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Kendal Conradie • 5 years ago

Very interesting. I just don't think that this blogger should be commenting on the political climate of the 1970s as shown by this map when this visualisation only begins at December 1979.

Sharee Anne Gorman • 5 years ago

It would be great if the dots were color-coded by cause...different colors for war, human rights, elections, environment, food, global warming, labor...etc.

Domingo fernandez • 5 years ago

Let's do it, it's a great idea.

Jason Louv • 5 years ago

I am the author of this article, which was originally published at Ultraculture.org. I have not given this site permission to use the full text of this article, and they have done so in an amateur and greedy fashion, which shows just what kind of "action" they support. This violates Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and I demand this site remove this article *IMMEDIATELY*

Friend • 5 years ago

I agree you have a right to claim this as your own and the site should take it down. However don't you think the more people who see this the better? Surely more people seeing this is better to show the impact protesting has.

Personally I believe with the age of the internet, it's become so much easier to organize and rally support for protests, which is why so many have took place in the last 15 or so years.

Films For Action • 5 years ago

Hi Jason, I have changed the title, body text and author so that the article is no longer attributed to you or your site.


(I can't change the url, but the text and meta-data now reflect the new title)

I did however leave a shout-out to your site and a couple cool pages on your site at the bottom of the article.

I am sincerely sorry that you were unhappy to see your article republished. 99% of the time, authors are happy to see their content republished with attribution on our site and have no complaints, and it was our understanding that link-backs to your site actually help your site's SEO. We don't do no-follow.

As an olive branch, you are welcome to republish any of the original articles I have written myself on your site. (Listed in the email I sent you)

As you briefly mentioned in your letter, we did think that 2 link-backs and full attribution with embedded links retained would be okay, but I can also understand your position wanting to keep your original content exclusive to your site.

Again, I hope you can accept this apology from us. Perhaps we can collaborate in the future on better terms.

Best, Tim Hjersted

Benjamin Lukoff • 5 years ago

You still should have asked before reproducing copyrighted content, don't you think?

loudon • 5 years ago

I would like to know what constitutes a "protest" in the author's eyes. I remember more localized protests in municipalities when I was growing up including anti-abortion protests in the late 80's while living in Florida. I do find it interesting the growth of protests in the information age. I am trying to find the actual ultraculture article, but am having no luck.

Padraic - Ireland • 5 years ago

no sure how accurate this is... I live near one of the dots.no protest in the last 9 months.

Vesta Rivers • 5 years ago

new zealand was hugely active in protests via the spring box/ all blacks rugby anti aparthied in south africa.. and i was involved in many protests in australia and new zealand.. disapointingly not shown http://www.nzhistory.net.nz...

Altair Zielite • 5 years ago

What dots? which of these third party advertising scripts must I turn on to see this map?

Albertar • 5 years ago

This content was stolen without permission from Ultraculture.org. Please remove it immediately.

Max • 5 years ago

ehm, cant really see the harm, it does clearly state that its republished. And please; call things what they are. Has this disappeared from ultraculture to appear here? If not its not stolen, its copied, there a quite a large difference.

Albertar • 5 years ago

No, rather than quoting a few paragraphs with a link back, you've directly lifted the full text of the blog, the headline and the author's name, making it appear the author has given you permission to use it. Saying it's republished does *not* constitute permission to republish. This is a direct violation of Fair Use law, not to mention harms the ad revenue and SEO of the original site you have stolen from. Remove it immediately and learn to blog.

Micah Shane Mackley • 5 years ago

If nothing Else Jason, it got me to check out your site. Have an awesome day man... And Thanks

elspeth • 5 years ago

apparently australia and new zealand don't really matter

Maggie • 5 years ago

I don't see anything except a map!

Anthony • 5 years ago

there is an area above the middle east that doesn't light up much at all. what area is that? it's huge

Guest • 5 years ago

there a big area above the middle wast that doesn't light up very much. where is that?

Guest • 5 years ago

Inspiring Indeed!