Rich Deming

Charlotte, NC & Washington, DC
Rich Deming is a partner at the Power Resource Group and Shift Equity, two firms dedicated to the profitable implementation of renewable energy technology--PRG focuses on technology, and Shift on finance. After receiving his master's in journalism at the University of Missouri, Rich started his career covering government at the statehouse level--watching how the sausage gets made--and then covering international business for a year from Budapest, Hungary. After many diversions--like working as a U.N election observer in Central America-- Rich settled into a career of serial entrepreneurialism, building a construction company in Florida before becoming fascinated with renewable energy and waste around 2001. He has been awarded patents, started biofuel cooperatives, and founded several clean energy companies--some successful and some not-so-much, but all great learning experiences. Mostly, he has learned that the perfect is the enemy of the good, creating a feedstock from waste always feels nice and sometimes makes money, and extremism in defense of anything is usually just a bad idea.