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yoyijian . • 10 years ago

1) I don't agree with this article.
2) I think Taiwanese is definitely happier than us. They have bigger space, more resources, more beautiful scenery & highly cultured.
3) Probably most parts of China, eventhough poorer, are still happier than us.
4) Hong Kong may be less happy than us because they are having similar problems with us, with other additional problems.
5) Just look at our faces, esp. those middle-aged. How often you see us laughing?

jessie • 10 years ago

This is an absurd article. It insults our intelligence. Happiness can
never be from an outside source. Straits Times, please improve on
your articles and surveys.

Lawrence Lee • 10 years ago

yalor, we are supposed to be grateful for the job to hold up the Sampan 2.0 on our heads. No need to pay to go Underwater World.....

guess123456789 • 10 years ago

Ok, new foreigners coming in......

survey sceptical • 10 years ago

Seems to me that this is the usual Chinese cultural fascination with money - the general assumption being that affluence correlates with happiness. It would be interesting to ask expats, Malays and Indians whether they think Singapore is a happy place. And why not ask all these maids and construction workers too. Then you might get a more balanced view.

STOnliner2 • 10 years ago

I do not think the Chinese are a majority race in Singapore now, so survey is not quite relevant?

Guest • 10 years ago

Why think? Go and do research on sing stats and you'll find you need to educate yourself. A lot of trigger happy keyboard warriors.

Seymour Asherbut • 10 years ago

i m haapy when i hv my curry fishhead ; i m happy when polyclinic gives me free medicine ; i m happy when coe is $90k ; i m happy when hdb is $1 million ; i m happy i don't do conscription ; i m happy when rm is rm 2.89 2 sg$1.00 ; i m happy whne i can fish at labrador ; i m happy when stupid people can't win with fiction; i m happy....

R.lee • 10 years ago

Happy ppl ??tke a look at their faces every mornng ..ha

chongkooifoh • 10 years ago

I told you so

Blade69 • 10 years ago

Why they always come up with this type of articel? is it to taunt Singaporeans who are "not happy?"

Jousterr • 10 years ago

Happy over what? Money? Food? lodging? our government?

If our government, then, why there was a big swing of votes during the 2011 GE?

kwokhua72 • 10 years ago

Because our citizens are purely obsessed with this western notion of having a opposition to check the government. This notion overrides or clouded the fact that we are only a small nation with limited talent. The PAP may have grown complacent and made certain mistakes, but they have done lots more good than harm (in fact, what harm can you think of?) We should give them credit for trying their best to do their best to listen to the citizens' needs. And, at the same time, we should understand that certain unpopular policies are made for the good of the nation, eg. bringing in foreign talents, high COE prices etc. Can we Singaporeans get ourselves out of this "complaining" mode and instead ask what is really good for our nation?

jessie • 10 years ago

We have an inefficient govt. ! Our once efficient transport system is breaking down almost daily,
our education system has to be supported by a parallel tuition system, our so called costly public housing depletes the citizens' CPF funds,
our healthcare which citizens have to pay for future
needs. Our beautiful island home has been overrun by foreigners. This has got nothing to do with a "western notion" . The reason is because we had an efficient
govt. in the past and are able to compare!

huaiwei • 10 years ago

I may agree that the ruling party has done more good than harm, but I would throw out your argument about Singapore not needing an opposition due to our small population and "lack of talent". That's parroted crap coming from the ruling party's mouth.

Singapore may be a small country by area, but we are not small by population size. At about 5 million, we are bigger than Norway, Ireland, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Croatia, etc, etc, which all have far more liberal democracies with pluralistic governments.

Even Nauru, the world's second smallest country by population with 9,945 persons (besides the Vatican) is not short of political talent, with a highly liberal democracy, four active parties and most candidates standing as independents.

So how in the world can a country with over 5 million claim it is short of political talent? The fact that so many here are so politically inept that they can buy this government propaganda is probably one explanation.

Lee Liat Kuan • 10 years ago

Yes, you are right. I want to suggest to our friend, why don't we adopt China's one party system, since he implies having an "opposition party" is a Western idea! That should be "oriental" enough for him, eh!

Lee Liat Kuan • 10 years ago

Yeah friend, how about quadrupling our population to about 13 million in 5 years time? (just counting S'pore citizens only)
How about $300,000 for a small car COE in 5 years time?
How about $30 ERP charge to get into the city and another $30 to park for an hour in 5 years time?
How about $3m for a 5 room resale flat in 5 years time?
The above 4 items must be really good for Singapore! I'm learning to think "positively"...

hub_bo • 10 years ago

4000 people may just be 1000 people/country.
but china has 1.3bn people.

Lee Liat Kuan • 10 years ago

Just for laughs...
The pastor's lost disciple...

Lee Liat Kuan • 10 years ago

Just for laughs...

Guest • 10 years ago


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