Ask Your Neighbor: Do You Believe In Ghosts? If you do believe in ghosts, what do you think they are and have you ever had a "ghostly" experience? However, if you don't, do you think the people who sa…

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Dom Dominick Dom Dominick a day ago
yeah! but i haven't seen any of them yet and yes, i really want to see them!
Hunter Hunter 34 minutes ago

I believe in ghosts and have had some experiences that would take a bit longer to tell than I have time for but, in brief, after my first cat died, I would feel him walking on the bed at night and I still occasionally see him darting between rooms in the back of the house. In another instance, on a freezing cold stormy night at a friend's house, I heard heavy footsteps pacing back and forth on an outside porch that was only accessible from the inside and which I knew nobody was on. I've been poked, I've been slapped, so I know they exist.

Some ghosts can be part of a residual haunting, which is where an area or house just gets 'charged' with energy from an event and then it replays over and over for people who have the ability to see it. These are the non-interactive experiences. There are active hauntings but they aren't as common. This is actually a good two-pizza-four-beer discussion for a rainy night...I might write more later.

Irishheel77 Irishheel77 42 minutes ago

One night not too long after my grandma passed away, I heard a bumping noise. I got up and tried to figure out what in the world. Sounded like it was coming from near the kitchen door leading into the hall. Went back to bed. Heard it again bout an hour later. Same spot in doorway. Then it dawned on me that something was bumping the doorframe and was coming from the same spot on it. That spot in the frame was where grandma would hit it when she turned left in the hall to go to the living room where she was rolling around in her wheelchair. Another time my uncle had her wheelchair at his house in the store section to his gun shop. He talked to me and my dad about selling it cuz it was just sitting in his way and not being used. The next day he turned his shop lights on and found the chair sitting in the middle of the floor opened up. We still have it.

jennifergoltman jennifergoltman 22 minutes ago

GHOSTS?!?... I don't believe in ghosts anymore than I believe that B-Train, Skillet, Dquann, or Latreen will come back an help me raise any of thay babies after thay squirted thays g0r!11a-milk up in me... Sheet, thems nickels on the run bacoz thay no thay owe me some child sapport...

Current Status: Most embarrassing situation?

What is the most embarrassing situation you've been in? Mine was umm umm umm, Oh yeah! When I was on a hike just me and my neighbor and he had to pee and he peed in the river but i closed my eyes.

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Orky2009 Orky2009 7 days ago
I like playing drum. Once, in a very important concert me and my friends decided to play Death but in the second minute of the song I realised that I was playing Slipknot. I don't…
KilluaFreecs KilluaFreecs 14 hours ago

Getting hit by a girl, over a piece of paper....
A mate was throwing a paper plane over to this girls table in my class (i didnt know he was doing it at the time though) she scrunched it up and threw it at me i thought huh? Ehh maybe she miss launched it so I simply tossed the paper gently onto her table saying something like is this yours? She didn't hear me so I just sat back at my table then all of a sudden I hear "WHO THE F*CK THREW THIS AT ME!" I was like huuuh? Why is she so mad and I didn't throw it at on my table were just laughing She then said "IM NOT F*CKING LAUGHING IM SERIOUS WHOEVER THREW THIS IM GOING TO KNOCK THEM THE F*CKOUT" me being me said "I did it" then thats when it happened she starts punching me like a crazy person. The whole class just stopped and stared I obviously couldnt hit her back and maaaate she was a tomboy so that didn't really help either the awkward silence after she was done was soooooo embarrassing. I got up, picked up the paper threw it in the bin my teacher standing there just asked "are you ok?" I replied "yea its my fault" Weird thing is she ended up crying and getting an injury, I am quite unfortunate so yea.... And idek why the hell I said it was my fault such an idiot...

AssassinAlersta AssassinAlersta 14 hours ago

I was at a friends house and was showing him how to dive, but I ended up doing a flat out belly flop; it hurt lol

Joe Doggs Joe Doggs 10 hours ago

My most embarrasment situation was when I had to admit President Obama was the president of the US, that was my most embarrasing moment.

Current Status: Interested to Hear About a Dream You Had

They say we dream when we sleep, whether we remember them or not. I almost never remember my dreams. And I'm jealous of people that dream every night and remember them. Sometimes it's helpf…

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dwarf dwarf 6 days ago
I dreamed that I meant my favorite actor and we had a nice long conversation about purple hippos in Irish Gaelic. I don't think he speaks Irish, though, and I have no idea why you w…
robertfishercalifornia robertfishercalifornia 13 hours ago

My dream was about a world where people could govern themselves and it was no need of politicians, presidents, military, mayors, etc etc..Know what I mean?

Polaris Polaris 7 hours ago

Not mine, but one of my best friends had a dream involving me that was pretty hilarious.

We were in her bedroom and things started to get "intimate." When suddenly I pull down my pants and flash her my chocolate starfish. I have painted a big yellow circle around the hole. Obviously, she is confused and asks why I would do such a thing. I promptly respond with "I did it for you. It is all the rage now."

Then, she woke up and immediately texted me the glorious news of my painted bum hole.

PetaBonita PetaBonita 6 hours ago

I remember my dreams vividly. I also have a few that repeat themselves off and on. Snakes are a big part of my repeat ones. I usually end up surrounded by them in one way or the other and I can not avoid stepping on them and/or having them strike out at me. I also dream that my teeth are crumbling and falling out into my hands. The teeth dream will have my losing my teeth multiple times not just crumble once and fall out but crumble and fall out repeatedly. Those dreams seem very real when they are happening. My teeth dream bothers me more than the snakes usually and I don't dislike snakes!!