Tim Profeta

Tim Profeta is the founding director of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. Since 2005, the Institute has grown into a major non-partisan player in key environmental debates, serving both the public and private sectors with sound understanding of complex environmental issues. Prior to his arrival at Duke, Profeta served as counsel for the environment to Sen. Joseph Lieberman. As Lieberman's counsel, he was a principal architect of the Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act of 2003. He also represented Lieberman in legislative negotiations pertaining to environmental and energy issues, as well as coordinating the senator's energy and environmental portfolio during his runs for national office. At the institute, Profeta has continued to worked with Congress to develop a cap-and-trade program. The Institute's other work ranges from economic analyses of climate scenarios for a variety of stakeholder groups, to a proposal tackling the challenges of a carbon offsets market in a cap-and-trade system, to developing a climate change plan for the state of Utah. Profeta teaches a course on Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change with the Duke Executive Education Program.