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vince • 8 years ago

Southern California is due for a Major Quake. Last one was in 1995 Northridge quake.

Hong-Chun Wu • 9 years ago

The author loss the jet stream method to predict earthquake. The last
prediction information of major earthquake is M7.8 Iran earthquake on
2013/04/16. This M7.8 earthquake was predicted in advance on
2013/01/15 at CNN ireport. The epicenter deviation is about 60km, M was
predicted >6.0 , but time delayed 71 days.

M7.8 Iran EQ(M7.8 2013/04/16 10:44:21
the prediction information:
2013/01/14~2013/02/04 eastern
Iran(28.0N61.3E)M>6.0 100%

Rechkabo Kakuhoningen • 9 years ago

The answer is coined http://japanese-earthquake....

Lanka Holiday Guide • 9 years ago

Let hope that they will soon come up with an answer how to predict

Rechkabo Kakuhoningen • 9 years ago

Yes, a high-precision forecast of time, effort and space earthquake is raalnost. Just not QuakeFinder but TRON (Technology Real-time Online Nucleus)

Rechkabo Kakuhoningen • 9 years ago

Can accurately predict an earthquake in 1995. And no expensive equipment it is not necessary - just the Internet. http://japanese-earthquake.... And of course the scientists, not laboratory mice.

David Cardinal • 9 years ago

My understanding from reading various scientific reports is that the Japanese prediction system was discredited shortly thereafter (e.g. http://platetectonics.com/a.... It was one of many attempts to use seismic activity patterns to predict quakes. (Note, this is distinct from the Japanese alert system mentioned in the article)