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IndyParent • 11 years ago

A quick search reveals that at least 4 of the SupportCommonCore advocates with tweets above are paid to advocate for Common Core. One is the head of Michelle Rhee's Students First organization in Indiana, one is Tony Bennett's Communications Director in Florida, one is an Indianapolis Teach Plus fellow, and one worked for DFER in the recent past.

stlgretchen • 11 years ago

Love the analytic comparison. I wonder how those progressives who hate Exxon and what it represents can support private trade organizations writing standards/assessments for schools (while using stimulus funding) who can't alter/change them in any way. Not one voter voted yay or nay on this direction of education for the schools they pay for. Neither did any legislator. And I thought progressives wanted corporations out of their lives and receiving special treatment for the government. What do they think Common Core is?

NCLB was voted on by Congress. Common Core was not.

You want to see the blueprint of CCSS and Bill Gates' involvement and what he sees as the important reason for CCSS?

"Arne Duncan has announced that
$350,000,000 will be used just for the formulation of these assessments:
next generation of tests aligned to the common core. When the tests
are aligned to the common standards the curriculum will line up as
For the first time there will be a uniform base of customers looking at
using products (decided by Gates or local school boards?) that can help
every kid learn and every teacher get better."


toooldtoosmart • 11 years ago

Whistle-blow this one. Data-mining right into the heart of a family's privacy with information on health history, voting status, religious affiliation, family income, and more.
Thanks to those who've sounded the alarm on this one. I will do continue to do the same.

Edward Perkins • 11 years ago

The truth is in the money. Follow the money. Follow Bill Gates and all those who will benefit but who have ZERO interest in LOCAL school districts retaining control over their schools and curriculum. I have studied Common Core & its curriculum. Have you? If not you don't know what you are talking about!

Budget Hotels In Miam • 11 years ago

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