The Problem with Cheat Days

The Problem with Cheat Days

Should every school class be a computer coding class?

Should every school class be a computer coding class?

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John John 4 hours ago

definitely yes since information can be easily captured

Hechinger Report
Healy10 Healy10 5 hours ago

I can see the pluses here, but I guess I'm old fashioned in which I think it's not as essential as, say, learning Earth Science, anatomy and biology first. It would be interesting to see it be put up as a math course though, that way the students are learning math with something so they feel like they are gaining a useful skill. Besides that: making elementary school kids more comfortable with a computer, more computer science courses and clubs that allow students to learn how to program and code on their own time. Plus creating a technical course system that would allow a student to graduate high school with a coding certificate would help. Maybe creating a program that focuses heavily on computer science skills while still having the basic general education courses.

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CGeri CGeri 5 hours ago

This is unfortunately the direction education is heading, and is why we've chosen to homeschool our kids...

I have an interest in computers, and grew up interested in programming, but at the same time they have overtaken our lives in a way that I feel isn't healthy. I plan to teach some programming to both our son and daughters as a side-interest, starting with LOGO and moving on to more advanced languages. Perhaps I'll even teach it formally as a subject for a year or two. But to incorporate it into every discipline is absolute overkill, and will distract from the core content of those other disciplines.

Education is becoming more and more about simply equipping kids for the workforce, and less and less about giving a broad-based education that teaches kids how to think, learn and better appreciate the sciences and arts. And the fruits of that won't be pleasant.

Can You Die From a Broken Heart? - Issue 23: Dominoes - Nautilus

Can You Die From a Broken Heart? - Issue 23: Dominoes

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Samaritan Samaritan 3 hours ago

I think the will power to carry on is like a cord. Some people have very thick cords, while others are thinned out and ready to break away. Death of a partner can be as devastatin…

DLL DLL 2 hours ago

No one can understand what the loss of a spouse can do to you. I lost mine after she died from a devastating illness. I was her caretaker. Through all that time healthcare workers and even her own sons did not understand the misery she and I faced together as we both had to suffer it all alone. Her sons were insensitive though they loved their Mother and healthcare people are very clinical. She is gone now and I admit that the loss of my wife three years ago,my wife and best friend is still simply devastating. I bought a new dog and I stay healthy because of him. Also though I am now old I still work and God gives me the strength to still work as hard as I did when I was half my current age. I am a healthcare worker. Lastly my Faith in God is everything to me as to live for Christ is to live in the moment,to make the most of every moment. That is a focus see as to lose focus is to be lost. To be lost is to die inside. Depression is there but one need not sink to despair. God provides and sustains us all as it is God who loved all of us into existence. Peace to all of you. You are all so precious as God made you that way,he made my wife very precious to me as you,yourselves are very precious to those who know and love you and to God who made you. Peace!

reemall reemall 4 hours ago

loss of hope is the reason not broke heart

Movies/TV You Can't Watch Because Of Phobia

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NoDuh! NoDuh! 4 days ago
It's funny, I can watch a lot of movies with loads of blood and gore, but when the blood and gore seems like it's there as the main feature and not just an element of the script, that'…
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prpleight prpleight 2 hours ago

The gore got easy for me when I learned how the special effects were put together. It helped me be able to distance myself. It's not intestines it's know, that kind of thing. What I cringe and hide my eyes over are bone cracking sound affects and bugs. What I have to take care in watching are stories based on real situations. Movies like "12 Years A Slave" are difficult because those horrors are real. I can watch an awful lot of gory make believe but reality is what stops me.

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ThriftyEnvelopes ThriftyEnvelopes 5 hours ago

I don't mind the occasional blood and guts when it seems realistic like during an autopsy or something like that. What I don't like is the "torture" scenes that often come before the blood and guts. I can't watch people get sliced, diced, or sawed into pieces. Even a realistic shotgun blast to the face is a bit disturbing. The bloody stuff after isn't so bad, but its that violent, torture scene I can't watch.

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Samaritan Samaritan 3 hours ago

I personally don' think that it is wise to go around telling people your fears whatsoever. I would have trouble even telling a therapist my fears, then to give people a way to haze me. Good luck telling strangers your fears though. Best of wishes...

An Arc of Outrage

Despite the clamor, the real conversation about campus sexual assault has hardly begun

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The Chronicle of Higher Education
rick1952 rick1952 5 days ago
A thoughtful consideration of the various perspectives and myriad issues involved in one of the most common and misunderstood arenas of human interaction among young adults: s…
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Prettylady! Prettylady! 6 hours ago

Where do all these rapes occur? Dark alleys? Parking lots? No. They occur in the vbedroom that the woman freely walked into drunk most likely. Please. Stop whining.

2nd wave feminism, DIE!

The Chronicle of Higher Education
roscoekarns roscoekarns 3 hours ago

Sarah Lipka = Rubin -Erdely wanna be. Yawn.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Truth Sets Us Free Truth Sets Us Free 37 minutes ago

Look, people. The fact of the matter is that male rapists and rapist enablers want women and girls to just shut up and let ourselves be raped. That's their goal. They want to rape us, give each other high fives over "scoring" at our expense and for us to scurry off someplace to quietly wash ourselves, cry our bitter tears, and then "just get over it". If we become "damaged goods" (the ones among us who can't just "get over it" are automatically man-hating women who are "damaged goods") then they want us to quietly commit suicide and stop bothering them with our pain. It inconveniences them and makes it more difficult for them to fool their next victim when we talk about rape to other women and girls. They hate that.

That's the bottom line with MRA goons and anti-feminist diatribers and "women are all liars about rape" fools and ethically vacant college administrators with a bottom line to watch: they ALL want us to accept being raped and shut up about it - shut up or die somewhere far away and out of their view.

I say we SCREAM about it from the top of every roof until they can't stand it anymore and they freaking STOP RAPING US. But hey, that's just one woman's opinion. You do what your conscience dictates.

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America

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Mother Jones
clemans clemans 5 days ago
thank you MoJo for doing this story and for keeping the issue in the public's view
Mother Jones
Thomas Hall Thomas Hall 2 days ago

These are the horror stories of guns.the police can't even protect the people no more.i been in many situtions where I needed a gun and did not have where a civilian could have saved a life .the libral laws in my state make it almost impossible to obtain a gun or even a bebe gun. It don't matter now for me because I am trained and able to own and protect myself because of the second amendment my constitutional people who read this who are victims of gun violence I am truly sorry for your loss. As I have lost family and friends to it.but taking guns away from law abiding citizens will hurt our country .i am not a gun nut I am a american .if you don't believe me ask the people of Australia the gun ban is crippling it's good people to criminals and they are spreading he word Don't let the gov take your guns .now the criminals know no one owns a gun and house invasions are tripled ..if we can't even protect our borders what makes you think we can get the guns out of the criminals hands...

Mother Jones
Hans J Wiegert Hans J Wiegert 2 days ago

So if Guns Kill People, Pencils Missspell Words, Cars Drive Drunk, and Spoons Make People Fat

Mother Jones
developertest01 developertest01 2 days ago

Sometimes it does not help the gun control lobby when they
are ill informed. For instance " a bill to legalize silencers". Lets
take a step back and talk about what a "Silencer" really is. It is
not the long tubular device you see on television, that makes firearms sound
like a blowgun with a minuscule (thup). In actuality, they are safety devices.
They do not silence a firearm discharge, they reduce the decibels to
non-harmful, or lessen the harmfulness of the sound when firearms are discharged.
These people claim, they do not
have a problem with self defense, so for the purpose of discussion, I will take
them at their word. Discharging a firearm in a car, or in a small room in a
house (especially with tile floors), could cause permanent hearing
loss/impairment at the decibel level many common firearms emit.

There is serious dis-ingenuousness when the term "Gun
Safety" is thrown around by these folks, and they turn around and try to enact legislation to make guns more dangerous.