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Nicole Fry • 8 years ago

How does henna affect your hair? I assumed it would dye your hair!

Kalise • 8 years ago

Why is my hair dry and I deep condition it?

Jacqy • 9 years ago

Hola! I do enjoy this site as well. So much to learn and from so many knowledgeable women.

IMOKAY • 9 years ago

I just purchased Jamila for the 1st time and am going to use it tonight. There is no date and I am not sure if it is the BAQ type so if it is inert then I will go with Nupur 9

IMOKAY • 9 years ago

all packages were already brown, so they were old; didn't chance putting this on my hair...will make sure that I get a fresh batch of Jamila and try again

Nicole Pace • 9 years ago

I have so much gray! I'm trying to embrace it but I just can't get with it. I have tried hair dye, only Naturetint, and I don't like it either. Thinking about henna but I'm not sure if it will do the job. Any advice

Guest • 9 years ago

My favorite moment is just being on a site that is just for my natural hair. A site that truly understands and helps me be able to have the best hair that I can have.

Franfran4u • 9 years ago

I love jamila henna. This would have been a great giveaway to participate in

Keren18 • 9 years ago

I just bought jamila baq 2014 crop and mixed it up. Cant wait to see how it is

Franfran4u • 9 years ago

How did it go?

1stLadyCee • 9 years ago

My baby sister just brought some Henna dye to try in her hair. I can't wai to see how it turns out.

Keren18 • 9 years ago

That's great, what brand did she get?

Cece • 9 years ago

Your support and encouragement to young people while they pursue their educational goals!

Malaika07 • 9 years ago

WOW! A henna giveaway! I missed my chance!

Keren18 • 9 years ago

Lol same thing I was thinking, I love henna

Malaika07 • 9 years ago

My favorite moment are your travel stories.

Elizabeth • 9 years ago

You have been a valuable source for us and I appreciate you.

coilyme! • 9 years ago

I love this henna!!

Claudia Francois • 9 years ago

Same here, it's so reliable. It's the only one I've tried so far

ChintikiGirl • 9 years ago

WHere can I find good henna in montreal, does anyone know? All i can find is the one for coloration and it's not pure ... :(

Claudia Francois • 9 years ago

Try to order it online from amazon, ebay, or hennasooq

JayMoPhil • 9 years ago

And you made an impact on the natural hair community for sure!

Claudia Francois • 9 years ago

You should do another henna giveaway, I swear, jamila is my fave. I haven't tried any other henna brand though

DeeArJayy • 9 years ago

What's The Best Oil For Hydration And Flaky Scalp?

Claudia Francois • 9 years ago

Try jojoba oil :)

Keren18 • 9 years ago

I love henna so much. This is the brand I buy

Claudia Francois • 9 years ago

I love this brand too, it's reliable

Chanis Jenkins • 9 years ago

I will be sure to try the Henna as an alternative hair color option. I currently have braids for a protective style. Once I take my braids out I will give this a try. Does this work for every hair texture?

Claudia Francois • 9 years ago

It works for every hair texture, just make sure it's 100% henna

Keren18 • 9 years ago

Yep :)

Lena C • 9 years ago

My favorite moment was when I posted my frustration with my short unmanageable 4c hair and someone hipped me to the max hydration method. It has changed my life. I can now wear wash and gos and my hair is fabulous. With out this site, I would have permed my hair again. So I love curlynikki!

Naturalbeautee21 • 9 years ago

I am an old henna head. I have been using henna regularly for a few years.. I love the napur 9 which is full of vitamins and herbs.. I have been transitioning for 1 year .

Keren18 • 9 years ago

I should check that brand out

GrandmaGoneNatural • 9 years ago

I'm looking forward to trying out the recipe for henna. I have very weird hair type. I probably have three to four hair grades and also graying with a sandy reddish brown hair :-( . I need some color here..................

Claudia • 9 years ago

I haven't used jamila in so long

Keren18 • 9 years ago

I love jamila

Elizabeth • 9 years ago

I have tried henna three times now and I do like the feel my hair has after using it, not so much the smell. Nonetheless, I would rather do henna as opposed to any other hair coloring. I feel it is so much more healthier and much safer for my hair. It works for me and if it works, stick with it.

KrysT • 9 years ago

Keep doing it regularly, it has such great conditioning properties. I don't really do it for the color, but it's a bonus that it camouflages my grays. I also use it with indigo to change the color

Claudia • 9 years ago

Yea, as long as the henna is 100%, it makes my hair feel so strong and soft, especially henna gloss

Keren18 • 9 years ago

Me too :)

Eveline Meralus • 9 years ago

Have fun everyone bud luck

Sam Jay Jones • 9 years ago

This is my first time seeing this and it is indeed an eye catcher, because it got my attention.

twofrenchbraidedlady • 10 years ago

I am about to experiment with henna to try and see if my hair likes it. You and the many other Q ladies have help me to know me as a woman and the beauty through myself, others and our curly hair! so I hope I win! Oh also without your site and dedication I would be a lost curly mess so thanks Q

Carla Dillard • 10 years ago

I never tried this would love too. I have been natural 2 yrs now loving it all

DiDo • 10 years ago

I really liked "My Abbreviated Henna Routine 2013" and I read everything you post on henna. My sis in Scotland swears by henna and I'm the only female in my family that hasn't tried it yet. I am excited and looking forward to my first henna pretty soooooon. Thanks for all the wonderful info Nikki!

Lexbubble • 10 years ago

Saweet! Thx spanx! Just in time

Raija Atkinson • 10 years ago

Congrats ladies, enjoy.

lily21207 • 10 years ago

I enjoyed reading your On The Couch interview with Tracee Ellis Ross :)

Love A Natural Me • 10 years ago

I love it all. Mostly the videos.

Samyra • 10 years ago

I love your product reviews. They are very insightful, going over how you user the product versus what the directions say to do.