It's Complicated: What have you done to impress someone?

At some point in our lives, we will find ourselves doing something for the purpose of making ourselves look good. We all plan on staying true to ourselves but sometimes, love can make you do so…
Love Stinks
AllThingsGeek AllThingsGeek 36 minutes ago

One time I pretended that I wasn't a total nihilist, then he told me he liked watching The Walking Dead...

Love Stinks
Dan Hutchinson Dan Hutchinson 40 minutes ago

attempted to actually look physically fit and strong(had a gym class together and somehow often ended up being partners for sports. I was never fat, but I was always a little on the scrawny side). Didn't help me get a date, since I realized she wasn't worth my time a while afterwards. but it did help me learn to put in effort in all physical activities and I became even more of a non-complainer, so not a complete waste of time.

Love Stinks
JaiHooo JaiHooo 10 minutes ago

Back in elementary school I allowed my crush to look underneath my skirt.
One time I even lifted it for him.

A bunch of us kids were also playing a game one time. I don't know if the game exists where you come from, but in my language it's called: 'Schipper, mag ik overvaren'. Literally translated: 'Skipper, may I sail to the other side?'
(Technically there are two groups at each side. In the middle stands the skipper/boatman and he says the requirements to sail over to the other side. For example: 'Red shoes may pass through.' So everyone who doesn't have red shoes, has to find a way to end up on the other side. Most likely run, and the skipper will chase you. If you have been caught, you join him)
Then my crush, who was the skipper had the command that the girls had to flip their skirts up. And, to my own surprise, I did it.

Looking back at that, it was completely out of character.
It's weird. I'm very shy and reserved. I almost forgot that I did something like that.
It's kind of... nostalgic...