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Wonderboy • 6 years ago

I'm 65 years old. I don't have too many years left. I do know that if there is reincarnation, as I suspect there is, I DO NOT want to come back to this planet. It was screwed up when I got here and it will be screwed up when I leave. I think there is more of this "behavior" waiting in the future. "American" Indians, Negros, Jews, Irish, what are they called, Daleks in India not to mention a collection of intolerant religions.

WHO among you are truly good and righteous? WHO can say they have caused no harm?

We are little monkey things on a ball of rock zipping around a giant Galaxy in a giant Universe and we think we are SO SPECIAL!

Give me a break. There's gotta be something better and more civilized.

Nik • 6 years ago

I am Hindu, and I hate the cast system in my religion, its was once developed to rank people like todays army positions, but later by greedy cast groups rules were made like these days Rich makes laws for poor, but not for them..

Who ever Hindu I talk, I just try to spread that why its the right time to break boundaries, and join hands to spread peace.....


Brian • 5 years ago

All it takes is a thread involving a Jewish person or Judaism to reveal people's hatred. Sad. I'm with you on everything you said, bud.

Marko • 5 months ago

So true...and so sad.

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

Give YOU a break? You lived in a world made safe by the sacrifice of others, you damn hippy. It people like you who make tyrants possible.

Georg • 6 years ago

I think I may have the same 'eyes of hate' when someone bothers me while im working :P

Christian Bartsch • 6 years ago

scary how ideologies poison souls - but great to see photographs are able to show it..

CriticalDragon1177 • 6 years ago

What's even scarier is at the time most people didn't yet understand just how evil people like him were.

jet • 2 years ago

people still don´t understand how dangerous lunatics are.. just look at trump.
he lies when his lips move yet millions of americans follow him.

FesteringWound • 2 years ago

Oh cut that Trump rhetoric. It's tired and it's false.

Bulletcalledlife • 10 months ago

There are 10 pages of Trump's lies in this link, which you won't have the courage to click on but at least it shows your blind devotion to a pathological liar: http://www.politifact.com/p...

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

Hillary has a dead body for every lie of Trump claimed by the Left.

Harbin Baird • 1 year ago

Yes I agree. It is the Left fanatical Trump haters that have become dangerous lunatics.

bikegypsy • 1 year ago

Harbin Baird: Your comment is just as stupid as Jet's and it's actually people like you who spread hate

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

I award you victory in this debate due to your superior name calling. Well done.

denxerw2000 • 8 months ago

Harbin is the actual Fascist, but you brainwashed idiots don't even understand it yet.

CriticalDragon1177 • 10 months ago

Oh give me a brake

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

Give you a break? How about a free abortion instead.

CriticalDragon1177 • 4 months ago

How about you go away instead? Besides, its doubtful that I'll ever even consider having an abortion, given the fact that I'm a cis gender man. Oh but that's supposed to be some kind of massive power ownage of me?

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

Sorry, my bad. I thought you are a vagina.

CriticalDragon1177 • 4 months ago

And I might not have thought you are a sexist, if you hadn't written that, or your previous reply to me.

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

Say hello to your Cis, gender.

CriticalDragon1177 • 4 months ago

Ha ha, it is to laugh.

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

At least you have a sense of humor. Can't be all that bad.

CriticalDragon1177 • 4 months ago

That was sarcasm, not me laughing at your bad joke.

Blackelvismatters • 4 months ago

Oh, so you have no redeeming quality then.

poppaneedsanap • 10 months ago

Yeah it's about time someone pulled back the curtain on how evil the nazis were

denxerw2000 • 8 months ago

scary how you say "ideologies" to avoid saying Fascism and Nazism in particular.

Typical Horseshoe theory approaches...

Kan't • 4 months ago

Maybe because they are referencing more than just Fascism and Nazism. Like Communism, and religious Fanaticism, and you know just about every other Ideology.

Wonderboy • 6 years ago

The question that nags me is WHY have Jews been so hated throughout history? 20th Century Germany is just the latest episode. There are stories about Spain, Babylon, Rome, Ancient Egypt, Russia, and more confusing history about other lands and times.

WHAT do Jews do that gets so many people so upset for so long??

I like the Jews I know and we get along fine!

Somebody enlighten me.

Chris • 6 years ago

Because they stick together with subversive intent. I dare you to follow that rabbit hole for verification.

Nite_Owl • 6 years ago

Every race, religion, and group has been hated at various points in history and for many reasons, some of them valid. Most get over it and try and move on with their lives. Some never do.

Mike • 6 years ago

Because they're different. They didn't want, couldn't, assimilate- knowing that this will be the end of their nation in exile.
As for past times, didn't all empires do the same? I highly doubt there was much actual hatred back then, just taking land and expanding the empire. The resistance and rebellion that the Jewish nation showed were what forced the empires to exile them or treat them with more fascism.

How would you not know?? • 6 years ago

that and being different or having a set of different beliefs has never been a good characteristic in the course of history. for some reason, guys in the majority don't like that and will kill other guys to prove that their methodology is superior. welcome to history 101. funny how one would not know this(wonderboy).

Guest • 6 years ago

Well that is the VERY question I pose to people all the time....Why are they so hated throughout history by nearly everyone they come in contact with? Makes you think doesn't it?

Mike Barrett • 2 years ago

Wonderboy and the guest of Wonderboy need to question there hearts. Looking for enlightenment on the Jewish history on a photo comments section?

Chose you glass wisely. Either you need to study just a wee bit of history and are otherwise complete social and literary ignorami, do you not know your own history? or

Your veiled attempts at antisemitism and trolling have been found out.

Go ahead and think about it.

Vinzenz Stemberg • 2 years ago

"Judea declares war on Germany"
That one is a bit of a special case. (as well as who actually broke the boycott for them being other jews)

ShadowsofLight • 2 years ago

Because their ultimate goal is to destroy all cultures but their own. They do this through deceit, usury and infiltrating media with degenerate ideas that destroy stable families and prevent new ones forming.

madmax • 6 years ago

I don´t know you, but I don´t see such terrible "hateful eyes"... I´ve seen portraits of politicians with a lot more of that feeling, like Churchill´s.

denxerw2000 • 8 months ago

Goebbels would have wished to have half the hate and smugness Churchill had in his rotten heart.

Evropa • 6 years ago

You forgot the 'trademark' symbol after the word 'hate'.

WillToPower • 6 years ago

Goebbels looks more angry at the fact that there is a jew continuously photographing him, while he's busy with the man to his right. "Eyes of hate", ever read what the Talmud says about gentiles?

gentle and such • 6 years ago

leave the genitals outta this buster!

EVener • 6 years ago

Great April Fool's day joke Will! You do know of course that Goebbel's bodyguard later showed up unexpectedly at Eisenstadt's hotel room door.

Bodyguard • 6 years ago

I assume he does not know. Neither do I. Any reference?

Marko • 5 months ago

Mmmm...I guess this low life creature is some kind of a hero for you...very sad. Unless you're kidding...but your're probably not.

Brendan • 6 years ago

Thanks for posting both of these articles Michael. I love that both of these figures are in their own ways the most terrifying people to photograph, but to get these shots the photographer had to impose themselves into the scene - even if the photo itself doesn't show there part of the story.
I'm sure that this is the key to brilliant portrait photographers, but it's hard to imagine other examples where you would need that much guts to do it.

9inchnail • 6 years ago

"He looked at me with hateful eyes and waited for me to wither. But I
didn’t wither. If I have a camera in my hand, I don’t know fear"

Well, what did he have to fear? It was 1933, the nazis had not arrested let alone killed any jews yet. They were only propagating hate at that time. No one ever imagined the genocide that was to follow. So I don't see why the photographer, at this point in time, should have been afraid. It was just a grumpy little man walking with a limp.

canaduck • 6 years ago

"They were only propagating hate at that time. "

You don't think that's a reason to fear someone?

John Densky • 2 years ago

Dachau was opened in the spring of 1933. months before this photo was taken.