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Sam • 8 years ago

My 10 year old son's comment: "That's Miley Cyrus' feet? They're DIRTY!!"

Guest • 8 years ago

FootFettuccine :)

Jayquan Cyrus • 8 years ago

Foot fettuccine :)

bigdpatch • 8 years ago

even her feet are ugly

astroyboy • 8 years ago

oh, her again yeaaa!!

summer • 8 years ago

Miley has been officially turned out..first by her parents and now by these "homies" who are going to use her up and are laughing at her just like the rest of the world..very sad and disturbing. The good news is that every young person I speak to thinks her behavior is NOT cute, cool, or artistic...they see for themselves what the "Kardashian" culture (of course among many other destructive cultural norms) has created and are shunning it. Maybe some good can come of Miley's repulsive antics.

guest • 8 years ago

which young people do you speak to? i assume you don't speak to many in real life about miley cyrus, that would just be weird. that could only mean you speak to young people online, which is still pretty weird. i don't like miley cyrus, but i can tell by the way you type that i REALLY don't like you either. you sound like an ignorant dope.

summer • 8 years ago

I'm a mother, disabled veteran, and child advocate...so unlike you who judges by the way others TYPE , I believe I can have an informed opinion...btw you sound like a genius yourself...

summer • 8 years ago

...and your parents must be so proud...cuss out strangers who disagree with you much? thank you for proving my point regarding lack of respect for yourself and others. Good luck son.

Simon Templar • 8 years ago

trash waiting to die...

guest • 8 years ago

and you are...what exactly?
she is trash, true, but i doubt YOU are anything more either.

Simon Templar • 8 years ago

wow you've got to be the lamest person ever...

David • 8 years ago

you have my big feet'fingers why u have my same fingers .__. ='3

ceaiara • 8 years ago


Rastrel • 8 years ago

finally overwhelmed by something! she's human, she's a good girl

Steelsong • 8 years ago

As someone who has a lot of tattoos, this makes me sad =[ No creativity!

Leslie Dawson • 8 years ago

Let's get real here

Robin Descamp • 8 years ago

Miley, you need some guidance from an expert. As a recovering lawyer and now advice columnist, I can help you make some better decisions and understand why you are acting out. You'll like me because I'm a straight shooter, I'm tough and I use a ton of profanity. Give me a shout. www.askdescamp.com

Axel • 8 years ago

Wow, a "recovering" lawyer AND you use a ton of profanity? You sound so hilarious and hip and relevant! You must have TONS of experience with her complex legal, business, and emotional matters - after all you have a psychology degree, right? Your bottom-tier law school must be so proud you're soliciting clients in the comment section of rolling stone. Go away, loser.

Robin Descamp • 8 years ago

Oh dear, you score zero for reading comprehension.

ad • 8 years ago

yes, you don't understand, Axel. Robin was trying to self promote himself in a comment section on an online magazine. One can always "recover" from poor reading skills however I doubt one can "recover" from such deep levels of pathetic.

go back to being a lawyer and stop joking to yourself

JT • 8 years ago

Not every person or every story in every forum has to be life changing or amazing. I think she is having some fun and making money at the same time. Nothing she does changes my life but its nice to see someone who doesn't take life so seriously. Relax people. Shes just a pop star who is playing it up for the masses.

Leslie Dawson • 8 years ago

She's another fail

Cinabarrr • 8 years ago

I agree with most contributing to the forum..it takes a monumental ego to think that the rest of us care what she is doing. Preying on the misguided youth of today in a totally unacceptable way. To paraphrase another user.. She is "gross" and every time I see her stick out her tongue I need to take an antacid.

Artslinger • 8 years ago

What type of mental condition makes a person crave public notoriety
to the point of ridicule. Freak’n sad.

sfkforever • 8 years ago

po white trash

jenny • 8 years ago

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autonomy • 8 years ago


Bơ Bà Bói • 8 years ago

She is Amazing ♥

rocknmovie • 8 years ago

Let's hope it's her first and last Rolling Stone cover... She is gross.

Of course, the $ sign works for both, herself and RS. RS knowing that they will sell a lot of copies with this white trash on the cover, and she because she sure knows how to attract attention and make $, and she is making as many $ while she can, because she knows that she will be forgotten in a couple of years.

Guest • 8 years ago

You post too much and your comments don't offer anything constructive - gross, white trash. Why did you even read this story, or maybe you didn't and went right to the message board. I'll bet you $1,000 that she won't be forgotten in a couple of years. She'll be an even bigger star than she is now.

mick666 • 8 years ago

Nothing says stupid like a bad tattoo.

Someone with taste • 8 years ago

Or any kind of tattoo.

jjazznola • 8 years ago

Another day, another article about this idiot. It seems like the less talent someone has, the more press they get in this rag.

Amanda • 8 years ago

Why did you waste your time reading the article if you do not care for the person you call an idiot? She has been to different countries, knows how to play musical instruments, started acting at an early age, can speak in front of thousands of people without looking nervous , works hard and can laugh at people who call her an idiot. The idiot might be the person criticizing someone who is only 20 but has accomplished more than someone judging her for doing what makes her happy. She is out there enjoying herself while you sit behind a computer disgusted by her lifestyle. I would rather be out with the "idiot" that still smiles after being so harshly judged by people that will never be able to accomplish what she has at such a young age.

Lindy • 8 years ago

Miley don't let em drag u down gal Xx

JudithLi6 • 8 years ago

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Slim Chance • 8 years ago

Meet the dumbest spammer in the world. Can't even copy/paste a link.

RealMattyRobs • 8 years ago

lets smoke a bowl sometime, i'll be around when im done with this bid

Rex Ryan • 8 years ago

I like

RHG • 8 years ago

Hey Miley, while you be twerking, I be jerking

mstaebler • 8 years ago

That's stupid. It's going to wear off right away.

❥WE ARE SMILERS†3RD • 8 years ago

u think she is the joke but u are.

jck747 • 8 years ago

Just as they did with Britney Spears, as soon as RS realizes there's money to be made writing about Miley's implosion, downfall, they'll do that; they build up and then tear down depending on what they think the public will buy.

BonelessSausage • 8 years ago

No they build themselves up and tear themselves down

pcperson22 • 8 years ago

Did she ink her self ?

friend • 8 years ago

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Drug, drink, die. Look for the assholes around you, kitty.

LAME • 8 years ago

OH MY GOD THAT IS SOOOO OUTRAGEOUS!!!! You are so crazy and outrageous Miley!

Kaiser Sauze • 8 years ago

#mileycyrus You forgot to Wash your feet ^^

Alanna • 8 years ago

grosssss...i hate feet and hers are not pretty. love you miley but grossss.