Current Status: US Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage On Friday morning, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was a protection granted by the Constitution, legalizing same-sex marriage across the country. Ma…
Saeed Oday Saeed Oday 3 days ago
Of course, thats fair. You are entitled to your own opinion and religion. I don't think this ruling encroaches upon that though.
seff seff 40 minutes ago

Every act of transgression affects its perpetrator, relatives, finally the society they live in. The decision of Supreme Court plainly violates natural law inscribed in human heart. It is set over God`s commandments. Mr Obama and the Judges of Supreme Court seem to be totally blinded by false meaning of freedom and liberty. The guards of concentration camp also thought they did the right thing liberating the world from "pests" by killing Jews. However, you shall never liberate yourself from side-effects of your sinful life. Therefore this appalling public transgression sooner or latter may backfire in missile attack either from Russia or China. No civilisation built on sin has ever survived. Unless Americans do openly the penance for this shameful act they are going to share the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. Homosexuality caused the fall of the Roman Empire just as holocaust caused the the fall of the third Reich. Do not involve Pope into it. It is a man who sows, reaps and collects harvest. Pope can only ask Jesus for forgiveness. Punishment is effect of human transgression. It opens the gate from which demons can freely ravage the face of the earth just as they did during W W I and W W II.

shekelcounter shekelcounter 26 minutes ago

Are not all HOMOSEXUALs truly "sodomites" ?? Don't let the Sodomites choose their title. God has already named them! Call them Sodomites whether they like it or not. They no longer sneak around in hiding like roaches and rats. They now march down the main streets of cities and towns carrying signs, declaring their sin as Sodom! It simply reveals how low-down the morals in this nation have plunged.

shekelcounter shekelcounter 25 minutes ago

1. The sins of the Sodomites are of the vilest nature. God's hatred of their abominations is revealed in their incurable disease that strikes with near 100% mortality--
2. Sodomy is not an alternate life style. It is a sin. It is a style of death!
3. There is no such thing as Sodomite rights found in God's Word.
4. There is one hope for America--Do as Asa, Jehoshaphat and Josiah.
5. There is one hope for the Sodomite--The Lord , The Almighty

Ask Your Neighbor: Facts and Feelings about High Kill Shelters and Animal Euthanization

WARNING: Description of euthanization may be disturbing. People who are sensitive to harsh realities should avoid reading this post. I am working on starting a 501 c3 dog rescue. The statistics that I have found regarding the number of animals that are euthanized in our cou…
LostMyBoBo LostMyBoBo 3 days ago
I wish I could help throw out some ideas but anything I think of is heartless. Getting your pets spayed or neutered is the only thing :(
Sophie Cat Sophie Cat an hour ago

I just rescued a little rat terrier - female - out of our local County shelter, on Friday June 26th. She is the sweetest little girl - housebroken, very quiet and loving, VERY low-key and low-maintenance.
She was filthy - I gave her a bath as soon as we got home because there were fleas all over her, and she was so dirty. After her bath we snuggled for a long time and she fell asleep in my arms, just exhausted from her ordeal. She was found in a neighboring town, just laying/sitting in the middle of the road, lost and confused and so scared. There's no telling what happened to her.
She was so traumatized she didn't eat or drink anything for about 36 hours. She just wanted to hide her little face and sleep, so I let her. I just held her all weekend, and finally by this morning she was getting a little more relaxed.
We're going to the vet today, to get her flea treatment started, and get her checked for heartworms and ear mites and things. She doesn't shake her head or scratch at her ears, but her ears are not as clean as I would like, so we're going to check out things like that.
She's about 7 or 8 years old; maybe 9. She's had at least one little of puppies but not too very recently, and she is completely housebroken (not a single accident, all weekend!).
I love her already!
For people who don't have the time to devote to a puppy (and puppies are VERY high-maintenance for a few years!), I would highly recommend an older dog.
Older dogs are very much at-risk in the shelters, for the simple face that everyone wants a puppy; but please consider adopting an older dog, they still have a LOT of love to give, and they deserve to live out their remaining years in a peaceful, quiet home!

idalorensa idalorensa 16 minutes ago

They would still have a habitat had we not damaged the environment.
Imagine elephants thriving if the Chinese were not foolish enough to
imagine powder from tusks is viagra . Imagine fish in the north see which
now have cancers because humans contaminate the see.

kalpesh Kriplani kalpesh Kriplani 3 hours ago

The high price and more leathered skin for the shelter is became trend these days and if any body needs more help on furniture then they can get help from furniture online

Dog: Are dogs oblivious of their size?

I have a 25-pound poodle mix (Charlie), and my roommate has a 100-pound lab mix (Jack). They are both rescued from different shelters: Each one has a designa…
Pet Pics
Paul Thibault Paul Thibault 5 days ago
I'm in the same boat as you are. I have an 85lb pit mix and a 15 pound dachshund. They each have their own bed of appropriate size. Cubby (the pit mix) curls up into a tiny b…
Pet Pics
JasmineInTheAir JasmineInTheAir 9 hours ago

You mean you've never seen a Great Dane that thinks he's a lap dog?

Pet Pics
Bre Bre 8 hours ago

Well my dog is a runt and she thinks she's human so she thinks we're really tall but thinks she is to even though she is only a foot tall my other dog does know about her size she knows she is tall and gets food off the counter so it can be a yes and no

Pet Pics
Vikki Kingston Vikki Kingston 6 hours ago

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It's Complicated: It's not you, it's me... Breaking up is hard to do!!

Breaking up is hard to do... so what's your worst break up story? My girlfriends are hard on me because I'm famous for the " It's not you, it's me" line. Even wors…
Love Stinks
Melissa Gandarinho Melissa Gandarinho 4 days ago
Oh mannn!!!! I have a bad break up story. So my ex and I, we were secretly dating and totally 'in love', well...after 3 months, he dumped me right before Christmas. Yup...shi…
Love Stinks
Ana Ana 10 hours ago

Yea I know but what we can do when you love so much that person and he only wants sex and then he desapiers and never talk with you again

Love Stinks
Cheyenne Wilber Cheyenne Wilber 10 hours ago

So my ex we'll call him A. He got me pregnant and would leave me all alone to face the whole thing by myself to go out and party,do drugs,hang out with his friends doing shit with girls and left me in the hospital alone when they thought a blood clot broke off and was traveling to my lung to kill me. Well he left with one of his friends so he could hang out with her and do drugs. So I finally had enough. And I talked to him. This is how it went.
Me: "look I've done this whole pregnancy thing by myself while you were to busy with your friends and drugs. So obviously I have more balls than you so I'll be the mom and the dad and you can just f*** off." ^-^
A: "how can you say that to me that's mean!"
Me: " the same way you left me all alone this whole time. I gotta say not giving a s*** sure works wonders for the mind." ^-^
A: "your being really mean."
Me: "look flattery won't get you anywhere and your starting to bore me."
A: "You can't do this!"
Me: " I do believe I just did. When one door closes sometimes you just wanna get a hammer and nails to make sure that b**** stays shut, Oh look I got lots of nails. Bye bye." t(^-^t)

Love Stinks
GFW GFW 14 minutes ago

When they say "It's not you, it's me." It is you. They're just not that into you or they are but you're not making them feel It, safe, or those forever moments men need because women share too much of the wrong feelings with men, which force them to react like this.

Loved 500 Days of Summer. Lots of lessons there in how out of sync they were from the start. That it takes more than attraction, but emotional attraction as well.

How all she said to him in the beginning he ignored because he felt more for her feeling that he could convince her that he's her 'one' if she'd just play along with him that time would take care of all that. No.

And then when she opened up at the end telling him she fell for someone who made her feel safe. Feeling safe for both partners is paramount.

Indian, Harley-Davidson, or Victory? Which is your favorite American motorcycle?

We have three major American motorcycle brands to choose from these days. Which is your favorite, and why? If you ride one of these brands, would you ever consider switching?
Ben Grimm Ben Grimm 6 days ago
The XR1200 is the Harley Davidson of scramblers.
jason rames jason rames 13 hours ago

never owned one but the new Harley Davidson Tryke is on my bucket list

abhay sengar abhay sengar 4 hours ago

challenges : How to improve consumers online experience with

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Research, the consumer sales cycle has four stages. First(stage 1), consumers
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compare answers. Third(stage 3), the user makes a decision about the purchase.
If the purchase is made, the fourth phase(stage 4) is order payment and
fulfilment (delivery of the goods or services). The problem is that many Web
sites do not provide enough information or options for all four phases. For
example, a site may provide answers about a product, but not answers to the
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Based on
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Read more –


I kinda like the Indian (Brave) that was a sort of mini full size bike. I haven't seen but one of them. I also was in love with the HD 1977 Cafe Racer. I owned one once but it seized. It was bought by a friend who rebuilt it and tricked it out and its living in Japan now. Yeah its an AMF years sporty, but the 1977 was the only Cafe until somewhat recently. I think in the mid 1990's the Buell customs were available at the dealers.

I worked for a huge annual ride and we would get 10000 attendees, the Bike Show part of our event brought out some of the absolute coolest customs. I have had an idea that to date no one has ever done that I am aware of. ... If only I had money hehe! But I pretty much think that these days there is little they cannot do to customize a bike.

I think Arlen Ness had vision early on, but his customs are def a matter of taste. Ness was one of the favorites of Easy Riders and I worked with them and so I may have seen a lot more than most. We had lots of Ness customs at our ride. Jesse James who was just becoming famous def had a way of engineering his customs that seemed to start a new wave of custom styles. The custom cut outs on the wheels and super stretches were so much further in the custom world than when I was growing up. Back in the early 1970's mega degree angled choppers with coffin tanks were "in"

I will say there is nothing like an awesome paint job. I love it with 30-50 coats of clear and depth in the finish.

I actually saw a paint job once I thought won a blue ribbon and when I went to check out the ribbon which was draped across the tank. I was stunned to see it was painted on, and not an actual ribbon. That was pretty amazing I thought. Another paint job had the owners face in a hologram and as you moved the face aged , It is hard to describe, but it was unique. The end result was the the picture of the 35 yr owner ends up turning into an old wrinkled man with a smoked down stogie and a grumpy look on his face.

A Beautiful Mind: Your Favorite Scores From the Great James Horner It is heartbreaking to hear the news that film composer James Horner has died. Anyone who knows me can confirm that I am a huge fan of movie soundtracks, and Ho…
Plot Threads
Georgia A Georgia A 6 days ago
Titanic, The Mask of Zorro and Troy! May he rest in peace....what a loss! I will remember him
Plot Threads
Jane's Friend Jane's Friend a day ago

I do not at all like it for the soundtrack the acting was just superb but the recent demise of the character was absolutely devastating to me. This is probably the closest they could come visually to truth if a schitzophrenic their is only a hand lull of movies most not very good in depicting the nature altruistically however this one was sublime it is alot better than the one I watched before it that was funny it did make me laugh the other but totally not true to character at all it scares me the one they make of me but I hope they take the time to know me to get into my haracter as they did with a beautiful mind. I do not talk much but when I do I am long winded but it comes out much different on paper when I write it as opposed to the way I think it in my head it seem except when it comes to rhymes , riddles and poetry. The unfortunate lack of books written about the disease is part of the main problem with depiction of character but the communication was depicted perfectly in this one however most people do not realize calling someone schitzophrenic is abuse the proper definition explains this in detail the accurate thing to say is they suffer from schitzophrenia the other word is derogatory and not politically correct however I am neither I get a classification of my own I acctually have schitzo affective disorder among a lot of other diseases. But the worst lack of knowledge is doctors properly diagnosing what you suffer with as it shares many other systems such as major depressive disorder, Bi-polar disorder the accrual sickness starts at childhood yet it is college or beyond before it is actually known and obvious totally ruining every aspect of your life from child hood and it continues after finally being properly diagnosed due to insurance and legal matters

Plot Threads
Alan Wake Alan Wake 14 hours ago


Plot Threads
Kiwiwriter Kiwiwriter 18 hours ago

My favorites are the sound tracks from (not in any particular order) Braveheart, Glory, Titanic, Star Trek II, and Star Trek III. The opening theme from "Glory" and "Battle in the Mutara Nebula" are great if you need to get you psyche pumped to do hard work. Plug 'em in on iTunes and racket away.