Gina Burkhardt
Gina Burkhardt is executive vice president of American Institutes for Research (AIR), one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. AIR, a not-for-profit organization, conducts and applies research in the areas of education, health, international development, and work and training to improve people's lives and well-being, with a special emphasis on the disadvantaged. Burkhardt's expertise includes leadership, organizational development and systems change, district and school improvement, and policy research. She led the transformation of the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, a single federally funded contract, to Learning Point Associates, a nonprofit education research and consulting organization providing research-based solutions and tools as well as policy guidance to states, districts, foundations, corporations, and the federal government. Under her leadership as chief executive officer, Learning Point Associates grew to an organization with a $35 million annual operating budget, a staff of 150, and offices in four states. Learning Point Associates merged with AIR in August 2010. A lifelong educator, Burkhardt began her career as a middle school mathematics and science teacher in upstate New York. Since then, she has held positions in higher education, managed school reform projects at the regional educational laboratories, and consulted nationally and internationally on education policy and practice as well as education systems design. Burkhardt completed her doctoral coursework in educational psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has authored publications and has given presentations on 21st century learning environments, data-driven decision making, and the demand for effective research and development in education. She holds several key professional appointments, which include serving as a board member for the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and for the Knowledge Alliance (formerly the National Education Knowledge Industry Association). She is a past board member of the Consortium on Chicago School Research at the University of Chicago and currently is a member of the board of directors for Editorial Projects in Education, which publishes Education Week.