What if the Titans were real?

Imagine if titans were real. And they suddenly came out of nowhere. Nobody knows where they came from. They just appeared,and they started to attack and eat humans. Everyone is scared. But what w…
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Sōsuke Aizen Sōsuke Aizen 2 days ago
You all know that we will become steam punk spidermen and die fabulously.
Anime For The People
Rick Forster Rick Forster 2 hours ago

Their fate would be similar to that of dinosaurs.

Anime For The People
EB EB 15 minutes ago

I had never heard of this manga until just a few months ago...
On first pass it felt like a metaphor about Japanese-American relations after WW2.
The story sounds interesting but is a bit too fantasy for my tastes...

If titans were real they would have great difficulty moving around, even the 3m tall ones.
I would suggest feeding them terminally ill humans or death-row criminals laced with packets of poison thereby reducing the burden on people's resources while simultaneously killing the titans.

Even with fast regeneration of physical wounds a fast acting neurotoxin would get rid of them.

Anime For The People
amandashaw258 amandashaw258 an hour ago


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Current Status: What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?

What's the most insane coincidence you've experienced?
Imran Imran 2 days ago
Mine is : When I was eleven, I was in the park like half a mile from my house and I was flying a Winnie the Pooh kite. I was the only kid around with a kite at the time, and I…
georgedickel georgedickel an hour ago

I was in Chicago in the late '70s for business and while waiting on my ride to the hotel I picked up a newspaper. I got to the entertainment section and there was an article about Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme who were performing a couple of shows in town. They were a couple of my mother's favorite entertainers I recalled while reading the article. I finally get to my hotel and checked in. The elevator doors open and to my shock Steve Lawrence is in one corner of the elevator and his wife Edie is in the other, obviously trying to be incognito. I was so flabbergasted all I could do was smile and just mumble hello. They got off at their floor we exchanged pleasantries again never saw them again.

MindGame MindGame an hour ago

I had a wild experience one time while traveling on my own through Greece many years ago. I had just spent a lovely morning walking around the ancient theater at Epidaurus and was ready to go back to the town on the coast where I was spending the night. However, the next bus wasn't going to leave for quite a while so I decided I would try my luck hitching a ride. I started walking in the direction I needed to go with my thumb out, and after about 30 minutes, sure enough, a guy stopped and let me hop in. He drove a pick-up, if I remember correctly. He didn't speak English, and I sure couldn't speak Greek, but with simple words and gestures we were able to communicate some basic information, including where I was wanting to go. He was definitely a very friendly guy, and I enjoyed the ride with him.

A few days later I was on an entirely different part of the Peloponnese Peninsula, probably about 30 km from where I had gotten the previous ride. I was needing to get to another town on the coast in order to catch a ferry over to the island of Hydra the next morning. Unfortunately, I had obviously misread the bus schedule because it ended its route at a town a few kilometers from my destination. I didn't have any choice but to walk the remaining distance. I set off, but it wasn't long before it not only began to get dark, but also started raining really hard. I was miserable, to say the least.

You can imagine my joy when, out of the darkness, a small car appeared and pulled over to let me get in. I was really exhausted and not yet entirely aware of my surroundings, mostly just glad to be out of the rain, but I gradually realized that the driver was talking to me very excitedly. Again, I couldn't speak Greek so didn't know what he was saying, but then I took a hard look at him -- it was the same guy who gave me a ride a few days before! I had just been oblivious of it at first because he was driving a different car that evening.

Helena-violet Helena-violet an hour ago

Mine is:
When I was eight, I loooooved to skate. One day, I saw another girl skating at the same square with me. She seemed so nice, so I talked to her. Surprisingly, she was born the same year & date as me, and her skating shoes were the same as mine too!!! So lucky to know her.

I’m Making: 4th of July recipes

What are you cooking besides the basics? I need something different or even a twist on our favorites. I was thinking about jerk chicken instead BBQ chicken and Mexican Street corn. http://medi…

What makes a commute bad is the other drivers

I was feeling unhappy driving home, caught in a big, tense traffic jam, and I thought - would I be unhappy if I were just moving along really slowly all by myself? No. What is making me tense and unhappy is the interaction with all these other tense and unhappy people.

Ask Your Neighbor: To tip, or not to tip. That is the question!

Who do you tip? Why? How much? What do you base your decision on?
NotThe1stNoel NotThe1stNoel 3 days ago
I tip waitstaff because here where I live, waiters and waitresses make $2.13 an hour before tips. I waited tables for a year, so I see where some of these people are coming…
Springs1 Springs1 an hour ago

"What do you base your decision on?"

If they **TRY** their best, be nice, be honest, apologize for their mistakes, mistakes in general, and unfairness such as cutting.

I start at 20%, can go up to 30% or more, can also go down to NOTHING at all. It all depends on how the service is.

One thing that bothers me most is the lack of *EFFORT* on the job like giving me something, but you can tell they never verified anything, so they bring me like 5-6 duh mistakes. Then, 99.9% of the times, they don't even apologize even. You want a good tip, you do as MUCH as you can, NOT try to do the LEAST you can. You also be nice. There's NEVER a reason not to say you are sorry if you messed up. You want some forgiveness for the mistake, say you are sorry. It's just so mean when servers don't apologize, but then I still say "thank you" when they have fixed the obvious mistake.

justsayin justsayin 2 hours ago

If you don't agree with the tipping custom, please eat somewhere else where tipping is not expected, such as fast food, fast casual, and most carry out establishments. Better yet, stay home and cook, clean and serve yourself. And BTW, pretty much every restaurant owner will automatically tax me on 8 percent of my daily sales as income. That means for every $100 I sell, $8. is counted as income, regardless of how much the real tip is. Also a preset amount is mandatory to share with the staff you don't necessarily see or talk to (bus boy, bartender, ect.) If you as a customer leave less than 10 percent or even zero, I just paid the owner to wait on you.

Garrus gets chicks Garrus gets chicks 3 hours ago

I only tip hoes.