Riders: Helmet or No Helmet?

Do you wear a helmet? If not, why not? If so, is it voluntary or because it's the law? Do you favor helmet laws or should it be up to the rider?

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KenC11 KenC11 7 hours ago

I always wear a helmet even in states that do not have helmet laws.
I still do not favor helmet laws, people should be responsible for there own decisions.

Strawberry Coolatta Strawberry Coolatta 2 hours ago

On bicycle no.... probably should. But I'm not riding on streets. Just inside my apt. haha j/k

TexasGolfer TexasGolfer 8 hours ago

Leave it up to the rider. It's nobody's business but their own if they get killed. I wouldn't ride without one. But, we have become a society that looks to government to watch over us in every tiny aspect of our lives. This was never the intent of the Founding Fathers. Their vision of government was just enough government to ensure fair trade, protect our individual liberties and defend the country. Never in their wildest dreams did they believe that it was the role of government to mandate that you wear a seatbelt, how much a business should pay it's employees, what interest rates banks or lenders could charge or how many gallons of water I am allowed to use when I flush.

We are seeing the massive explosion of government. Common sense should show everyone that we cannot continue to have government continue to grow. We now pay almost one-half of our income to all forms of government; federal, state and local. Almost one-half of us now live at the expense of the other half. There is a segment of our society that lives almost exclusively off of welfare and the 185 programs that emulate welfare. These folks are constantly on the lookout for the next federal program that will pay them not to work or just to stay home and make babies. What a mess...

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