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Saratoga in Decline • 4 years ago

And we having sitting judge SPAC Chairwoman Susan Phillips Read who is forbidden by legal statue from engaging in any fundraising leading this board.

Only SPAC would make a move like that.

Saratoga in Decline • 4 years ago

I wish President and Executive Director Marcia White position at SPAC was in "Limbo"

Saratoga in Decline • 4 years ago

Check out the Kennedy Center website. The NYCB program for April 2014 is
already up so someone has been able to negotiate with the ballet

Don Drewecki • 4 years ago

The interesting thing, also, is that SPAC's Board first suggested that the NYCB could not get its financial act together -- an assessment shot down by the New York Times, which pointed out that NYCB's finances are in good order and they have an endowment of $160M. Now SPAC claims it has to do with the NYCB's negotiations with its various unions -- while the JFK Center in Washington already has the City Ballet booked for April 2014. The JFKC also presents the Suzanne Farrell Ballet for a week -- while SPAC brings up dance companies from far, far away, even though Farrell herself danced at SPAC in many of its early seasons.

latenight66 • 4 years ago

Crazy salary . all political. Looks like the plastic surgery isnt working .

theoldbullgame • 4 years ago

With a couple of months to go "The company has not concluded negotiations with its labor unions". Something seems fishy to me.
Tell them when we want them to open and if they don't like it, get someone or something else. Who has let the negotiations with NYCB linger since last July?
I'm sure that there are many others who would LOVE to come to SPAC for a lot less.
So many decisions that are made at SPAC are still made by ONE individual !!!!!

Denis Linehan • 4 years ago

It continues to confound this reader that the ballet steadfastly avoids opening in mid-July when the racing community and all the financial influence they represent are in town. By performing while the racing community is in attendance it seems reasonable that they (the NYCB ) would generate new fans and then financial support. Some of these people learned to acknowledge the worthiness of the symphony because their exposure to it during the racing seasoan. Certainly they, the ballet, could also profit if they simply altered their schedule to accomodate the 'well-heeled' who are domiciled in our fair community from mid-July to Labor Day. Come on...open the NYCB on JUly 16th...or so.

Guest • 4 years ago

300k a year and she still hasn't figured out what you took 5 mintues to write here today.

Saratoga in Decline • 4 years ago

SPAC President and Executive Director Marcia White salary from 2011 tax forms $233,819 + $36,616 total $270,435.
not to shabby for a nurse