Will The Dietary Guidelines Consider The Planet? The Fight Is On

Will The Dietary Guidelines Consider The Planet? The Fight Is On


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Jeremy Scherr Jeremy Scherr 4 days ago
Better practices may mitigate the problem, but entirely overcoming it is a violation of the second law of thermodynamics.
Standout087 Standout087 9 hours ago

The best nutritional guidelines are tailored to an individuals: ancestral lineage, age, fitness level, sex, and lifestyle. What is beneficial for one human, may be detrimental to…

logicalleopard logicalleopard 10 hours ago

In the original Judge Dredd movie (with Sylvester Stallone) there's a little robot vendor that goes around saying, "Eat recycled food. It's good for the environment, and okay for you!"

Only okay for me? Not good?

This is a good example of why it's not good to deviate from your mission. The only concern they should have is the health of the people. Environmental sustainability is a completely different concern that should be addressed by a completely different department.

Amused Amused Amused Amused 12 hours ago

If you want to improve the impact of diet on the environment, start small. Like, for example, addressing the aversion that most American meat-eaters have to organ meats, feet, etc. I get it, a person may not like absolutely everything, but it astounds me how positively self-righteous Americans get about innocuous and delicious cuts being supposedly gross and inedible. To listen to you guys, you'd think the only edible parts of an animal are filet and maybe shanks. I don't think humanity can be convinced to stop eating meat; and frankly, I suspect that if all humans became vegan, that would probably have its own negative impact on the envirvonment. But, if we are going to kill animals for food, basic responsibility to the environment dictates that we use as much of the carcass as possible and not throw perfectly edible parts away for stupid reasons.