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KS Prasad • 3 years ago


Ancient States were generally ruled by a King. He was a civilian leader. There were many instances of the King being overthrown by his Senapati but all coups had a common trigger: a weak king. The British, after their arrival, changed the significance
of the princely, king lead, states and dough-kneaded India into a resource controlled by a corporation (Well East India Company was primarily a business). When swaraj came, we rightfully imposed the civilian leadership over the military. Lessons learnt from history.

The fact remains that the Indian Army or what it became after the British Indian Army was regularized, was on the opposite side of the freedom struggle. When power and
responsibilities were being divided after 1947, fear and doubt remained as to where
the Indian soldier was to be placed in this new societal order. Unfazed, the Indian Soldier went on doing what he always does; follow orders A & do his best.

Later in the century, the Slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan gave our leadership two ‘givens’. Both the occupational clans were expected to toil patriotically, without expecting
anything more than the intangible honour. While we evolved as a democracy, economic changes came at social costs. If the last decade is any hint, the power
equations are coming full circle. A weak leadership has recently felt the first tremor of the military men knocking the doors of politics. When Narendra Modi addressed a sea of retired service personnel at Rewari, the heat was noticed by both the political and bureaucratic leadership. While we all, just like the 9 pm clowns in TV, can keep discussing the efficacy of General VK Singh and his pros and cons. The fact remains that he has acted and with him, the ex servicemen have acted too. Our reaction to this has been just cheap talk or cheaper still, ‘tweets’.

Our search for the ‘perfect leader’ has made us accommodate mediocrity in the time being. But the weak leader is now bound to face an Army of righteousness as a foe within. Now this is not like the ‘Coup’ that Shekhar Gupta Ji wants us to believe, it’s more like the ‘Yes We Can’ chant that placed a Black as the leader of America.
Should we be worried of rejoice?

The merit of civilian supremacy comes from the reality of Fuzzy Logic that governs societies against the quantized, irrevocable military rules that wars are fought with. It is hence not a mere requirement, but mandatory. Joining the political process is today’s answer for internal cleansing our systems. So, if the military guys want to do it, it is evolution and not revolution. Adapting to the rules of democracy is the
intelligent way forward and can fairly propagate inclusive growth in a fractured society. The clue needs to be picked up by more dormant groups who only complain, never act.

Military leadership is not an answer to a weak civilian leadership. A strong civilian leadership is. What constitutes that strong leadership is luckily with us a choice. To
exercise that choice is the path to success. This time I WILL vote. I hope you will too.

Arvind Gupta • 3 years ago

The corrupt people in Delhi are against honest General VK Singh. All the covert actions against VK Singh is sponsored and ratified by the Congress and its Chief Sonia Gandhi. People have to teach this tainted people in next Lok Sabha elections. The sad part is certain media houses become the mercenaries of arms lobby to spread venom on an honest General