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Seaweed222 • 8 years ago

Could it be all the GMOs in the food???

Hammerstrike • 8 years ago

Could it be that natural selection can only be delayed?

reve888 • 5 years ago

It's not natural selection. There is no fittest. We all decay. Nothing evolves to something better.

tryingtolearn • 7 years ago

then why like 100 years ago people don't have these mass pandemic of this degenerating DNA?

reve888 • 3 years ago

It's not a mass pandemic. It's a slow, steady decline. People 100 years ago had damaged genes. Why do you think people had genetic diseases, like hemophilia?

Josh • 5 years ago

it's called extinction man

Brockton Stewart • 6 years ago

Earth's population has nearly tripled in the last 100 years, that is a lot of breeding, and science has come a long way since then.

tryingtolearn • 6 years ago

How does the population affect the genetics as the genes goes?
It doesnt,generation and population are 2 different things

GnomeCoach • 6 years ago

Sorry, but the Earth's human population has tripled to 7.26-billion people during my 68 years on this planet. It took 200,000 years for modern humans to increase to 1-billion in 1803. The vast majority, of those 7.26-billion, including most highly educated people, are completely clueless to this exponential increase. One reason is that it has become taboo to discuss overpopulation and population control.

m_marchant • 4 years ago

That's an interesting point but not relevant. Nevertheless, if we look at the mathematics of the growth of human population, then humanity hasn't been around that long. See this perspective from this guy. https://evoillusion.org/the...

GnomeCoach • 4 years ago

The above link takes the reader to Stephen T. Blume’s recent book promotion. Based upon this, and past books by this author, it is clear he is trying to push for the typical Fundamentalist Christian Creationist perspective. These are people who feel intimidated by the broadly accepted understanding of evolution of the species because it clashes with the fundamental beliefs at the core of their social interactions.

Under the author’s article many heaped scorn on his arguments. Below is a comment left on Amazon.com.

A short look in the book shows that Blume knows little about the topic of evolution. He is attacking a mirage, but not the modern Theory of Evolution. Case in point: He compares ape skulls and human skulls, finds them to be different (shock!) and concludes that common descent must be an illusion. Well, maybe he should have taken a look at an infant chimp's skull. They are remarkably close to a human skull in proportion, and all that's necessary to get from a chimp to a human is to keep those proportions.

This is called "neoteny" and is a common hypothesis about human evolution, supported by, among others, Stephen Jay Gould and J.B.S. Haldane, two of the most famous biologists of all time. How could Blume not know about this? Why did he ignore it?

Blume is ignorant about the Modern Theory of Evolution. If you want to learn how it works, get a book written by a "believer" (ie. biologist). You don't have to believe it, but you have to understand if you want to disprove it. You cannot understand it by reading Blume's book.

As an aside, if this is supposed to be a serious scientific work, shouldn't Blume try to avoid disparaging remarks?

Since I wrote my initial comment the world’s human population as risen to above 7.5 billion. There is no end in sight especially in a world where considering this issue is often treated as a taboo topic.

The vast majority of the world's still growing population of 7.5-billion people are likely to reject my and similar comments in favor of blind positivism. Most people have strong vested interests in doing so which can include their strong reliance upon ancient religious texts, or having a heavy investment in their offspring. It's become increasingly clear that many people reject evidence that doesn't support their existing deeply entrenched worldview. For them, maintaining these views is far more important than the trashed future our offspring will be inheriting.

Graph of human population from 10,000 BCE – 2000 CE

David Suzuki speaks about overpopulation

How the world went from 170 million people to 7.3 billion, in one map

Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact

Human overpopulation

PDuncan12345 • 4 years ago

Genetics and population are two different things.

GnomeCoach • 4 years ago

Correct. Genetics, especially in higher organisms such as homo sapiens, tends to change at a much slower rate than the Earth's human population is growing. A collapse of our specie's population is likely to take place within a generation, or two. The vast majority of Earth's current 7.5 billion people are generally clueless about the following information. Those, who have been closely following the latest evidence about Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) effects, provided by a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, understand that humans will likely go extinct by the year 2030 and they will leave this planet's life support systems destroyed for much of the rest of the life we happened to be on Earth with.

Graph of human population from 10,000 BCE – 2000 CE

David Suzuki speaks about overpopulation

How the world went from 170 million people to 7.3 billion, in one map

Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact

Earth Is In The Early Days Of A New Mass-Extinction Event, Researchers Warn

The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends

Watch 26 Years of Arctic Ice Disappear in Seconds

This Animation Lets You Watch Global Warming Heat Up Over 166 Years

A Horrifying New Study Found that the Ocean is on its Way to Suffocating by 2030

Climate change could plunge tens of millions of city dwellers into poverty by 2031

Scientists “too frightened” to tell truth on climate impacts

The Threat of Global Warming causing Near-Term Human Extinction
Temperature, carbon dioxide and methane

Atmospheric CO2 Rocketed to 405.6 ppm Yesterday — A Level not Seen in 15 Million Years

reve888 • 3 years ago

And that means more damage from bad copies of DNA and more pollution, and more damage.

reve888 • 3 years ago

There is no natural selection, except that those genes that already existed are selected for some specific environment, and some other genes die out, due to lack of births or poor adaptation of those genes to the environment and, eventually, between the death of variety and the gene mutations that are caused through damage, that almost always cause disease (which is why you can't marry your cousin), our species will continue to decay. Darwin was WRONG with capital letters. There is variety and adaptation based on the genes already present in humans, and once those gene varieties are lost or damaged, nothing will repair them or elevate them to another level of existence. Darwin's dream was not based on genetics. It was an idea, and one that is not backed up by the science of today.

Don Fernando de SF • 3 years ago

There is micro evolution, but never macro/mega evolution, the morphing to different species. Mega evolution can't be tested or observed; it therefore belongs in philosophy class, not science. Eg, take a look at Stephen Gould's magnum opus. 1,400 pages he heaps ample criticism at 'creationists' but doesn't provide any evidence for mega evolution. The sad thing is that there is bait and switch (BS) where micro evolution is switched for mega in the general public's mind. Empirical science sheds light on Darwin's et al conjectures masquerading as science -- the very charge they bring to empirical scientists who believe that God (infinite intelligence/power) is responsible for creation, not random chance. The obvious fact of mutational meltdown is that mutations are lethal -- this is shown throughout the entire human race.
* And what of chemical reactions creating life? Again, zero proof and zero chance. Eg would be protein molecule that must have 100 amino acids in perfect sequence (some have more, none have less than 50). There is 1 in 10^130 chance of this by accident. There are 10^80 molecules in the universe! Such miracles apply to every molecule, every particle. If an intelligence broadcasted a string of 20 sequential numbers, the obvious first thought would be this is not an accident. How can one then hypothesize that 100 amino acids in perfect sequence is not evidence of intelligence?
* Or take the first living cell. Assuming it self-created (much more than 1 in 10^130), it would be required to develop the ability to reproduce, otherwise there would be no second cell, and so on. Impossibilities on top of impossibilities.

Nordic guy • 4 years ago

Alcohol, tobacco, fast food, meat, sugar, other toxins, lack of exercise and too little natural plant based food if of course going to damage genetic pool and health. It's already happening at alarming rate.

PDuncan12345 • 4 years ago

No. Genetically modified foods have SAVED people from extinction. They make food BETTER, more productive, and more nutritious.

Kendall Shrock • 4 years ago

Total, complete hogwash. Take it from a former GMO corn breeder. Non GMO grains are out performing GMOs on all fronts when managed correctly. In Yield, in nutrition, in crop health etc.... GMOs are nothing but copyrighting genetics and trying to corner a market.

mleblanc138 • 8 years ago

The Second Coming will most likely happen before any extinction of humanity. And upon resurrection, every last one of these "mutations" will disappear from everyone.

reve888 • 5 years ago

That is something to look forward to. I Corinthians 15:54-57 - But when this perishable will have put on the imperishable, and this mortal will have put on immortality, then will come about the saying that is written, "DEATH IS SWALLOWED UP in victory. O DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR VICTORY? O DEATH, WHERE IS YOUR STING? The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law; but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.…"

PDuncan12345 • 4 years ago

You're completely brainwashed. The bible is a fairy tale that contradicts itself hundreds of times, and there is ZERO evidence that Jesus ever existed. And just for the record, why would a god send a son to earth to die for people's sins... people who he HAD to know would sin since according to people like you god made us... instead of just flooding the earth again and wiping out all sin like he supposedly did before??? THE BIBLE IS A BIG FAT LIE and so is religion.

Milton Meisner • 4 years ago

Always pretend superiority to 'convince' others you are superior (yeah, "brainwashed" earns you 10 points right?) Back up just a little about your Jesus existence denial. Even Roman antagonists remarked about Jesus in their writings. Publius Lentulus to the Roman Senate for instance. The Roman historian and senator Tacitus gave an authentic parallel to the gospel record on several key points. If you are asking why . . . why did Jesus die? Just read the gospels accounts. Even if you are not a person of faith, you can understand the political pressures behind the crucifixion. Jesus made himself subject to humanities stage, faced down every human dilemma with the truth, especially the one about his kingship, which was a Roman Capital offense and to the Jewish orthodoxy blasphemy. That is all it would take in 33 AD to get crucified. Sin is a complex idea, but it's easy to observe. History does not attest to humanities ascent into moral superiority, it attests to its decent into wars, slavery, gross political agendas, greed and unparalleled relentless psychopathy. You might be a little arrogant PDuncan12345, arrogance sometimes stands in as the fall guy for ignorance, but I'll admit there ARE lies in religion . . . they are many . . . but in the errors of alchemy one can find chemistry and religion too,
is not necessarily where one needs to start either. God is a big enough possibility that He warrants our exploration. Christ did not just die. He rose again . . . that would take a pretty advanced technology . . . but that's really what human life is too . . . part of a very advanced technology. Imagine eternal life, but not just eternal life, an eternally happy life. The early apostles saw Jesus do things that they did not recant of even through torture. That, is an unusual thing in itself, but they reported the same things as true, also an unusual thing for fictitious inventions. You just sound mad . . . why?

David Compton • 4 years ago

More important, before you condemn the majority in this country at least read the very book you are assaulting. Here is the true Christian view: When Adam ate of the fruit of knowledge mankind inherited death. Before that second we were created with eternal life. My belief is that when Adam ate the fruit GOD set into motion or dna degenerating resulting in the eventual death of mankind unless HE made a way for us to live again. It is difficult to believe we started off from anything other than perfect especially when you view the fact that as a human race we are deteriorating very quickly. Remember a day is as a thousand years to GOD. GOD sent HIS SON that whoever believes in HIM will live forever, and to set right the perfect life that was lost. The WORD is like a two edged sword penetrating to the very marrow of your bones. What is in the marrow of your bones? Stem cells and your dna. So when the Word of GOD penetrates your dna it changes your dna and you forever. The world view is the very opposite of GOD's view. The world says our planet is moving closer to the sun but reality is we are moving farther away. The world says that our planet is getting warming but reality is our planet is getting colder. The world teaches hate and division to stay alive but the truth is that hate and division causes rejection and stress which brings death. The World teaches that we need to find new technologies to stay alive, but the truth is that the technologies to go 300 miles to the gallon, Stop 70 % of carbon emissions, Give the world electricity that is basically free at the same cost as half of the United States National Debt. And the list goes on and on.

Uncle Ron • 2 years ago

Dear neighbor:
___I ask a small favor of you - - from those “hundreds” of biblical “BIG FAT LIES” and “contradictions” that you mention, select your favorite 29 or 30 examples, and publish the list. If you will do that, then I will explain each of them to you, using only small words and citing my references, authorities, and sources.
___You will see, assuming your willingness to see, that all 30 “contradictions” are merely perceived, not actual. Not historical. Not logical. Not truthful.

Uncle Ron
// eaddress is “shallbecaughtup” plus @ icloud plus dot plus com
(Your list will receive my immediate and respectful attention.)

Don Fernando de SF • 3 years ago

The A-list minds of history have been largely Christians. Scientific revolution by Newton, Pasteur, Boyle, Faraday, dozens of others -- who either formulated the major scientific disciplines or were chief innovators: chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy, genetics, geology, etc. Greatest classical composers, greatest artists, greatest writers: see Shakespeare's last will and testament and his gravestone: "My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." This genius of writing knew the Bible could not have been written by mere humans. Even warfare: Commander of Pearl Harbor attack and Gen. Doolittle raider became Christians after the war and met as brothers. Even Napoleon said, "I know men, and Jesus Christ is no mere man. He is at the apex of all who have ever lived." (paraphrase). Two of the greatest lawyers: Sir Lionel Lucknoo, Guiness Book top lawyer. An atheist he was challenged to test the legal / historical evidence of Jesus' resurrection. After years, he concluded, "Christ absolutely rose from the dead, without any doubt whatsoever." (paraphrase)/. Simon Greenleaf wrote the 'bible' of legal evidence, and likewise tested and proved the historicity of the Bible.
One problem is that many take the easy Dan Brown approach. The 'scholars' such as Jesus Seminar have been cited as embarrassments to serious scholarship. The 'higher criticism' was heavily influenced by Marx. It was imported to U.S. by John Rockefeller in his Union Theological seminary/church.
An example would be a Russian speaker. And then comes along someone who doesn't know Russian, but goes on Wikipedia, etc. and attacks the Russian language as a myth. Instead of spending years of study as did Lionel Luckhoo, many just accept Dan Brown's "The Bible was written by men, my dear" hook, line etc.
One final example is the Book of Daniel and its prophecy written 500 BC of Jesus' exact date of birth and death. See Jews for Jesus: there is no viable argument that Daniel was written later than 530 BC.

reve888 • 3 years ago

Are you trying to convince others of Jesus' non existence or yourself? Just repeating stuff you heard or enjoy believing without knowing anything about the topic that you are talking about doesn't make you very convincing to anyone but yourself. It also makes you appear brainwashed, since you are talking like you know something about which you clearly have no factual information. No historian would agree with you that Jesus never existed. You clearly need to put some effort into your argument. Don't join a debate team.

Natalie Crimson • 4 years ago

The Bible is NOT a lie don't be a bigot and RESPECT. An example:Can you see the Wind?? No but you know its there. Right. God can not be seen but he's there. Evolution thinking that a monkey transforms into a person. Lol when have you seen a monkey transform to something else. An Explosion. It doesn't create anything it destroys. God is REAL we will all see him in the End.

some guy • 4 years ago

pretty nonsense position you have there http://www.bethinking.org/j...

PDuncan12345 • 4 years ago

Sorry, but yours is a total delusion. There is no second coming because there was no first coming either.

Theodore • 8 years ago

Christ will return before that happens.

Brockton Stewart • 6 years ago

They've been saying that for a couple thousand years bud.

Natalie Crimson • 4 years ago

No one whens those that say they do are wrong. No where does it say when it will happen. It only says sickness, diseases, starvation, and Nation will rise against Nation. War... hunger... Sickness... Deaths.... WW3

Wyatt Polinko • 6 years ago

keep on believing in your fairy tales kiddo

Natalie Crimson • 4 years ago

It's not a fairytale. God created mankind. He predicted everything and it's all happening. You keep on believing that a monkey transformed to a human being. Or that a Explosion made everything. Explosions don't create they destroy. Stop smoking weed. Drugs shrink your non existant brain. You don't have a brain. If you did you would use it. Wind can not be seen but it's there same with God. Ignorance is contagious. So Don't reply. I won't answer.

mike • 6 years ago

Keep on supporting fagits atheist.

VTOL Warship • 4 years ago

just stop.

mike • 4 years ago

Stop what???

VTOL Warship • 4 years ago

stop insulting each other.

PDuncan12345 • 4 years ago

There is no Christ. In a time period that was highly documented there is ZERO evidence of anyone called Jesus a supposed Savior. No scrolls, no books, no records, no documents. The ONLY place Jesus is discussed is in the made up bible.

Red • 4 years ago

Ah, the old straw man logical error. Your link beats down a long disproven forgery in Josephus.and you ignore the reference to Jesus in antiquities 29: 9:1 very clever. " Josephus Scholar Louis H Feldman has stated that, "few have doubted the genuineness of Josephus reference to Jesus in antiquities 20: 9 1." And it is only tisputed by a small number of scholars. I am sure that you are one of those scholars.

11Hotel • 8 years ago

Not sure what kind of Christian the author is, but as with the article on the Sun's demise, this doesn't really matter as God's plan for the future is already laid out in Scripture. In this regard, it is infinitely better to be concerned with your eternal destiny...

TelFiRE • 8 years ago

And there you go ahead and hit the nail on the head as to my biggest problem with religion. Here you are, facing the potential EXTINCTION OF HUMANITY, and you say "Well, it doesn't matter, surely it's just part of God's plan". Ever think God's plan might be for us to get up off our ass and do something about it, and stop being dogmatic good for nothing whiners who do nothing but complain about how other people live their life?

He WhoSee's • 7 years ago

"Ever think God's plan might be for us to get up off our a** and do
something about it, and stop being dogmatic good for nothing whiners who
do nothing but complain about how other people live their life?"

Okay Mr Hammer and Sickle: 1: don't you DARE claim to know what God's plan is or isn't ESPECIALLY if you have not read or understand His word. 2: I find it funny that you're calling out us for worrying how other people live their lives when you're calling 11Hotel for how he lives his own life. You do know that that whole 'cast the first stone' thing goes both ways equally. 3: If you're the best humanity can offer to 'fix' this potentially devastating problem (that I'm fairly certain runs counter to the humanist/evolutionary narrative that we're supposed to be getting better over time) then we're doomed. Then again, we've always been doomed and all attempts for humanity to fix itself by itself have tended to succumb to the law of decay much like we will with our growing genetic deterioration.

Demode • 7 years ago

You guys are all nuts.

Natalie Crimson • 4 years ago

You are. They are not offending you so why the hate?? Christophobic. Satanic fool.

Demode • 4 years ago

God bless Satan :)

Natalie Crimson • 4 years ago

GOD BLESS CHRISTIANS👏 Satan will not reign for long he will go to Hell along with all the people like you.👊

Demode • 4 years ago

Satan is my co-pilot.

reve888 • 3 years ago

That'll be one hot ride.