Nostalgic Pieces: What Clothing Holds Meaning for You?

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BlackDaMinooka BlackDaMinooka 7 hours ago
"Do any of you have clothing or jewelry that’s special to you in some way?" I don't know but We men do have a Tendency to hold on to our Underwear for a very long time..... All…
Barbara Romney Galler Barbara Romney Galler 20 minutes ago

Second time todayI have lost work on this site. So I off for now. May try again tomorrow - but don't have patience with a site that loses my writing and can't get it back. Bye for n…

bringmeredwine bringmeredwine 27 minutes ago

What a great topic Amanda!
I loved reading your story. Here's mine:
My Dad's old plaid woolen jacket, holds much meaning for me.
Ever since I could remember, on weekends my Dad wore this comfy old jacket when he was outside fixing or building something.
It looked really funny on him because the sleeves had shrunk to his elbows and he's 6ft. 5ins..
My Mum would hate whenever he wore that old thing, and refused to allow him out in public with it.
I snagged that old thing years about 20 years ago, when she was in the process of throwing it out.
(she thought I was nuts!)
It sits on a special hook at my back door. Seeing it brings back a flood of happy memories. I wear it for my own yard work.
He's almost 90 now and lives waay across the country from me.

Kaeli Bainbridge Kaeli Bainbridge an hour ago

Out of my Grammy's 20+ grandchildren (I honestly lost count), I was lucky enough to inherit her uberglamorous "wing" statement earrings. My grammy was a shy, modest Southern belle -- understated in every possible way -- but she was married to a boisterous political figurehead and had a lot of fancy events that she got dolled up for. These earrings were a leftover from that time. My Grammy was a rock and a strong presence without being loud or pushy. She, Grace, was everything her name suggested, not to mention she gave birth to 13 children (including 3 sets of twins), so, yeah, she was also a badass.

My mom gifted me these earrings on my wedding day. I didn't know my Grammy very well because I grew up 3,000 miles away from her, but I can tell how special these earrings are to my mom. When she put them on me, I imagined all three generations of my female lineage sharing a cosmic moment (sorry, too granola?), even though my Grammy passed away several years ago. That moment was so special to me, and I hope that I can share that moment, and these earrings, with my someday-children.