Current Status: Angry Because Bills

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pottershand pottershand 4 hours ago
I still hate paying income tax. wasn't that the question?
bellawings bellawings 11 minutes ago

I refuse to pay high prices for cell phone service. After being ripped by Verizon and Tmobile for years, I finally found a company called puretalkusa. 5 dollars a freaking month but I have now upgraded to $10 a month for more minutes and another $10 I just recently added because of data. No taxes. $10 dollars means $10 dollars PERIOD.

I will also never understand (unless you are under contract) why people pay for cable like they do. Luckily, we're not that into TV shows. NETFLIX and a few other FREEEEEE places I won't say here... provide all the movies and tv shows we need. To be fair, I even tried Amazon Prime but didn't make sense to me so I cancelled.

Home phone prices? SILLY! If you have internet at home, get something like a MAGICJACK and call it a day. Works just fine.

Otherwise, Rent/mortgage, electric, gas and water are mandatory.

I do feel for people who have ridiculous medical bills though. My heart goes out to you. I get it... that and those paying insane student loans (which is a rip off IMO).

Otherwise, I think when you continue to pay outrageous prices for things that are not that mandatory ESPECIALLY when other alternatives exist... you have to be a glutton for punishment.

ronny ronny 15 minutes ago

Overall, I HATE the electrical bill the most It is as if the Light Company can see you half the time. In Winter they advise us to keep your thermostat below 69/70, and our heat doesn't run at 70 at all. Then when it does it's only for short bursts with untold hours in between, which then means I have to turn it up just to feel the heat, which drives my bill up to $130 or better in Winter. This Winter our Light Bill topped out at $279 and change, but in the Summer it usually comes down because stranger still, the Air can run at or above 70, which drives the Bill down. I am also not too fond of The Cable Bill either, the cable company I am currently with recently made news when they decided to drop Viacom from their package and I'm like, "Surely the bill should go down." NOPE! WRONG! That stupid bill went up too and due to the apartment lease, I can't switch providers. AWFUL, simply AWFUL.

Brewblaz Brewblaz 30 minutes ago

My yearly school taxes, they go up year after year, the budget gets rammed down the taxpayers throat wih no recourse. Even when the budget does gets blocked, the teachers union comes out and screams, "oh how is little Johnny going to learn if the budget is blocked". Translation "we need to keep getting raises and increasing our pensions and health benefits, while the private sector pays for it".

The US Is the World’s Largest Producer of Corn, So Why Are We Importing More?

The US Is the World’s Largest Producer of Corn, So Why Are We Importing More?

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the Jews control the FDA and both houses of congress, they are milking the West DRY, History repeats itself

yankee2 yankee2 2 hours ago

"Almost all of the corn raised in the US is genetically modified?" Why is that? Is it because nobody grows any other kind, voluntarily, or is it because those companies' GM genes have escaped into the general corn population? It happens every time a breeze blows pollen from GM corn to wild-type (i.e. regular, non-GM) corn, and they are very hard to get back out. THAT is what I think is the most insidious hazard from GM crops... NOT that they produce subtly poisonous or otherwise harmful food, but that they compromise the entire species and likely genus and family genomes to which they belong. Someday, a disease will come along, and due to Genetic Modifications that were made, ALL. the corn will die out. It's possible. Companies like Monsanto are suing regional farmers whose crops are found to contain GM genes. The farmers should sue Monsanto for polluting its crops! Before long, there won't be any non-GM corn or most other crops anywhere in the world. Who will be to blame? all the big Agri-businesses, like Monsanto, which put them out there. Who wants to bet they haven't taken prophylactic legal measures to be sure that they cannot be held legally responsible for the damage they've done?

Obama Quagmire Obama Quagmire an hour ago

Obama has sent millions of jobs overseas, why not corn

The Best Gear for Travel

The Best Gear for Travel

Game of Thrones: S5.E2 "The House of Black and White" Post-Episode Discussion

The Problem with Cheat Days

The Problem with Cheat Days

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MyFitnessPal Blog
Jim Jim 2 days ago
Or you could have a "refeed" day instead of a cheat day. People think, "oh I can eat this entire pizza." No, those aren't the calories you want to indulge in on your "off" day. Inst…
MyFitnessPal Blog
Ellis Boyd Ellis Boyd 3 hours ago

I let go of the calorific foods. I eat the bad stuff at christmas, easter, someone's birthday etc. Probably 10-12 days a year. Other than that I really don't.

In the end you must choose between eating bad, feeling bad and looking bad, or eating good, feeling good and looking good.

Unless you make the decision to be a different person, you are wasting your time at the gym, stressing yourself out losing 10lbs only to gain it back again plus more. What's the point? Just enjoy your food, avoid mirrors & scales and be happy.

MyFitnessPal Blog
Amber Halvorsen Amber Halvorsen 2 hours ago

There's nothing wrong with cheat days. Don't let these articles dictate your diet. If cheat days work for you and help you stay on track keep doing it. I was avoiding cheat days because people kept hammering it into my brain that they were bad. Then I started doing cheat days and I dieted more regularly and kept that day as a goal. If I went over my calories on one of the days before my cheat day then I couldn't have the cheat day. Yes I have fast food on my cheat days because there's nothing at MdD's or Chick Fil A that's satisfying that's under 600 calories. And if I get that chicken sandwich yes I want the damn fries too!!! And that's what I eat on my cheat days.

MyFitnessPal Blog
ScoutItOut999 ScoutItOut999 2 hours ago

Bottom line for me is stick to moderation best you can. I did weight watchers for many years and this helped to become more conscious of moderation and what it "costs" to binge!

Should every school class be a computer coding class?

Should every school class be a computer coding class?

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Hechinger Report
Jack Jack 3 hours ago

I strongly disagree!

Children should be let to choose their own paths so to say. Let them choose what they w…

Hechinger Report
Timothy Lee Notgrass Timothy Lee Notgrass 3 hours ago

Well i couldnt agree more with it. The world will forever be geared toward change and advancements into the future. We, as humans owe it to our future generations to teach our children any and all applicable learning skills. Think about was calculated that we only use around 10% of out brains capacity, i can assume that that is our knowledge resource consumption and ability to learn...we shouldnt set a margin because of preconsumed notions of getting fat and lazy. Science( the propriotor of our knowledge) has taken so many turns in technologies and advancements in learning over the last 20 yrs that we can only apply the assumption that we are evolving..the robitics systems are bringing our manual labos industry to a halt and we know have the machines helping us to apply reasoning factors and logistics....its a machine age and our continuence apon advancement and knowledge in our children and future generations to come will determine our inheritance of survival and limitations that will otherwise enevitably lead to our extinction if not our own extermination.

Hechinger Report
CyberEmpress (SD) CyberEmpress (SD) 2 hours ago

as a person studied computer science... depends on what level you will be loading them with. If you push them into coding they might hate it as well. There are two types of people who enjoy the area. The ones who finds it exciting from start and the ones with prejudice but like it as they go more into it. So for the latter type, they might be scared before they figure out. But i think teaching them to make simple games on console applications later some with ui design as a team project they will enjoy it a lot. Most of us get that sort of beginner education at first year of university. But there is a huge load of information goes through you then. So personally speaking of my class, we didn't really have enough time to enjoy it because of narrow schedule.
To me, it's a great idea. Even minor courses of computer science is packed on its own at this era of technology. Also most of kids know how to use, or practical to learn how to use most of the applications on their own. So if the computer science education is laid around the middle school and high school atcertain level, the minor and major studies will be more efficient. Also this gives kids better sense in technology use, as we see most of them are using it only for social purpose; plus increases the quality of endusers.

Drake In Real Life

Drake In Real Life

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queb queb 5 days ago
But did you toss his salad?
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atflutter atflutter 20 hours ago

Its splendid :)

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