Jesse Jenkins

Jesse is a leading energy and climate policy analyst and advocate and manages the Breakthrough Institute's Energy and Climate Program. He is the lead author or co-author of numerous reports and analysis including "Energy Emergence: Rebound and Backfire as Emergent Phenomena," "Where Good Technologies Come From," "Post-Partisan Power," "Strengthening Clean Energy Competitiveness," "Rising Tigers, Sleeping Giant," "Jumpstarting a Clean Energy Revolution with a National Institutes of Energy," and widely cited analysis Congressional climate change legislation. Jesse previously co-directed Breakthrough Generation, the Institute's youth leaders initiative, and prior to joining Breakthrough in June 2008, worked at the Renewable Northwest Project to advance the development of the Pacific Northwest's abundant renewable energy potential. He is founder and chief editor of WattHead - Energy News and Commentary and is a featured writer at Jesse is a graduate of the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon, where he completed an interdisciplinary course of study in computer science, philosophy, political science & energy studies.