt born in 1920, died 12 Jan 2000.

Current Status: Vaccine Bill Passes in California The Governor of California signed a bill yesterday that banned exemptions for vaccine requirements in public schools based on "personal belief". As it stands, Californ…
Linda Williams Linda Williams 4 days ago
Hey, I think I noticed a huge smudge on your rose-colored glasses… oh, wait. Never mind. They're blinders. You probably stapled them on to your face yourself.
Chris Jedi Mancini Chris Jedi Mancini an hour ago

Society has a bad habit of abusing chemistry to achieve some sort of control. caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, sugar even.

Caffeine gives you bone cancer
Nicotine givers you lung cancer
Alcohol gives you liver cancer
Sugar gives you diabetes cancer. (lol)

I dont in anyway trust forced vaccinations because i all to well understand how easily it can be used to manipulate and destroy people. the amount of "Science" and "Money" that goes into vacinations far out weiges that of a coffee or a cigarette and has a substantially wider range of potential side effects (inadvertently) or "Effects" (intentionally).

"sinister chemistry" is a thing. Mustard Gas, Agent Orange and Risen for example. Man made biological weapons, chemical weapons everything is a damn weapon to these people.

FreedomToChoose FreedomToChoose an hour ago

Im on the fence here. Check it out:
I had my daughter vaccinated as I should have fully trusting. Then at around 18 months she got her dtap.
Within 12 hours she stopped talking and was kind of like blankly staring into space. I couldn't get her attention. it was very scary. I took her to our pedi who then told me he was quite sure she had a negative reaction to the shot. We were told it was probably temporary. But we were sent to a specialist. she became more alert over the next few days but didn't start talking again and she used to have over 20 words. She wouldn't even look at me when we spoke. At her next check up I was told she should not get any more vaccines and at that time I was given a medical exemption and on it was stated neuro developmental delay - negative reaction to all vaccines. exempt for life.
Now she is recovering speech and starting to make progress and hopefully won't be diagnosed with autism which we are scheduled to see a developmental pedi again in 6 more weeks.. She is attending speech and occupational therapy in the meantime.
We are very hopeful. She has started waving again and saying be be for binky. And even if she does get diagnosed with autism I know her brain is ever growing and we can really help her through this since it was intervened so early.
But she can't get shots which puts me in such a bad situation. Her doctors say no. That they are too risky right now. I even got multiple opinions from pro vaccine doctors. Some said later but not now.

I want all other parents to vaccinate their children so mine isn't exposed to illnesses I can't vaccinate her against but I also understand the fear.

Never thought I would be faced with this.

Sigh. It's rocked my world. I pray every day for my darling girl. I had my other children vaccinated with no issues.
I was told she could have been genetically predisposed to autism and that a combination of factors like genetic predisposition and environmental toxins could be at play. we are also awaiting genetic testing results. Believe me we explore all our options. I am not one sided and completely open to learning. I really thought I did my homework and the doctor just told me this: it's best to get shots really it is. The chances are rare to have a reaction. But now she can't have anymore. she was the one percent I guess. So upsetting. But not sure I would have done anything different because I truly did the best i could. I was and still am pro choice for all parents, and I just wanted to share my very real situation. Anytime I tell anyone my situation on a board I get bullied for it. Feels like no one wants a real life account from the one percent.
I don't impose my views just share my family's situation. What is true for one isn't true for all. Everyone needs to stop blanketing everything. Imo
Best of luck to everyone.

Falasha Gaines Falasha Gaines an hour ago

it should be the parent choice, we suppose to be the land of the free