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Kay Goodnow • 6 years ago


Jeannie Guzman • 6 years ago

I continually ask myself, "How gullible can the public continue to be?" Dolan, is supposed to be America's top Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, which means that he should exhibit the "Gift of Discernment" more than most prelates, and yet he sets up a fund to give known Pedophile Priests, a golden parachute, to leave the priesthood, because they are NOW considered to be "Unassignable," whereas in the past, they were just secretly shuffled from one unsuspecting parish to another....... only to prey on more children and teens with the blessings of their bishops, archbishops and Cardinal! This is disgustingly sick! I'm glad that I left the Church long, long ago!

saransk • 6 years ago

The Catholic Church lost the ability to be the moral authority long ago. Ironic that the assembly line deaths of millions, they were mostly Jews, was allowed without comment but the refusal of the "celibate," male-only hierarchy cannot deal with women wanting to control their own bodies. Pedophilia remains a problem within the Church because too many of the Bishops and Cardinals that rule it have this skeleton in their own closets. With the unnatural suppression of desire and companionship, plus the demonetization of homosexuality, is it any wonder that priest have turned to pedophilia. Plus the priesthood provides the perfect cover - normal access to children. Until the Church cleans its own house, and until there is a wholesale change in the leadership of the Church throughout the world, it remains a cancer in the world.

John Q. • 6 years ago

Red Herring. The Catholic Church's shorcomings are no excuse for your own behavior or your unwillingness to protect the most vulnerable among us - the unborn. In short, two wrongs don't make a right.