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Wairimo • 5 years ago

Where can I find a loctitian who maintains sisterlocks in Tokyo? I noticed Linda says she gets it retightened every 8 weeks.

Malaika07 • 9 years ago

Wow you spread the joy of SheaMositure! Are you still in contact with everyone you met?

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

That tongue, tho. I'd be afraid to eat it. haha. From your face in the sushi pic, I would have thought that you didn't like it, but glad it was more than awesome!

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

9am shots?! I just can't. Nikki, you were getting it for real!

Elizabeth • 9 years ago

Nikki, how I wish I could have been with you in Japan. I am a military wife and I love the traveling.

Jazmin Jordan • 10 years ago

And I can't forget about the natural haired men. It's really great to see them embracing their natural hair as well. Locs, afros, and all!

Jazmin Jordan • 10 years ago

Natural haired women are everywhere, even places I never expected like Japan! That is amazing.

flowergirl72 • 11 years ago

It's beautiful to see brown sista's aboard and loving it. Would love to visit another country, but I will have my trusty phone on had with the Translate app.

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

There are also many countries where the people speak a lot of English.

FlawedMasterpiece • 11 years ago

OMG come to China next. Tons of natural fans here. :)

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

Really? I never would have thought.

Shanita Nicole Scott • 11 years ago

Looking good overe there in Japan! You guys seem to be having a great time!

Nikole • 11 years ago

I've been toying with the JET idea as well, i know we have quite a few Jamaican's there. Sending some love (sunshine and warmth) to you guys.

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

I just learned about it, but it seems to be a great opp. I think you should def look into it.

JessieLeah • 11 years ago

I LOVE this post. I have been debating teaching abroad and to see people who look like me from different walks of life is inspiring. Most of the blogs I've seen about expats are negative, but the fact that many of them have been in Japan for years and enjoy it speaks volumes. Def def a great motivational piece right here! Thank you Nikki and to all of the wonderful naturals in Tokyo! Your presence alone is inspiring.

DLS77 • 11 years ago

This sounds like an awesome experience for everyone involved!

Jacky • 11 years ago

beautiful naturalistas!!!

La Shan Haines-Sutherland • 11 years ago

love the background info on everyone and how the ended up in Japan :)

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

I liked that, too. Makes for a better connection.

Ms Lici • 11 years ago

I wish I was still stationed in Japan. Looks like youre having a great time. Speaking of food, make sure you make it to a "Pepper Lunch" I loved that place. Oh and Coco's as well for Japanese curry.

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

What kind food do they have at Pepper Lunch? Sounds interesting.

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

will do! Thanks!!!

onyeka12 • 11 years ago

So funny you ran into a Nigerian! Were literally in every country in the world! I'm sure he was Igbo too.

KurlyKP • 9 years ago

Haha. That's so true, tho!

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

Yes!!!!! There's tons of Nigerians here, I've met even more since!

MsKudos • 11 years ago

Awww, I LOVE ya'll!!

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

Love u too, boo!

Kris • 11 years ago

Daisha, rep Templeeeeeeee! Class of 2016!

LBell • 11 years ago

Nice! I love that your work takes you across the ocean and that you get to see one of the most dynamic cities in the world AND meet some naturals AND have some sushi! Looking forward to reading more about your trip. Have fun! :)

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

Thanks chica!

Alovelydai • 11 years ago

Yay!!! I was hoping u met Daisha! I connected with her online through a co-worker who thought it was cool that we had similar names. Can't wait to meet her irl.

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

She's bomb. Love her!

Tasha Nicole • 11 years ago

Im just trynna find out how I can be down with the crew? I love your stories!

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

Thanks Tasha!

Guest • 11 years ago

Nik you always have the craziest adventures. All of those hair stories are beautiful. Have fun!

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

right?! Nuts. Thanks lady!

Tajai • 11 years ago

Ayyeeee Temple!!!!!

Guest • 11 years ago
KurlyKP • 9 years ago

Yeah, idk about that tongue and rabbit. At least it didn't taste horrible.

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

8 am party

hunnybun • 11 years ago

You guys represent well for us in japan. Keep it up ladies and gent :-)

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

Don't they?! xx

keshia • 11 years ago

I love it there's naturals everywhere!! Have fun nikki:-)

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

email me at nikkI@curlynikki.com!!!!! you win!

Guest • 11 years ago

I dont know if my emails working ?

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keshia • 11 years ago


CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

we're EVERYWHERE! World wide!

ChicaRizada • 11 years ago

It's great to see curlies all over the world! :-D I'm hoping to visit at least Korea and Japan to teach English for a while after I finish undergrad and grad school.

CurlyNikki • 11 years ago

I'd love to go to Korea!

Martina • 11 years ago

That was a whole lotta reading when i was trying to read a quick article and get off of the computer... but that was defiantly some hairspitation. Our hair is so beautiful ... but dont think ill ever for get the wool comment or the "perma" is still up in the air