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True Detective S2. E3 "Maybe Tomorrow" Post-Episode Discussion

IT PROBABLY STARTED IN SPOILERS; EVERYTHING DOES. A week's worth of impatient waiting has paid off, and the reports of Ray's demise were fortuna…
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la.donna.pietra la.donna.pietra a day ago
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Nabopolasser the zealot Nabopolasser the zealot 8 hours ago

HBO can't help themselves I predict the CHP officer is gay and his buddie and him, hooked up in the desert Arab style. hbo couldn't write a plot without some gay action in it. It's like a crutch, he is depressed becuase he's not accepted. And the typical angry feminist police officer who has to be double the whore becuase she is trying to hang with the males. All becuase she had to be one her whole life becuase her new age father was a pushover. And can't even tell her sister not to be a prostititute, all the while she is craving a good raping. I might be wrong about those two but that's what I see.

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JoeThePimpernel JoeThePimpernel 4 hours ago

Rubber projectiles or not, that second shotgun blast from an inch over Ray's chest would have ruptured his heart. Happens with body armor all the time. It stops the projectile, but not the transfer of energy. And Ray was not wearing body armor.

This was a cheap cheat. I am very disappointed.

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Phookdailluminati Phookdailluminati 3 hours ago

Lets see....season one: ritualistic murders where secret society occult members wear animal masks when they sacrifice kidnapped women and children.....and Season Two: Where animal masks line the walls of the apartment Detective Velcoro was shot in. An apartment that is tied to some crazy sex freak (City Commissioner murdered in episode one season 2) and maybe the elite members of a secret society that is engaged in the same occult murders of season one. Everything in my detective brain tells me that this is a continuation of the secret society murders and activities that were revealed in season one. Is Hollywood showing us their favorite activities unbeknown to the shows producers and actor/actresses? Carcosa returns!!!