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Leighmingle • 5 years ago

I love that outfit you're wearing!  It looks effortless chic!  

JewishGirl • 5 years ago

Thank you!  I saw this top on a rerun of How I Met Your Mother a few days ago and was reminded of how comfortable and flattering it is.  (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0...

andiesayswhat • 5 years ago

you must be ECSTATIC about the weather today! Sorry about that. I've been in Omaha for the last 16 years...and I would love to say you get used to it.
 How long will you be in town?

JewishGirl • 5 years ago

I can handle the biting cold for about three blocks, and then it just starts to feel like my face is freezing off!  This seems like a very cute city, though; we're staying downtown and I love the old market area.  I think I spotted a dueling piano bar on the way into town, too.  This place is alright by me.

I'm not sure how long I'll be here, since it depends on lots of factors, some of which I can't talk about on the internet.  It could be quite a significant amount of time, though!  Perhaps long enough to orchestrate a group Anthro trip, work permitting...

andiesayswhat • 5 years ago

Oh, man!! Just say the word! And best of luck with everything!

JewishGirl • 5 years ago

Thanks!  I'll keep you posted on the possibility of a shopping outing!  Maybe we can get a small group of nearby Nebraskans/Iowans together.

thatdamngreendress • 5 years ago

ha ha- those dapper pants!  I haven't fit into mine since Christmas, which is kinda sad since I only received 'em about 2 weeks before...granted they're a size too small already but they were only 30$!  Love them with the rust blazer, and your bright colours in the first outfit are great for dispelling the cold!

I laughed about the comment thing too- I totally do that too!

JewishGirl • 5 years ago

I think of you every time I wear these pants!  :-D

thatdamngreendress • 5 years ago

alright!  well, I just baked cookies, but once we've eaten those and um, after valentine's day I will surely work at fitting into them again...for the team!

Shey • 5 years ago

that story about your unzipped pants is soo funny, you look very nice =)

JewishGirl • 5 years ago

Thanks!  While the flight attendants were talking to me, I was just thinking, "Ah, if you only knew..."

ArtyPantsPhD • 5 years ago

GAAHH!  I TOTALLY live in Nebraska.  I'm actually in Lincoln but, as you can imagine, I often make the trek to Omaha for random cultural excursions.  Our Anthropologie is a sweet little shop--the staff is super nice.  You might consider checking out Dario's Brasserie (a great Belgian cafe), or the Joslyn Art Museum (which has a diverse collection of art and artifacts).

Welcome to the Midwest!

JewishGirl • 5 years ago

Very cool!  Thanks for the recommendations...hopefully I will have at least some spare time to check those out!

Someone on the team was talking about organizing a trip to Lincoln at some point...seems like there's a bunch of fun things to do there, too.

andiesayswhat • 5 years ago

Well, maybe YOU should let me know when you're in Omaha. I need a Joslyn buddy. :) and if your name means what I think it does, we should probably hang out anyway! There are lots of open studios and lectures and things happening in Omaha (I don't know so much about Lincoln), but I'm Studio Art major, Art History minor and I'd life to pick yo' brain!

the dea diaries • 5 years ago

This was utterly hilarious, well, the specific parts where you sitting down with your pants undone!! Isn't it nice when you get to travel for work? Someone else foots the bill and it gives you a chance to work outside of your typical environment - somehow bringing you closer to how the work you do affects others. Enjoy!

Azaleaw • 5 years ago

That is so cool that you are/were in omaha. I live 1 1/2 hrs away in a tiny town in missouri. We go to omaha sometimes for shopping. I don't have any other suggestions than what's been mentioned because i don't visit that often. For great, authentic Mexican food you could try Guaca Maya (if they're still open). It's in a building that used to be a meat packing plant but you'd never know it once inside.