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Nickn • 8 years ago

How stupid can one human being be? The middle class exists because of the unions. The reason the middle class is shrinking now is because the unions have lost power. Stagflation is true - costs are going up while wages are not. The criminal part of all this is the wealthy folks who buy their congressmen and have them pass laws to give themselves tax breaks and loopholes while raising taxes on the middle class and the poor. The internet sales taxes to be collected by states is another regressive tax that will fall the heaviest on the middle class and the poor. Big business had congress give them tax loopholes to open factories in China, India, Mexico, etc., - and now we have high unemployment. Duh... how stupid does one have to be to fail to see the cause of the decline of America's people?

Lama Farmer • 8 years ago

There is virtually no such thing as customer service in this country any more. Corporate America grabs people from off the street, pays them minimum wage, and fifteen minutes of training. Our country, which once was the greatest, is well on it's way to becoming a third world country.

nigratruo • 8 years ago

Foreign? What is that? In which world do you live??? Ever traveled the world? Know that most of the world is "foreign"? Nationalistic thinking is outdated and only for the ones that are stuck in one place, can't travel or are not open minded to do so. In a globalized world, you chose the best products from all around the world and the best cars are, definitely and absolutely not American. I always snicker when I hear a heavily nailing wreck next to me, a car on it's last leg, ready to die. And I ask myself "is it American?" and I turn to see and yes, it is. And I wonder to myself, "hmm, how come somebody can be as clueless to still buy these low quality garbage heaps? Well, it must be the marketing. Why else would anybody do it after years and years of having quality problems"
Of having to trash a car after a mere 150k miles, because it is falling apart. I bought my toyota camry at that mileage, and now with 230k miles, there are no signs of engine wear. I would feel pretty stupid buying something so low quality or, for the matter, being bamboosled by some marketing, appealing to my patriotic sense (or lets be honest: nationalistic that is) on the tune of "hey, yeah, our cars suck, BUT you must support this country"
Really? Well, as I said in the beginning, do travel. Live in another country for a while, opens up the mind wonderfully. The silly problems that people in the US think are unsolvable have been fixed decades ago in other countries.

Leapin' Len • 8 years ago

WOW .... Maybe we should consider a foreign car ... that is if can afford a FREE European vacation ... that's right we are overpaying the UAW workers so they can walk off the assembly line and drink a beer pay high dues so the UAW can buy politicians OH!!! I meant contribute to the corrupt politicians re-election campaign fund s they will add umpteen "earmarks" to bills before they send them on.
I just bought a Volvo Including a round trip ticket to Sweden (for two) where I was taken to my free hotel by my private limo which picked me up the next morning, droving me to the factory for a complementary breakfast. and tour of the factory. did I mention that it cost me about as much as a new Ford or Chevy. including the trip for 2.
The unions, in my opinion, that were set up to protect the workers have instead corrupted politics so the corrupt politicians can up the high import tariffs to benefit the unions .
Oh I meant the UNION not unions they are after=all a division of the AFL-CIO (strange how they are exempt from laws against monopolies Leapin'len

I'mtheone • 8 years ago

haa...haa.......enjoy your skate board..???....OOP'S I mean
Volvo........haa....haa.....great buy....haa....haa.....