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che • 4 years ago

What if Rob and Kristen kiss in Coachella during some show and someone took a pic (against and not against) while MMA is doing their thing. That's the best kiss. Hahaha

RebeccaC • 4 years ago

Absolutely love that idea!! that would be just epic! :) and such a slap in the face for MTV... which they so deserve for what they did to Kris, Rob, the saga and the fans!! (yep, thought it had gone away, but months later, I'm still mad!!... oh, well...)

Sherry • 4 years ago

That would totally rock! Keep tell you that MTV sucks. Anything for ratings!

RSW • 4 years ago

Holding hands! Oh yes, I'm loving it! They both look too gorgeous for words...and i really love to see him so protective of her, really heart warming. sigh

Anonomous • 4 years ago

Yes he certainly loves his girl and watches out for her. Really beautiful couple who look great together.

Elizabeth • 4 years ago

Papz are leaches. I am so glad that Rob and Kristen are living their lives regardless. I am glad they are free and openly going about their business as a couple. P.S. I just saw Josh (MTV) promoting the Awards Show for tomorrow and guess what, they had Kristen's picture in the promo. So let me get this straight? They ignore and disrespect the saga that did wonders for their network and then have the nerve to use Kristen's picture because they know it will draw fans? How twisted is that? I love SWATH, but Bella was a true kiss ass as a vampire in BD2, saving her entire family. Sorry but MTV wrong Twilight and the people involved.

randomcommenter • 4 years ago

IKR im just really annoyed with mtv and plus they nominated all the things for the movie Ted and im like really though......Ted even make the numbers that bdp2 made at the box office and it was an alright movie

bby • 4 years ago

i vote for Kristen but not gonna wacthing MTV SUCK AWARD!!!!

bledel • 4 years ago

Rob is really pissed of the papz, I think someday he'll gonna react and all tthe media will blame him. Why there is no law against the papz about harassing stars like this?

sonn • 4 years ago

Kristen is really beautiful even dress in a ratty shirt (lol)
They just looks great together.

rien • 4 years ago

Yes I agree with you, kristen still looks flawless, they both look gorgeous and I'm sooooo happy that they live their life, aaaah I love their love

RSW • 4 years ago

those legs should be insured! God almighty but they're flawless!

Sherry • 4 years ago

That ratty shirt is one of Rob's tees! Love it when she wears his v-neck tees!

RebeccaC • 4 years ago

April, the month that kept giving!! lol love this pics, not only for the hands holding but for Rob's face too, it looks like he's saying, yeah, I saw you, just come closer, just try to upset my girl and you'll see how fast I can kick your ass :) I'm really glad they don't seem to care anymore about what anyone can think and that they are just living their lives and enjoying their time together... hope they have a nice, entertaining weekend!!... Screw MTV... seriously, they once nominated Kristen and Taylor for best kiss (nothing against Taylor, but I really didn't see the chemistry there) and they didn't think that Kris and Rob deserve 10 this time for all their awesome kisses in BD2???? yeah, something is really not right with them!! and that last minute trick with SW, just proves what a bunch of hypocrites and profiteers they are... the worst thing is that they are letting people vote all through the show for that one, when it's usually for best movie they do that... who do they take us for?? I wish Kris would win, I really do, but clearly they are using her and us to up their ratings and the people who watch and I personally hate being made a fool of... so like I said, screw MTV, I'm sure Kris is having a better time at C with Rob anyway than she could ever have tonight at the MMA! and we don't need to see her win to know how awesome and kick ass she is!

therealme • 4 years ago

Agreed! MTV is getting so much promo from the fans who are voting for Kristen.
Still it is great seeing Robsten out and about living their life :)

Sherry • 4 years ago

Amen and I couldn't agree more!

Pearl 21 • 4 years ago

Paps should not even be aloud in that place!!! Glad their not bothering them there!!

ABV • 4 years ago

I agree Pearl 21,it should be a pappfree zone

Sayblegirl • 4 years ago


Guest • 4 years ago

it's california lol

Sherry • 4 years ago

So cool! Holding hands. Love it!

iamnique • 4 years ago

i love that cj was shooting the papz with water guns. they should all carry one.. camera and water don't mix, esp those bastards cam.

Taylor Kachiri • 4 years ago

Next time they should use a super soaker.

bledel • 4 years ago

are you kidding or did he really shoot them with water guns? lol

vanquish13 • 4 years ago

LOL I love the fact that CJ was shooting the paps with the water gun. That's classic. Love it.

abbeysbooks • 4 years ago

What are you doing at robsten dreams when they have a million pap pics of Kristen and Rob walking etc. These sites have to be punished.

RSW • 4 years ago

I totally get what's going on here; they were walking, got ambushed by the paps, he held on to her to try and get them away quickly cause his legs are longer so he's walking real fast and kinda pulling her along. But it's not working so they all decided to just make a run for it. he lets her run first, she had a good head start but then his legs ARE longer so he got ahead of her after awhile. Then when they think its safe to slow down he holds on to her again to make sure she's OK. Still think he's the sweetest chap a girl could ask for as her man!

goodmood • 4 years ago

kristen is so beautiful and flawless even she just wear the plan shirt . no wonder rob fall in love with her beauty. i'm so happy they show their love to the world. kristen and rob are perfect couple.

Rezearta Caushaj • 4 years ago

Relax all people! OF COURSE THEY WANTED ROB AND KRISTEN on the SHOW, BUT maybe its THEM who don't want to be there anymore! Try and understand it has been like 5 MTV domination for them, they wont be back at MTV after the Cannes! They want the BREAK and that FINAL KISS on MTV wasn't going to get it for them. Soo they let MTV know that they wont be attending and soo they don't get nominated - It must have left Summit devasted, but THEY HAVE MOVED ON FROM BEING TEEN POWER COUPLE, they just wanna live and work together, we shouldn't blame on MTV for this!
Glad they are happy together!

Renae • 4 years ago

They've moved on from being Summit's puppets.

mcsooner • 4 years ago

I wish there was any truth to what you said. Nice thought though. We got screwed. That's a fact. You don't work for MTV do you?

Rezearta Caushaj • 4 years ago

Hahhahaha I am from Albania, so that would be excluded entirely dear! We should give them their space, we didn't got screwed , we had soo many years to enjoy and we should feel proud of that!

Sherry • 4 years ago

I don't agree. I see your point but Kristen went to KCAs. I don't think it was their choice. I think MTV cut them off because of last summer. Know that sounds nuts, but wouldn't be surprised at all. Just an opinion i would love to be wrong and hope I am.

Asha • 4 years ago

Lol. On a different note. Loved the black shirt guy lying down on the grass with his hands behind his head without a care in the world as Rob walks by. People are like running and gawking and snapping pictures like crazy and he's like mmmm nice weather. Lol.

ldsaecp • 4 years ago

Sounds like CJ must of took my advice about waterguns. You know what they say about water and cameras don't mix. Its sad. And I don't blame Rob and Kristen about taking photos. They are just like normal couple wants to have a good time by themselves. I can respect that.

mary mary • 4 years ago

Unfortunately that is an open festival anyone can go and take pictures it is the public area. There are always tons of pictures after it is done of stars and their companions. I think chasing people is wrong. These venues should post a public statement about that. If you do this or that you will be banned from future festivals. Of course you can only do that if admission is through a gate and it is secure. They either have to get used to it or not go to those things. Sad but it is what California law lets these paps do. In Texas we just shoot them LOL

emy • 4 years ago

yeah!maybe he read your comment,love them

Angie • 4 years ago

Rob is so, so handsome. I can't imagine standing there and he walked by and then Kristen. They are adorable together. I love this couple.

ROBSTEN FOREVER • 4 years ago

They're even more stronger than before. UNB(R)O(K)EN

ldsaecp • 4 years ago

i hope so. Hey I happen to care about them.

Elizabeth Geoffrey • 4 years ago

Both are beautiful!. Is it only me... Rob walked too fast...Kris had to catch him up at the beginning pics. Wait for her Rob;)

ero • 4 years ago

Yeah...I think that too

Christopher Dark • 4 years ago

MTV makes its living off the backs of famous people and the events that surround their lives. Now what will sell
more publicity and have more people up in arms? Rob and Kristen win another best kiss? Or millions of fans wound up to the max and crusading for their favorite couple? MTV sees itself like the massive iceberg that sank the Titanic and the Twlight fan base as no more detrimental to it than that great ship was to that immense iceberg. What they are forgetting is the Titanic sunk. It did not bounce back stronger than ever. And it did not grow almost daily.
Whereas the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson fanbase is a growing, living unit, with a long memory,who is already angry with the press on Rob and Kristen's behalf. In other words Rob and Kristen are going to be around a long time and I personally do not like the way MTV decided to finish up The Twilight Saga. Like someone else commented today I did not sell my vote or give it away. Whoever won the Best Kiss won nothing because they did not compete against the best. So it's a hollow victory and one that I did not watch.
And yes I know it's a teen thing and Rob and Kristen may be past caring about it. That is neither here nor there. The point is MTV will not be telling me who I can vote for or not vote for. Not with my willing participation they won't. That's what I have to say about the MTV awards and I hope it wakes a lot of people up to how the public are manipulated for the media's benefit and then ignored when it suits them.

Sherry • 4 years ago

I don't think I got my last comment posted so here goes again. I used to think we shouldn't look at these kind of pics, but now I think we should so we can do something to get this kind of thing stopped. Yes, they are in public, but if they asked to be left alone, then they should be. It is called respect. Papz have to stay back I think 5 feet maybe 3, but still. I do believe in freedom of the press, but not to the point of invasion of privacy and harassment, which is clearly what this was. I wouldn't be as good about not punching them out I'm afraid.

Chloe Mann • 4 years ago

Aaaahhh! It's been a while since I've last posted here and I'm happyyyy!!! ROBSTEN is UNBROKEN! Kristen is flawless gorgeous really. Rob is gorgeous as well...tan suits him well.. Love them both! Suck it nonstens. I wonder if nonstens still think it's all for publicity haha..

iheartstew • 4 years ago

where is this poster/s that said kristen is always walking ahead of rob? this is one of the proofs that she doesnt LOL

Robstenisforever • 4 years ago

I love how Rob always walks ahead of Kristen when the paps are there so he effectively 'protects' her from them. It's really adorable <3

olive • 4 years ago

it sucks how embarassing paparazzi are. everyone's just like staring at them bc they're following them and making a commotion. i think there's a time and place and cleary they're just there to enjoy the festival. if they were dressed up in like costume-y hippie get ups like some other actors do who want the attention it would be one thing, but they're dressed down in simple clothes not attracting any attention otherwise. i would be so embarassed and irritated. the paps should go follow the celebs who obviously dress up for this weekend in fringe vests and flower headbands and want their picture taken.

Sherry • 4 years ago

One more thing. I get very angry, and rightly so, when the papz start saying stuff. If that is what they did. i really wish people would just stop buying those rags. The stuff they come up with is just ludicrous. And the pain it causes people....! i feel like on overprotective mother. i get that she-lion thing going with Rob and Kristen everytime the papz do this. Know I'm not the only one. Okay, rant over. This too shall pass.lol!

bledel • 4 years ago

Wow that papz are really rude!!! how can they do that? eventhough she is running they won't stop !!!! Kristen and rob are really patient because if it was me I would just punch him in the face!