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vicomtepicabia • 9 years ago

I initially read the headline as "All 5 Presidents Living Together..." And I thought it was a great idea. All ex-presidents *should* be required to live together, maybe in a special wing of the White House, in bunk beds. They could wear pajamas all day and play video games.

MatterOverMind • 9 years ago

At Eleanor Roosevelt's funeral in 1962, pic #8, Johnson was not President but Vice-President since Kennedy was alive, pictured, and President. Johnson became President after JFK's assassination.

Nihilicious • 9 years ago

That's a more polite was of phrasing my comment "Notice the realative intact-ness of Kennedy's head"

J Connolly • 9 years ago

Correction: Hoover lost to Roosevelt in 1932 and was inaugurated in 1933.

David A. Graham • 9 years ago

Indeed! Thanks for noting; I've corrected it.

May 15th Prophecy • 9 years ago

As the Bush Library is dedicated today, it is a fitting testimony unto God; of the results on this day; regarding the Pawn of Satan George W Bush actions Nearly 50 killed as sectarian violence flares in Iraq

At least 15 policemen and 31 Sunni Islamist militants were killed in clashes on Thursday in the northern city of Mosul, sources said, on the third day of the most widespread violence in Iraq since U.S. troops withdrew in December 2011.

Any new civil war in Iraq at this time would not really be altogether new but instead a resumption of the unresolved conflict that earlier reached a peak about six years ago. Resumption would be a reminder both of the overall results of the U.S. invasion and of the later surge of U.S. troops. We have known all along that the surge never led to the political reconciliation within Iraq that it was supposed to facilitate.

Now we can say also that whatever improvement in security it fostered was temporary, even if Iraq does not go over the brink, its teetering on the brink needs to be included in any comprehensive balance sheet on the Iraq War.

Like the heavy cost of caring for wounded American veterans, the sectarian violence and instability in Iraq is an open-ended cost that keeps adding up as the years go by.

See: http://infoofwisdombythemay...

Pauling Newton • 9 years ago

Oh and also the Iraqi just voted again with little violence. Just happen to leave the most important development of Iraq since troop-withdraw out.

ghostyghost • 9 years ago

"Tyler would go on to serve briefly in the Confederate legislature (please let me know if I'm wrong!)"

Tyler, bizarrely, has a living grandson who claims that his born-in-the-18th century grandfather was elected to the Confederate legislature but did not serve http://nymag.com/daily/inte...

Great photos btw

YunnMunn • 9 years ago

When I hear the name G W Bush I think "Liar Lair Pants on Fire"


These gatherings are rare -- another one to add to your list happened 16 years ago this week in Philadelphia. Then President Clinton co-convened with former President Bush the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, chaired by recently retired Gen. Colin Powell. All the living presidents (Clinton, Bush, Carter, Ford and Mrs. Reagan representing her husband) issued a call to action on behalf of children and youth. Check out the Presidents' Declaration they signed and the campaign it launched called America's Promise (btw President George W Bush added his signature in 2001) http://www.americaspromise....

Bryan Sheridan • 9 years ago

There should be a photo from the early 1960's that includes Hoover with Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower and Trueman.

Phil • 9 years ago

That's true, Hoover was active as late as the 1960 election. I think he may have been at the inaugural.

drjackbrown • 9 years ago

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 2379:
Bill Clinton's Speech at the
George W. Bush Presidential Library Opening
Body Language of Former and Current President


Martin Langeveld • 9 years ago

If you allow for future presidents present at various gatherings of current and ex-presidents, the record assemblage rises to at least six. At the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 (according to David McCullough in "The Great Bridge") former presidents John Adams, James Madison, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson attended, along with then-president John Q. Adams and future president Andrew Jackson, a total of six.

If Hillary Clinton ever becomes president, the Bush Library gathering would also turn out to have six past, present and future presidents. There were also five presidents (Clinton, Carter, Ford, and both Bushes) present at the openings both the Clinton and GHWBush Libraries, plus Hillary Clinton. Can anyone point to other actual or possible gatherings of six (or more) past, present and future presidents? (I would define "gatherings" as being at the same event at the same time, not necessarily having their picture taken together.)

mat cain • 9 years ago

I put this together a few years back...obviously could be updated since then


Phil • 9 years ago

Funny how Jackie O wasn't in any of those pics from '94. I guess she was already dying, then.

Seems unlikely that Quincy Adams and Washington would be in the same portrait together, as Quincy Adams served in various overseas ministerial/ambassadorial positions from 1793 through 1801, and a large part of his childhood, from 1778 through 1787, overseas with his father (John Adams) pressing for American interests in Europe during and immediately after the Revolution. Almost the entire period between 1787 and 1793 was spent at Harvard or studying for the Massachusetts bar. And of course, Washington died in 1799.

mintap • 9 years ago

There is a painting of Washington, Monroe, Madison, Jefferson, and I think also Adams together in the Capitol building.

FrankBronson • 9 years ago

President John Tyler never served in the Confederate Congress. He was indeed elected to the Confederate Congress in late 1861 (after Lincoln's inaugural and after the war began), representing the first district of Virginia, but he died in early 1862 before the Confederate Congress convened.

Tyler may have attended Lincolns inaugural as he was in Washington as a member of the Virginia Peace Commission in February and March 1861.

Tyler was not given an official funeral in Washington, but was instead lionized by the Confederacy and is buried in Richmond.