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3 things you love (&hate) about your current wheels

The most interesting machines are those actually owned by people. Share a picture of your wheels and tell us a little bit about why you love it (and what bugs you most about it). Let's get to know each other a bit, shall we?

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Neil Neil 9 hours ago
My daily is a 2002 Lexus IS200 Sport Aero. Bought it as I needed to take my Vw Corrado G60 off the road to fit Air Ride Suspension. I love the looks, the quality and the value for…
Sullys Pops Sullys Pops 2 hours ago

2012 Mazda Mazda3 5 door (hatchback) This was the car that I had been eyeballing for about 5 years. I would see them and couldn't stop staring. When my daily was having issues, I went straight to the Mazda dealer. About 6 months later I sold my original daily driver as well as my motorcycle. They hadn't moved an inch since I got the Mazda. Rules of the car without exception, no eating, drinking, burping, or farting in my car. Even the kids know the rules. She has slightly high mileage but is still pretty pristine. My wife says it still smells like a new car every time she gets in. I think I will probably have it for some time to come.

Crackedupmonk Crackedupmonk 2 hours ago

I drive a '75 Ford Ranchero. She's got a 351 M ridin' her chassi, has less rust than any other original 75 I've seen, and I guarantee she has more miles on her than any sane man would like. But she also attracts more attention from the opposite sex than any sane man can handle!

The only thing that bit my arse, so far, is nearly everything involved in complete rework from the lines to to the pumps to the rotors to the pads! Let me tell you, 30+ year old brake systems are a pain to replace, especially when the two owners it had before me, knew NOTHING about cars!

I'm actually considering moving from this horrible climate just so I can continue to drive my Rose! She is the first car I paid for in full, the first under my name, and I hope to god she'll be with me till the end....

Lucinda Jezzebelle Blackletter Lucinda Jezzebelle Blackletter 31 minutes ago

I have a visual impairment so I can not legally drive and have had a professional driver for several years now. Over the past couple months, my driver has now evolved into my significant other. So I would have to say, my heart not only belongs to him, but, to his 2015 Lincoln MKS in Tuxedo black, (and the previous vehicles), which brought us together. It may only be a livery vehicle, but it wont be soon forgotten. :)

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