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Archman • 6 years ago

From his photo taken in the boat with red dot on his forehead, he didnt seem to have this injury..someone with that type of injury would be in complete shock and not able to control their nervous system. BUT he did and manage to write a confession ALSO.. doesn't make much sense.

Sellhigh • 6 years ago

These 2 losers deserve to both be DEAD. Too bad we only aced one of them. I can't wait to see this LOSER get the gas chamber.

"It smells like pine oil..."

pilam • 6 years ago

No, hell no. I dont want him to die. I want him to suffer. For as long as possible. Death is a quick release for him. I am not going to support that. He is a radical muslim who is responsible for 4 deaths and sufferings for hundreds of people. He made my life miserable along with AQ because we share the same religion. So no, sorry, cant give him such a sweet deal. Punishment first.

CoCo Roux • 5 years ago

People like you defy common sense. We, all are going to meet our maker! DEATH is the wages of SIN. Your not exempt, but the good news is if you seek the kingdom there is hope. Yet, we double down on satanic characteristics and feel it is a redeeming quality. I am not stating that the perpetrator does not to be subjected to the rules of government and its consequences. just that the very same venom/hatred is what fueled the tragedy in the first place. That is the very definition of insanity.

pilam • 5 years ago

Oh please! Save it. I am the last person that needs such lesson on passion. I am fair to the people or at least I try my best. I live my life moderately. I refuse to go extreme on any aspect. But here is the thing. I hate these people who are using my religion as an excuse to do what they want and in turn make muslims like me, miserable. Now more and more people think that all of us are the way that butth0le is and I blame him for that. So sorry, he does not deserve any passion. He does not deserve anything. The only thing he deserves is suffering. Call me evil, and I am sorry that you feel that way, but I can't be any nice to him.

Shane Clower • 5 years ago

do you mean compassion?

pilam • 5 years ago

Yeah. Thanks.

bpatty • 6 years ago

You condone murder. Just like a terrorist. You will rot in hell, too.

Wydo • 6 years ago

The term 'murder' is defined as the 'unlawful' killing of another. Thus, capital punishment is not murder. That should be obvious.

netizen24601 • 6 years ago

Actually, he would need to be convicted and sentenced before that is true. Prior to that it would be murder.

Blammage • 6 years ago

You can't use the dictionary to make it okay to kill people sport. Just sayin'.

Bob Jones • 6 years ago

the lawful killing of another is still murder, per the BIBLE.
u know your faerie book u only follow when it suits u

Shangheyed • 6 years ago

Mohammed murdered others himself and wrote about when it is OK to kill but still says he follows the laws of the god of abraham... THOUSHALL NOT KILL... how do you call yourself of prophet and then not follow the laws of the so called god you follow?

ca2011 • 6 years ago

I think Bob Jones was talking about the Bible and Mohammad is not mentioned in the Bible. Or are you talking about the Muslim prophet just because you don't have an intelligent response to Bob's comment?

CoCo Roux • 5 years ago

Not a muslim, however that does not exempt me from being considerate. That same God your referring to is also considerate, and an advocate for justice, kindness, love, forgiveness, etc. In a God fearing country, I do not see any of this going on. But, a I do see a lot of satanic and hatefulness. Especially on the internet.

ca2011 • 5 years ago

I didn't refer to God, but I completely agree with everything you said.

Isa • 6 years ago

Are you really that ignorant? ha I think I know the answer to this. NONE of you here know anything about Islam or the religion of surrendering your will to God. Moses came with the THOU SHALL NOT KILL and that was referring only to the CHILDFREN OF ISREAL(no HEBREW shall kill another HEBREW). if you remember Abraham was about to KILL one of his own sons for GOD. THIS LIFE AINT NOTHING TO THE LIFE ONCE YOUR BREATH IS TAKEN BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH. btw it is not murder when there is a WAR going on. YOUR presidents kills children with YOUR military and what do you say about that?

jez • 6 years ago

Dude - get back on your meds. You are referring to a book of fairie tales - the Bible and the Koran. I will never be able to figure out why people buy that drivel. Just unbelievable. The magic man in the sky who was born of a virgin, walked on water, Multiplied fishes and loaves, turned water into wine (I must invite hm to my next party), rose from the dead like a zombie, and knows your every move like Santa Claus... Seriously?? Just ridiculous.

Isa • 5 years ago

HA the magic man in the sky? walked on water? turned water into wine? multiplied fishes and loaves? rose from the dead like a zombie? you are referring to the Christian story of Jesus brother man. You never read the Qur'an or studied religion or studied the life of Muhammad. that is obvious

Shangheyed • 5 years ago


mototrolla • 5 years ago


Isa • 5 years ago

I was under the impression that caps emphasizes the word or words. angel of death refers to when you die simple and your breath is taken from your body.

Shangheyed • 5 years ago

As dumb as you think I am... that believes horses can fly... and surely as dumb as I am...I am not the one following a mass murderer(he would be in the Hague if alive today), a pedophile(aisha was 9 when mohammed 53 at the time married her), slavery(sold every women and child of a third tribe in Medina after killing every man) and a thief (google the well).

You are living a lie.... or as islam calls it TAKEYYA... one big lie.

Isa • 5 years ago

You have not studied Muhammad or Islam you are just repeating the same stuff that people have been feeding you. I have heard it all before nothing you just said is new to me. But unlike you I studied Islam and Muhammad and the lives of the other prophets along with how Christianity formed and started. Paul wrote most of the bible and wrote it how it fit his and his followers opinions. the Christian story of Jesus was taken from ancient Egypt. the same story of one of their gods who came to be a physical savior, died on the cross, rose from the dead after 3 days, and they also took the cross from ancient Egypt. I suggest you do some studying and Aisha was not 9 when Muhammad married her she was around 16 and 18. Muhammad has had haters ever since he came into Prophet hood, it is nothing new.

Shangheyed • 5 years ago

Its not a religious debate, its about humanity religions have no place in that discussion.

civilnarcissist • 5 years ago

I assuming you studied Islam in a predominantly Islamic school with Islamic texts in a predominantly Islamic area.. Not the most independent source of study exactly...

Shangheyed • 5 years ago

Arguing about religion is like two kids in a sandbox arguing who's imaginary friend is cooler...

If you have to follow a cult consider the source.

Buddha wouldnt hurt a fly...
Jesus turned the other cheek...
mohammed was a thief, a pedophile, slaver and mass murderer...

You clearly didn't study well enough to find the truth,

Ask the victims of the cult of peace there you will find the truth... Aks the Persians, the Byzantines, the Mamluks, the Armenian Christians, the Syrians, the three indigenous tribes in medina, or anywhere you see islamic violence today (the front lines of 1400 yrs of global jihad)... ask them how there SUBMISSION went. Study that awhile... there is truth there too...

Isa • 5 years ago

I am afraid you are looking for all your answers on google. You might as well learn up and study Islam(get off the internet and read a book) because there are over 2 billion Muslims and more revert to Islam everyday. Islam is a movement and will not stop until it is victorious. I wish for you peace and for you to know the truth. bless up

civilnarcissist • 5 years ago

The victorious part we know. It's a religion of conquest. But remember " For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". There will be something to neutralize Islam, the Western world already dislikes it. When the oil runs out, the power will as well.

Shangheyed • 5 years ago

Getting your history from islamists is like reading hitler to understand nazi horrors during WWII.

Do you even read what you write?

""Islam is a movement and will not stop until it is victorious. I wish for you peace and for you to know the truth. bless up""


Its a virus and the only thing that kept it from taking over Europe was Vladi the Impaller. Your insane and part of the global problem.

People like you will float around infidels paving the way for the invasion. Global Jihad and Global islamic domination is part of the cult's mentality even so called peace be upon him folks like yourself...(YOU EVEN SAID SO YOURSELF) just the shield of lies that allow the so called radicals to hide behind... just long enough to behead the host.



Isa • 5 years ago

And the info from Islam hating, God hating, Muhammad hating people is even better? Im insane because I know there is only One God and Muhammad is one of His messengers? there is a war going on whether you see it or not. Islam(Arabic word for peace thru surrendering your will to God) vs the new world order. But alas I can not make you see anything or change your heart on the matter only God can change hearts but im insane because I know there is a God and afterlife right? this is last time I respond to you on a website. feel free to continue hating or you could enlighten yourself and seek Gods guidance. peace be with you

Isa • 5 years ago

My brother you hear Islam and turn and hide afraid what might lay inside but see if you only knew Jesus and all the prophets said let Allah and His laws rule. You are scared of the truth of the matter. It seems to me that you watch to much fox news and cnn. There is a war going on against Islam. its Islam vs the new world order. which side are you on?

Shangheyed • 5 years ago

Believe in humanity (but hard to find in the islamic world) and then you shall be free from your murderous cult. Does it look like I am hiding from your sickness?

Trying to help you see the truth in the lies that have made you less of a human being.... cults are hard to leave. Some can't because their minds are not strong enough... you haven't a chance.

Itookyouradvice • 6 years ago

as if there is a hell....grow up.

TakeMyTruthN'STUFFIT • 6 years ago

You know this because.....

Itookyouradvice • 6 years ago

and you know there is a hell because??

Rhonda Pierce • 6 years ago

Birmingham, Alabama is the true hell.

Itookyouradvice • 5 years ago

you answered a question with a question...says everything

Guest • 6 years ago

thank you!

Guest • 6 years ago

Is it murder to put down a rabid dog? Is it murder to put down a shark that bites off someones arm, leg? Is it murder to put down a cow with anthrax? No, it's done for the sake of protecting our society. You obviously are a bleeding heart liberal. Here's a fact for you. I give it knowing how much you liberals HATE facts. This little puke you sympathize with set his bomb down next to 2 LITTLE KIDS. One is dead the other blown to bits. Little kids that will NEVER have the opportunity you have to run your mouth. So I agree with west, kill them all and let God sort them out.

netizen24601 • 6 years ago

Not a fan of freedom? This liberal couldn't care less about what happens to this "puke" as long as we do not sacrifice the freedom of the 311+ million other American's to do so.

But I understand that you are willing to trade the freedom of 311+ million to get back at someone for killing 2 little kids.

What I can't understand is why you think trying to ensure the freedom of those not on trial for this crime is the same as protecting the person that is on trial.

TakeMyTruthN'STUFFIT • 6 years ago

Freedom? What a joke. How are there insane brainwashed people like you around that actually believe that bs 'they hate our freedom'? Really? It has NOTHING to do with America meddling in the middle east for decades, wantonly murdering civilians and overthrowing governments, setting up dictators and then overthrowing them in an effort to show how noble we are? How dumb can you be to believe that netizen. Unbelievable.

Tanya • 6 years ago

Exactly. So many people lack the simple ability to place themselves in another person's shoes.

fireitup • 6 years ago

Uh. unfortunately they don't bring their own shoes and if they do, soon they will need new ones, or their kids will. Do you have some spare cash to help'em out? Cause I don't.

james • 6 years ago

They want 2 things: 1. To kill every man, woman and child in Israel and 2. Eject all Western Influence out of the middle east so they can run an oppressive, religious theocracy in the form of Sharia Law. What's even more disturbing than what they want is that they are willing to kill anyone to get it.

fireitup • 6 years ago

They have a big playground in the Middle East, I just don't understand why they don'y start small. You know like a Mom and Pop store before they are able to sell "their product" here.

Blammage • 6 years ago

Wow, such anger within this one. So, prey tell, what does it have to do with, then?

fireitup • 6 years ago

The word would be spelled "pray" not "prey", just saying. FYI makes your remarks sound a little bit more intelligent. :)

Blammage • 6 years ago

Good point. I should have made it obvious that the spelling was an intended pun.

james • 6 years ago

I fail to see how executing a terrorist and murderer in any way affects your freedom.